Hilarious Photos That Prove That All Work And No Play Makes Everyone Dull

Who told you that every time you go to work you can't have a little fun while doing your tasks? Aren't you tired of all those bosses that demand you way too much of what you are supposed according to your paycheck?

Yesterday I went to the movies and watched Tag, a movie that explains that the only way to stay young is playing and the only reason that makes us grow old is to stop playing. So why don't we play a little more with our colleagues?

Here you will find a few ideas to play jokes on those co-workers of yours in order to star an amazingly fun war at the office. Beware of the consequences!



I Picture You Doing This


The great thing about this joke is the time it took to the one that suffered the prank to notice the difference. Didn't you see it? Two colleagues changed the pictures of a worker and his girlfriend.

Box Of Shame

bored panda

When you ask stupid questions or you even dare telling bad jokes, people at this office make you wear the Box of Shame. Here you can see someone regretting her mistake.

Don’t Ever Quit


Are you looking for a nice way of telling someone not to quit the job and leave you alone in the office? Here you can see an amazing and tasteful idea to do such thing.

Don’t Mess With My Coke

bored panda

This happened at the office when someone stole a diet coke from the fridge at work. However, this letter can easily work for any other stuff that people steal from you every day.

Don’t Talk To Me

acid cow

There's an amazing challenge at the office: Try to be the one that makes the best burnt with other colleagues. Like the one that used a simple box of doughnuts to have some fun.

Don’t Share Desks!


If you have a desk at the office that you share with other coworkers or you are just leaving that office, be sure to leave a present for the person that will use that desk after you.

Do You Have An Appointment?


This guy mounted a fake office at the elevator so every time someone goes and tries to use it he just asks: "Excuse me, do you have an appointment?" Well played!



Are you tired of being the center of all the pranks at the office? Here you have an idea to do the ultimate prank and leave a message for everyone around that room.

Vodka At The Office?

hanker mag

How is it possible that someone gets a bottle of vodka to work? And even worst! How is it possible that someone confuses a regular bottle of water with a bottle of vodka?

Sliding Day

of pof

You have to be sure that your boss is a cool person and allows you to have at least one day off every month to make a competition of soapy sliding at the office.

Great Contest

bored panda

This looks like a fun contest to organize at the office: one where you have to design the best pumpkin buddy. What do you think of this peculiar pumpkin design?

Migraine Relief


Someone bought like 400 hundred stickers of this and it's surprising everyone sticking it to the most unexpected things. Maybe this person really has the authorization to consume that, who knows?

New Girl


Apparently, the new girl at the office was really cute and many of her colleagues wanted to help her with the doubts she had about work. Of course, someone burnt all these guys with a picture!



It's always best when the code at the office allows us to communicate using passive-aggressive messages. Like these two colleagues that wanted to be funny among their other dull coworkers.



Someone had to housekeep the house of a coworker and found a dead cricket that disserved a proper memorial like the one you can appreciate in this picture. RIP Jiminy.


live door

If you are not paying enough attention at the office, you could be really scared by the snail of the fish tank that found a new home. Here's looking at you, kid.

You’ve Been Warned

office salt

When you arrive at a new office and you see this kind of sign you should consider yourself warned. Don't you dare to step on that office without bringing joy into it.

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts


Someone lost a bet and had to pay 50 bucks to another coworker. However, this person did not have an easy cashing because the loser was great at piloting drones.

Boring Messages

next shark

Passive Aggressive is the only way to avoid misunderstandings at work. However, you should be creative and renew your stuff in order not to bore your other colleagues, my friend.

So Many Nerds

virals warm

So many employees at this office are really big fans of gaming so they decided to decorate the water dispenser with two eloquent signs. Which one would you use first?

Windows XP

bored panda

When you leave your office for a very long time you allow other coworkers to rearrange the things in your place. They can do things like actually setup Windows in your window.

Didn’t You Asked For A Clock?


One of the most useful things at the office is a device where you can know the time and count the hours left to go back to your house. However, when you request this, you don't always get what you want.

Nice Message


This is the hidden message of that common saying. And you can also see the hidden message in the hidden message. Everything's not lost if you work as a team!

You WILL Get Scared

digital ag

Let's be clear and say that the person that should sit there will probably see the horn a few meters away. But if this really works, this could be the joke of the year!

I Can Be An Artist Too

hanker mag

When you think that your boss is not paying enough attention because he prefers his little kid, you can always compete with that child using your artistic talents, my friend.

Did Someone Notice?

funny or die

This should've been a bet that this guy did with other coworkers in order to prove that the dress code is not that big a deal at the office. Can you tell me the slight difference?

A New Song

google apis

Creativeness ruled in this office when someone thought that it would be a great idea to rewrite the lyrics of a Bob Marley's song. And of course, he had to stick the results into the printer.

He Actually Paid


This guy lost a bet and decided to pay but in a way that would be as painful as it was to lose that battle at the office. How many years did he take to gather all those pennies?


meme droid

An office without sarcasm shouldn't be called an office. How can you enjoy your working time if you are not able to laugh at your colleagues? I'm sorry… "with your colleagues."



Apparently, no one is claiming the authority of this. There's only one Scottish guy at the office and the sign seems pretty clear on its intentions to who it is destined to.

Way To Go!

bored panda

Are you tired of the same old card readers at every door of the office? Why don't you do like the people of this place that upgraded all those things with just the right pictures?

Weird Advice


So someone thought that it would be fun to hang this letter at the office so everyone could laugh. I'm not cool with the bad joke but I want to know if someone tried this.

Any Animal Lover in the Room?


Someone with a good heart was looking for a new home for a cute rabbit and someone with a dark sense of humor offered a solution for that person. What do you think of this joke?

Wrong Place to Faint

hanker mag

Some guy at the office fainted while peeing and flashed his penis to everyone around. The very next day, this was the sign that they hanged to remember him the situation.

Who’s Laughing Now?


He was always the last leaving the office and everyone made fun of him so he decided to act. He printed a few copies of this and put it on the printers' area. He is a genius.

The Classic Message Was Boring


Everyone was tired of always reading "ready" in the copying machine so a geek of the office decided that it was a great idea to change the message of the machine.

Not Cocaine


Someone in the office brought sugar and decided to label the package properly. But someone was even more clever and decided to respond with the best emoji with could think of.

Problem Solving Chart


Tired of being asked if something was good or wrong, the boss of an office printed this amazing chart to help the employees in their everyday work. What do you think of this idea?

Dark Humor


I'm pretty sure that it is only a bag with a weird label on it but it might have grossed a few colleagues of the owner. It might shake you a little to open the fridge and find something like this.

Why Didn’t they Break The Wall?


The boss got locked in his own office so someone had to make a hole in the wall so he could get out. However, I don't understand why they didn't break the door instead.

Let The Game Begin

bored panda

Just sit in front of the guy with the best sense of humor and less fear of the pain and start that war of paper that you've been dreaming of since your last day in high school.

Best Tool


Problems in the toilet? No worries! You can always find a tool like the one in this picture to make the experience even funnier. Of course, if you are not really into it you just go with the traditional one.

No Fish Allowed


If the office smells really bad because someone is eating smelly food, this is the kind of sign you could find in your room the very next day. Fish is only meant to be eaten at home!

Don’t Mess With My Candy


The best option for an April's Fool joke… Are you the kind of person that likes to play with food, mixing sweet and sour and playing with other people's mouths?

How Childish?

bored panda

Apparently, this lava lamp made a questionable genital figure and the guy in the next desk is pretty amused with the result of this item of the office. How many minutes would you say he was staring at it?

Will To Live


Not the best environment for working at the office, don't you think? Someone made the reasonable question regarding the inventory at the office and this was the answer that this person received.

Photo Contest


Someone at the office suggested doing an awkward photo contest and this was one of the best that they took that day. What do you think of the performance of this trio?

Don’t Kill The Spider


Even though it might look like a friendly sign, this is the way you write a threat to your coworkers. Don't kill my spider if you are not willing to face the consequences!

You Asked For This

tux board

The guys at the office were really insistent with the idea of having a shark tank in the office. After a few months of talking to them both, this is what they got for their request.

Mother’s Jokes Allowed?


Apparently, Mom Jokes are allowed at the office and someone nailed it with the answer. It really looks like someone that it's very informed about that particular industry, don't you think?