Hilarious Photoshop Fails

Nowadays Photoshop skills are a must in your resume if you are trying to get a good job: the amount of things you can do with that knowledge is for sure something amazing. However, we all know that there is one special place where Photoshop is a must and that is the Internet

Ssome of the most creative things have been built around this program and we can never get enough of them. Of course, sometimes even the best of intentions bring massive fails and these are the funniest ones of them all, so we gathered the most WTF of them to bring you a little joy.





A house can be as big or fancy as you wish it to be, but nothing will make it any less appealing than apparently having no lower body to sell it. Or maybe they are just bad photoshopped.

Exorcise that child


If the devil himself could reflect on a mirror, he could probably look like this girl who by the way, seems to have had her image Photoshopped in hell. I wouldn't buy this for any kid.

Comfortable shower


There are very few things in life as relaxing as a long hot shower after having a bad day, but according to this image, if you want to be relaxed, you will need to forget about having a working neck.

Go see a doctor


Let's forget for a second how weird it would be if these pictures were made in real life and focus on the fact that an adult doing a designing job has no notion of what goes where.



Working parents have a main issue and that is what they do with their kids when they leave for work: babysitters can be expensive and not trustworthy, so nothing better than a floating arm to take care of them.

Long arms


I'm just going to point one thing out: I would not like to be the person competing with this girl in a swimming competition, there is no way to beat that arm length.

This will end in tragedy


I get the point and the idea behind this picture, but to be honest if a plane was that close to the Statue of Liberty this could be a picture of the moment before a huge tragedy.

Leg twist


There are not many components of this picture, so it's quite annoying that the only thing important, her, has such a huge mistake in her photoshopped legs. Noticed it yet?



What a beautiful and artistic picture this would be if it weren't for the small factor that the horse head has nobody to stand on: she is just holding a floating horse head.



Some people have such thin hair that is impossible for them to style it, while others apparently face a bigger problem: it's invisible and you can see the eyebrows underneath.

Selfie Stick


A selfie stick has not many uses other than holding your phone or camera to take a picture, so it's quite hilarious that they got even that idea all wrong. And it's an ad for it.



I'm not a musician and have no notion of how you play an instrument, but I'm pretty sure that holding it must be a key factor to make it sound. But they are the musicians after all.

Nipple fail


Not only this photoshop fail is terrible, but the comeback on twitter was even better than the fail itself: apparently, there is a certain sense of shame on having nipples.



You know that techniques in modern cuisine allow chefs to do the most innovative and unimaginable things, but having peas floating on top of a bowl of rice seems like magic.



I'm sure she has that warm personality if you get to know here, but what the hell happened to her head and why is it all of the sudden shaped like that? Go to the doctor or get a better designer.

Watch the head


This paradise island would be much more appealing to tourists if it weren't for the small detail that if this guy was really there, he would have his head smashed on the rocks.



I have only one reason for this but I'm sure it will be more than enough after seeing this job offer: you really need to spend some money and hire a graphic designer.

Right Feet


People who can't dance are known as people with two left feet, so I wonder which superpower can hold the fact that this woman has two right ones. Maybe she is a great dancer.

Add a baby


We know that tabloids will go out of their ways to promote themselves, but adding a baby that nobody is holding and seems to be floating might affect your credibility.



Don't get me wrong, the pajamas are great but it's really hard for me to feel identified with any of the people wearing them since their heads and necks look like a joke.

Slim those legs


In advertising, one of the main uses of Photoshop is to make people look better and slimming the legs is a common thing. But this seems to have gone a bit too far, don't you think?

So many hands


Apparently, Dr. Thomas Evans is so successful that he even has three hands so he can count all the money he is making. Seriously guys? Did nobody check this before going to the print?

Really long arms


Amazon pictures are some of the most amazing fail findings you will ever see in your life: the length of those arms is just unreal and I really hope this is bad Photoshop.

That face though


What should have looked like a laughing woman having the time of her life ended up looking like a horror movie poster. She has no jaw, it takes a little to notice it, but it's there.

Hold it


This is one of those fails that you probably don't notice the first time you see the picture but once you do you can't believe how little work people sometimes put in their jobs.

Seems legit


I have problems thinking that the person who did this actually got paid for it. I would much rather think that it was a seven-year-old nephew who did this.

Find the fail


This one takes a little time and attention but once you see it is so epic that it's totally worth it: the reflection on the water are umbrellas that are not even in the picture.

Naked dude


Sometimes the biggest Photoshop fails to happen when there is no photoshop at all: how can you not erase that naked guy on the back when it's a kids' apparel picture?

That's all you got for your home?


If I had made the deal of a lifetime like this woman did and bought a home for six dollars, I would be just as happy. Really? Couldn't you have given the model some hundred dollar bills?

That's not the same move


Apparently, technology has come such a long way that the cameras can take pictures of moves you are not even making when the picture is taken. How amazing, what a time to be alive.



Tabloids always find a way to surprise us: what was the need of having them photoshopped to hold hands? And if you do it, at least you could make it more believable.

No ass


This cute little puppy is amazing and the picture just makes you want to hold him until you realize that he doesn't have an anus and he probably will never experience the feeling of pooping.

That's an airplane window?


I thought airlines were big companies who could spend a lot of money on advertising and not have this horrible photoshop fails as part of their ad campaigns but ok, my bad.

Lama dog


Nothing says fail like a designer who had to photoshop a dog and used half of a lama body instead. Why would you do that? Some people must really want to get fired.



This waffle maker is so damn futuristic that it can even make waffles with a different pattern than the actual iron: really, all you had to do was to make real waffles and that was it.

No arms


Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I sure am impressed with this guy but unfortunately is not because of how he is dressed, but for the ridiculous arm.

That kid is a ghost


There is nothing about this kid that belongs in this picture: not the color, shape, light or anything so either this is an epic photoshop fail or that kid is a ghost.

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is an amazing actress and she is able to do much more than what we see on the screen, and apparently having this body shape is one of them. We are worried, Jen.

The neck


This mix of a woman and apparently a dinosaur gives the opposite effect to the picture from what we assume they were looking for, which was elegant and sophisticated. Not.

Family portrait


This is for me the absolute winner of all the epic fails we have ever seen: how can you present this as a final version of a job? What is wrong with you?



From the creators of the dressed to impress man with the ridiculous skinny arm, comes the creepiest set of fingers you have ever seen. Lovely dress, love her attitude, don't understand the hand.

Belly button


These three girls were pretty hot already and needed no changes, but the belly button on the girl with the red outfit makes me think otherwise. Maybe she was photoshopped.



Everything in this picture is wrong but the fact that they have set a gondola from Venice in the middle of a lake where a family is camping is just outrageous. Really, google it.

Kylie's wall


Kylie Minogue is, at least in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful women on Earth, but she also has her image digitally retouched now and then. Sometimes, it fails too.

No head


There is a basic rule for digital retouching in a human's body image: or you leave the head, or you remove the hands. Otherwise, this is something that would belong in Sleepy Hollow.



I can't believe how huge ads like this (which cost a ton of money, by the way) can be approved with this mistakes: the reflection of the screen is showing a completely different image.



This woman has the longest legs that I have ever seen, and it's possibly because that is humanly impossible. She might be related to the swimming ad woman with the long arms.

Hips don't lie


Body positivity movements and activists are trying to stop digital retouching in human bodies and this can be a good reason why: she doesn't look better than natural, is just weird.



How many hands can a woman have? Apparently, a lot of them if you shop there. After all of the hand design fails we have seen, are designers still forgetting to double check these details?

Serving head


Fame must really have gone up this guy's head after making it into a billboard, otherwise, there is no explanation for such a large head. Except of course, terrible Photoshop skills.