Hilarious Tattoos With Spelling Mistakes

What's one of your biggest fears? We're not talking about something drastic or serious. Think more of the fear of making a mistake. The fear of doing something that you will regret forever. Something you won't be able to erase. Ever. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Yes! Tattoo with mistakes so obvious you can't believe no one realized them before it was late!

For some people, that fear is getting a tattoo with a spelling mistake. It's something you'll never be able to erase unless you undergo laser surgery or find a good tattoo artist that can somehow cover it up and make it look like nothing happened.

If you have the stomach for it, we recommend you look at these 50 tattoos with terrible spelling mistakes (in many cases, more than one). Remember them next time you stop by the tattoo parlor, so you don't become number 51!



Nolege Is Power


We don't know what or who 'nolege' is. What we do know is that knowledge is power, and this person could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they had known to check the spelling before they got a tattoo.

No Ragrets


Live your life with no regrets. Non je ne regrette rien, a famous French singer would say. We suppose this person is already regretting they didn't make sure the words were spelled correctly before they got their tattoo.

Jon Bovi


We love to think this was on purpose. This has to be a joke, right? Or maybe the person that got it lost a bet and paid up. We refuse to believe anyone could get a tattoo with so many mistakes!

I’m Amsome?


The lettering is great and that tattoo seems to be healing pretty nicely. It's a shame that the spelling is wrong! It can't have been cheap and it must have been painful! It's going to be even worse when they realize the 'amsome' mistake.

A Love Thicker Then Blood


People often get 'then' and 'than' confused. OK, nobody is perfect, it can happen to anyone. The problem is when it happens to you when you get something permanent on your skin.

No Regerts


What's wrong with the spelling of the word 'regret'? Haven't people realized they're never going to regret checking how to spell a word before getting a tattoo? It takes very short time considering you're getting something that will never come off!

Are You For Real?


First of all, you will find that a tattoo is something pretty permanent. It's not going to come off next time you shower. Secondly, you're going to be hoping nothing truly lasts forever when you realize the mistake you just made.

Regret Nohing


This time the word 'regret' is not the problem (yay!) But apparently, they forgot how to spell 'nothing', and a letter is missing. Well, it's time for them to prove that they truly believe in that whole 'regret nothing' philosophy.

Nicely Saved


This is not a tattoo with a spelling mistake, but you can see why this is funny. Apparently, things didn't work out so well with Lauren and this person had to come up with a cover-up idea. It's clever, we must admit that.

Never Lose Hoop


What is 'hoop' and why are people so afraid of losing it? Oh, you mean 'hope'. Well, we hope you always believe in yourself and never lose hope just like the day you got a tattoo without checking the spelling first!

You Don’t Say


Nobody's perfect, that's right. We all make mistakes. Take this tattoo, for example. The heart is done beautifully, the lettering is gorgeous. There's something off with the spelling, though. We like to believe this was on purpose.

Thenks Mather


You should always be thenkful to your mather. We mean, mother. Yes, you should be thankful to your mother. Sorry for those spelling mistakes, we got confused when we saw this tattoo.

Away, Away


Awesome tattoo idea. The concept behind this is powerful and sincere. The lettering has a nice touch to it. The problem is that they didn't check twice to make sure everything was right and they ended up with one more word than they were planning to.

No Lie’s Just Love


We're not going to lie here: the idea behind this tattoo was lovely, the lettering is very neat. The only problem is that spelling mistake that will last forever. Nothing love can't cure, though (and maybe a good tattoo artist will be able to cover it up).

Death Before Dishouner


There is no way we could find something nice to say about this tattoo, no matter how hard we try. The design is horrible, it looks like an eighth grader did it with a pen. And with that terrible spelling mistake there? No, sorry.

Belife Makes Things Real


And there's nothing more real than a tattoo with a spelling mistake that you'll have to see for the rest of your life. What's even worse: everyone else gets to see just how real your mistake is!

What Didn’t Killed Me Made Me Stronger


A tattoo with a spelling mistake like this can be fixed with one thing and one thing only: laser surgery. Remove those two letters and everything's fine. The problem is laser surgery's expensive and even more painful than a tattoo.

Prome Queen


That tattoo looks so fresh, we wonder if by the time the picture was taken they had already realized the mistake they had made. This is another case where only laser surgery can save you!

Keep Smileing


It's going to be hard to keep on smiling when they realize the mistake they've made. How can you erase that letter without ruining the rest of the tattoo as well?

Living Is The What?


The good thing about this one is that it can still be saved. A very skilled tattoo artist could easily add the missing letter, and then it would be as if nothing bad had ever happened. It's an option worth trying!

To Dream Big Or Not To Dream Big


This is another case of 'good luck'. Yes, there's a spelling mistake there. But once they realize it, all they have to do is find a good tattoo artist and ask them to add the letter that's missing. And that's it, good as new!

How’s That Working For You?


We like to think that this person enjoys the irony and so they decided to get an ironic tattoo that everyone will comment on. If that's the case, then this is really clever. If not, how's the planning ahead working for you?

My Mom Is My Angle


And what kind of angle is your mom? Is she an acute angle? An obtuse angle? Whatever angle she is, we're sure she's very happy with that beautiful tattoo you got. Good thing she's an angle and not an angel!

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This One


This tattoo has got so many mistakes, the best thing this person can hope for f a time machine so they can go back to the moment before they walked into that tattoo parlor and rethink their decisions. Or should it be 'dicisions'?



You only live once, that's right. So if you want to get that tattoo done, go ahead. Just make sure you check everything as many times as needed until you're absolutely convinced there are no spelling mistakes.

This Is How To Be A Hart Breaker


We've been told we must beware of heartbreakers, but no one had mentioned hart breakers to us before we saw this tattoo. We believe that a very good tattoo artist could still save this by adding the missing letter between the 'h' and the 'a'.

You’re Forgiven


We forgive you, don't worry about that. All forgiven and forgotten on our part. The question here is: will you forgive yourself for not making sure everything was spelled right before the tattoo artist began working?

To Live Doesn’t Mean Your Alive


OK, maybe to 'live' doesn't mean 'you're alive' (whatever that is). But to live doesn't mean you can't just forget grammar and spelling, especially if you are about to get something as permanent as a tattoo.

Yes, This Too Shall Pass


In this case, the problem can be solved because even if there's a spelling mistake here it can be easily corrected. They just have to go see a good tattoo artist and ask them to add the 'o'.

These Words Have Never Been Truer


We'd like to see a tattoo artist try to correct this. The only thing they can do is cover it all up with something bigger. We hope this person sees this as a lesson instead of a failure.

No Regert


What's the deal with the word 'regret'? Why does no one know how to spell this correctly? They will have a lot fewer regrets if they check with a dictionary before walking into a tattoo parlor.

Live You’re Life


Here we have a mistake that could be easily solved. If they add a little dot or something, it can be read as: "Life. You're life". That's not that bad, right? At least it's better than having a tattoo with a spelling mistake!

God Is A What?


In this case, the tattoo is nicely done, the lettering is very good. It surely hurt a lot because that's a sensitive zone. And then they had to go an add the 'n' they forgot the first time around.

Your Stronger Than Your Think


Do you know how these two mistakes can be solved? That's right: laser surgery! It's going to be painful and expensive, and it's going to take quite some time to heal. Luckily they believe they're stronger than they think. Pay better attention next time!

Lifes A Dance


How do you make this better? You need to add an apostrophe there, but how? You either make peace with the fact that you'll have a tattoo with a spelling mistake forever or start saving for some laser surgery!

You Say What Now?


We don't understand what it says here, but we're sure the spelling is far from correct. This will probably end up being one of those cases of gigantic black tattoos people only get to cover up old tattoos they regret.



This design is absolutely amazing and we couldn't be more in love with it. Look at the amazing details! The superb technique! The only problem is that the 'k' in 'mistake' looks more like an 'x'. Such a shame!

Yes, We Get What You Say


We seriously hope this is one of those ironic tattoos and that the person that got it is just trying to prove a point. If that's not the case, if this is truly a mistake, then we hope they accept this bad choice they made.

Crazy What?


We hope this person feels happy about laser surgery because they're going to be needing it. Or maybe they can try and cover the misspelled word with a new, big tattoo.



Oh, it was so close! Just a letter missing in the second to last word! Otherwise, the spelling would have been perfect! We have no idea how they're going to make this better! Maybe a skilled tattoo artist will be able to pull it off.

Home Is Were The Heart Is


Home is where the heart is. Beautiful words. The tattoo also looks amazing, the lettering is really great. The only problem is the spelling mistake. How are they going to fix that?



This is one of those words people always have trouble spelling. If you are not sure, please check a thousand times before getting a tattoo. Then maybe check once more before they come near with with the big needle!

Gaurd Your Heart


Everything you do flows from your heart. It's such a beautiful concept, it's just like poetry! We hope this person always guards their heart, and also we hope they get the money for the laser surgery they'll be needing to fix this tattoo!



It's great that they think they'll always be who they want to be. We fully support that. But we can't help but wonder if they ever envisioned they would want to be someone that got a tattoo with a spelling mistake.

Clever One


This is actually such a clever tattoo! Yes, the word 'misspelled' is actually misspelled, but they added the Microsoft Word red marking and there you go: you have one of the most awesome, amazing tattoos we've ever seen!

Hanuka Matata


It means you'll have a tattoo on your back with a spelling mistake for the rest of your days. If you're not sure about how to spell something, then don't go near a tattoo needle!

My Love Runs Deeper Then My Wounds


Another tattoo where we can clearly see how people still confuse the words 'than' and 'then'. A very skilled tattoo artist could still fix this, though. It'll take patient and time, but they could still turn that 'e' into an 'a'.



What's the deal with the word 'strength'? Why is everyone having trouble spelling it right? We wish someone would believe in checking with a dictionary before letting someone approach them with a tattoo needle!

Believe In You’re Self


Staying strong and believing in yourself is something very necessary to face life's challenges. It's also a great skill to have when you need to face your own mistakes. We hope this person remembers that when they realize what they've gotten tattooed.

Gaurdian Angel


If only you could travel back in time and check the spelling before getting that tattoo! At least it doesn't say 'gaurdian angle'. 1 out of 2 words is spelled correctly, so that's something to be happy about.