Incredible Pictures Of Things After A Long Time



Getting old is mostly seen on people: it is easy to notice how much we have changed with time and how aging has affected us. However, time passes for everyone and everything and these pictures will show you how. It doesn't matter if it's a toy, a home or even our skin, it will probably give you some perspective on how everything changes and we have to appreciate what we have as it is now instead of waiting. Every second counts and nothing will ever be the same as it is at this very moment. Are you ready for some picture time traveling? Time is unstoppable and this pictures will show you why



If you ever want to feel absolutely amazed about aging, take a picture of your hands and then do the same years later: our hands are the most difficult part of our bodies to disguise time in.



This is a full brick wall that after a natural disaster ended up in a shore and with sometime in the middle, climate and the sea it changed its natural shape and became wavy as we see it now.



Stuffed animals mean a lot to us when we are kids and it's not unusual that some of us keep them and even sleep next to them for decades: even though they don't age, they get worn out like this.


Bobby Neel Adams

Even though she is a beautiful and elegant woman regardless which period of her life she is at, this is how different the same person can look 48 years apart in time. It is amazing.


Bobby Neel Adams

We know that tombstones are not something we like to look at or even consider to be beautiful, but they are much needed for grieving. With time, beautiful things like these can happen to them.



This is a famous spot in wonderful France that was made on purpose to help relief water with floats. The thing is, it was much thinner before and came to this width with use and years.



If you have a cat at home, you are about to see how your furniture's future look like: this cat decided to scratch the same leg on the table for twenty years and here is the result of his task.



If you had any doubts about how long this barbershop has been running for or how busy they have been, look at the faded circles on the wooden floor and how great it looks even with that.


Bobby Neel Adams

Some historical buildings go through a cleaning process to help their conservation and how it looks like in the middle of that job is quite amazing: half aged, half as new as it once was.



Have you ever been to a mineral spa? Well, after six months of use, this is how one of their pipes look like after accumulating minerals from the water in them. We would totally use it for decorating.



The story behind these two very similar and yet very different stuffed dogs is incredible: the used one belonged to a man 33 years ago who decided to buy the same one for his newborn child.



This is how a WWI Trench looks almost 100 years later: what is amazing is that with nature is truly unpredictable how things will come to look after a certain time and you can never guess the result.



Have you ever wondered what's behind the graffiti paintings you see on the wall? Sometimes you can find like in this case, tons of layers of previous paintings and glued posters.



This are chairs next to a New York subway exit for people to wait sited for their next transfer. After many years of usage, the painting on the wall seems used as if there were still people there.



Rustic, vintage and rusty from time, this screwdriver belonged to someone's grandfather and even though it's probably stored for sentimental reasons, it's still good to use and kept his handle.



When we say that nature can't be guessed, this is what we mean: a wall collapsed and some stones ended next to this tree, which held them as part of it as it grew bigger, and didn't let them go.



If you ever have the chance of visiting a Whiskey manufacturer of distillery, go for it: you will see beverage aging at its best like this bottles who have one year of maturing away from each other.

Sand bags


These bags of sand were left there in this position several years ago and with weather and time, they became hard rock solid and formed a fort that looks as if it was designed that way.

A Dollar


This silver dollar has a peculiar story behind: it was carried in a man's pocket for over two decades for good luck until the day he died. See how the writings are completely off it.



You may have never thought about this, but animals age too and sometimes it shows a lot. This great white shark is a veteran and looks scary as ever, with some marks on him and everything.



This is incredible: this is a light post in front of a little club where bands perform and of course, they staple their flyers there. After four decades, there is no room left and the result is amazing.



The first Star Wars pillowcase was used every day for decades, while the other one bought in the same set was stored new in the closet and never worn or washed. Pretty different, right?



This pair of shoes has been in use for a whole year and the difference in the shape you see between them is that one was used normally and the other one with a prosthetic foot, that kept it shaped.



It's real: this old vintage TV set was mainly used to play Pac man and somehow the images stuck in the screen. If you wanted to lie to you mom about how much you played, you won't be able to.



It's a known fact that many dancers and students rub and touch the bronze statue's finger for good luck. Notice after all those years of touching how this ballerina's hand looks compared to the rest of it.



Everyone in Chicago was convinced that the bricks on this old church were black until it was cleaned 134 years later, to show that it was all filth and dirt accumulated in the last century.



This is another example of how the combination of time and nature can add up to some crazy results: this wooden poll fell in this position and the ground took over it and left it tucked.



This dog has a favorite sleeping place and position and it's very simple to find out where it is in the house: just look at the wall's painting to see how worn it is from his sleepy legs.



This extremely cute stuffed giraffe has been in the family for over four decades of hugging and cuddling: he even lost his horns due to all the love, and has a new replacement for the kids in the family.


Kaneko Amury

These two vehicles were abandoned somewhere in the forest in Japan and after many years, they are almost completely covered by nature and look like a designed part of it.



If you have been working in the same place for a long time your photo in the company id card may start to look like this: almost unrecognizable and kind of looking like a horror movie poster.



Check out these bathroom doors in an Engineering university both placed at the same time and realize if there is some sort of gender statistic you find: yes, there are far less women than men.



Sometimes nature affects how objects look and sometimes objects affect how nature looks: these thin trees ended up curved like this over the usage of air conditioning that gave a constant airflow.



A piano pedal can look like this after many years of usage since it's the part you will have more contact with. Still works, but it's a matter of time until the bronze cover will be completely off.

Teddy bear


These two teddy bears were given as gifts to a couple of twins almost two decades ago: there is no doubt one of them was more attached to it and even looks awful, it received far more love.



Have you ever used a paint mixing stick while doing some repainting at home? If you do, make sure you always clean it and wash it completely afterwards or it could end looking like this.



Every chef has a favorite knife and it's not hard to tell which ones were the most used by this one: notice how the handles are significantly thinner after heavy usage. Hopefully they can be replaced.



This tree found a way of growing and keep the fence in between: notice how it keeps the marks of it and looks very cool. Nature always makes thing look cooler in time, there is no doubt.



If you want to have a design like this on an old CD, forget about the markers: just leave it in your car for a year like this guy did and prepare yourself to be amazed with the result. Sunny art.


Adam Clarke

You can see this picture in two opposite ways: either think it's beautiful or scary as hell. We like to think it's cute and how the tree seems to be holding the gravestone and makes it look mystical.



This cancer survivor had to go through six rounds of chemotherapy to get better and there are six rings on her nails, as if it was the inside of a tree. A true fighter with true medals, we may add.

Great Wall


The Great wall of Chine is one of the most visited places by tourists on Earth and it shows: see how some of the steps are completely worn down from footsteps and it's not repaired to keep it the same.



A music instrument that has been in constant use for over forty years will show some signs of time passing: this is Country legend Willie Nelson's guitar, after a lifetime of adventures and hits.



This is another touristic spot that shows signs of heavy usage through the years: notice how this metal chain that people use to hike and be held from has carved his way into this giant rock.



We might think that footsteps tend to disappear shortly after being stamped, but in the case the road is used every day by children that have it looking the same, no matter the weather conditions.



If you love an accessory too much, you will end up using it every day, so be like this man who bought three of the same and has to show us his past, present and future hats and each of the uses.



If you have enough hikers going around the same road and path for a certain amount of years, amazing things like these may happen: see how the footprints are now a part of the rock itself.



This vintage café maintains their original floors next to the chairs so you can appreciate the footprints that were left there after many years of many customers sitting there. A little piece of history.


Warren Martil,twoyeartrip

In the Vatican City, there is a popular statue of Saint Pete, whose feet are touched, rubbed and even kissed by tourists all over the world. Here is how the look after many visitors over many years.