Most Epic Food Fails On The Internet

It probably happened to you, at least once in your life: you are starving so badly you think you are going to faint and you put all your expectations on your next meal. But when that dreamy time to finally eat arrives, there is nothing even similar to what you had imagined before.

Tiny portions, huge seeds in avocados, no filling in that last cookie you were saving: we all know how much heartbreak it comes with food disappointment. We can get over exes that we dated for decades, but not over food. And these people really had the worst possible luck in the kitchen.





Growing vegetables at home may be a great experience: you get your hands dirty, grow what you will be eating away from chemicals: except when you come across a disappointing harvest like this one.



Talking about disappointing harvest: the ridiculous size of this strawberry and lemon are annoying if you were trying to have something you could eat, but they are kind of cute to look at.



If nature wants to, it sure knows how to give you a hard time: imagine carrying that watermelon and all of its weight just to come home and realize that what you can actually eat has the size of an orange.



This is probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to you when you buy an avocado: there is no way of telling beforehand if the seed will be regular or abnormal like this one.


If you wanted to get some toast in the morning, you will probably be able to get half of what you were expecting: air does not count as bread but, on the bright side, it has no calories.



What kind of a sociopath you have to be in order to put a tiny piece of cheese on the edge of a burger to convince people to buy it with expectations and get their hearts broken when they open it?

What happened to you, Bob?


Ice cream designs seem like a great idea that is not only delicious but fun. People who make ice cream: if you don't know how to do it, just sell a regular popsicle. This is horrible.

They had one job


Sliced bread is one of the many things we take for granted in life and this person really got pranked by it: although you could enjoy the biggest toast of your life, this does not seem practical.

No yolk


Chickens can prank you too: most of us love the yolk much more than the egg white but for this guy, there was no choice. Nature is taking care of your cholesterol, be grateful to it.

Where did the bear go?


A panda bear lollipop seems very cute but that is everything but what this person got: probably buying a regular one would have been much cheaper and by far, less disappointing.

Not even


A mix of broccoli and cauliflower sounds like a great option to garnish your meals, except there is basically no broccoli involved in this bag. Hope this person really liked cauliflowers.

Cone missing


If you buy an ice cream cone, you are basically expecting two things: ice cream and a cone, so when one of those two is missing and it's impossible to eat, we have a problem.



If you were craving a blueberry waffle, we don't have only bad news for you. You will get a blueberry waffle: a single one, lonely as Cast Away, sad as hell, but you will get one.



The poor person who had such bad luck that he got a huge piece of condiments instead of a bag full of Cheetos deserves a hug. A hug as big as that enormous ball inside the package.

So shady


This chocolate bar does not seem like a regular candy bar: it comes in a fancy package and we can imagine it was rather expensive: imagine how scammed this person must have felt when he unboxed it.

Beans with no beans


A can of beans can be a very safe food choice because there are no great expectations but no great disappointments either: unless there are no beans to disappoint you. Not a single one.

So close


Why would you put what looks like the top half of Mickey Mouse inside an ice cream who promises to be a cute bear? I would have bought a cone if I didn't want the bear. Give us the bear.



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you this ridiculous tiny lemon, do nothing except taking a picture and posting it online to show how unfortunate your shopping was.



We all love things that try to keep it natural instead of adding so many chemicals and stuff to food: this has gone a bit too far and nobody cared to peel, slice or do anything with the potato.

Lightly salted


If these are lightly salted, I would start dialing 911 for the people who dared to buy the regular ones. Why not serve them in a salt shaker instead and save us the peanuts?

Make lemon-never mind


Well, I would have never imagined how disappointing lemons could be until I started seeing these pictures and now, I think nature is a pretty cruel thing: what are you supposed to do with one of these?



Nothing more refreshing than a beer after a long day at work...oh wait, no that's just a big tall glass of foam. I mean we don't hate foam, we just don't want to drink a huge glass of it.

Very expensive bread


Whoever made this should reconsider how mess up you have to be in order to suggest something will be delicious and filled with salami and cheese and its...this. A horrible hybrid.



Can you imagine being starved and trying to get a good slice of pizza just to realize that whoever made this has a very cruel heart and no respect for others? We don't joke about pizza.

That's a rock


Apparently, the potato harvest was not enough to fill the bag and someone did not want to disappoint customers by selling it lighter: so they put a rock inside. A real rock.



Whoever can come up with the solution to figure out how big the seed of an avocado will be before cutting it open, will earn our love and respect forever. Poor one whoever bought this.

Chocolate Chip

Really? Are you putting a single chocolate chip inside a whole pint of ice cream? This is not disappointing, this is heartbreaking. Can you imagine if this was the ice cream after a break-up?



Hop this person truly and really loves yellow skittles because that's all he was going to get: no rainbow, no delicious mix of favors inside a package: just a whole bunch of yellow Skittles.

Not what I had imagined


Nature can be a pain in the ass and let's face it, the pictures we have seen so far don't really make growing your own food look like a good idea. What's up with this cherry tomato plant?



We get it, the scoops on the package are to give an approximate of the amount but why would you lie to someone like this? Just say it's plane cereal with a few raisins and we'll call it even.



You wanted this bread to make a sandwich? You won't be able to have one. Wanted to spread some cheese or jam on top of it? Not gonna happen. French toast? Better have cereal.



Nothing like getting a surprise inside your strawberry and finding that there are buckshots inside. Hope whoever bought and ate these has a great dental insurance because that will snap a tooth.

Bacon And Egg


Really? We could get the ham slice but which kind of ridiculous sized chicken did this egg came from? How can you offer this and a menu and expect people to be happy and calm?



This is like the brother of the blueberry waffle. Marketing people, you could just offer a meal that does not include any berries if it's this far away from your budget, there is no need to lie so much.

Airy seven up


This person got a sealed can of seven up that was filled mostly with air and this scale comparison shows that he was right: hope he got a ton of complimentary Seven Ups for this.

Orange is the new black


I have no idea what that black weird thing is but I'm so happy I'm not the one with such bad luck to cut this orange because I would be screaming. Seriously, what is that stuff?

Monday as a wine


Either this market has some of the sneakiest employees we have ever seen or this might be the saddest bottle of wine we have ever seen. Serves one cup, it's helping you not call your ex.

No chocolate


What do you love the most about M&ms? Is it the fact that they don't melt in your hand but they do in your mind? Well, this is not going to melt anywhere because there is zero chocolate on it.



This is probably the last time I will ever buy a can of anything. I could not deal with this and hope the person who was so unfortunate to open it has a good therapist around. Disgusting.



The vending machine is actually trying to sell you an empty bag of roasted salted peanuts and the worst part is that someone probably fell for this and had the worst spent dollar of his life.

Half a hot dog


We all love a good fresh bun for our hot dogs but this is not only outrageous but also doesn't the bread seem old and dry? There is nothing positive about this hot dog. Can we sue someone?



A single slice of pepperoni is not a pepperoni pizza. It's a pizza who happened to have a slice landing on it and was too lazy to shake it off. Start calling Domino's, they know what this is about.



A single chocolate chip in a chocolate chip cookie should be considered a sin. A crime against goodwill and people who just want to eat a cookie and made their days better. This is awful.



I'm not the biggest fan of pineapple on top of pizzas, but I do feel empathy for the poor person who was looking forward to eating a Hawaiian pizza and came across with this nonsense.



The best part of a Twinkie is the filling. I know that you know that, we all know that. So this is disrespectful and sad as hell: we don't want all that dough, give it some feeling. I mean, filling.The best part of a Twinkie is the filling. I know that you know that, we all know that. So this is disrespectful and sad as hell: we don't want all that dough, give it some feeling. I mean, filling.



The cousin of the lousy hot dog is here: the tiniest patty that you have ever seen covered in cheese inside a twice its size bun. That's not a burger, that is a joke. A very cruel joke, by the way.

Blueberry muffin

I've had it with you blueberries, officially. I will never believe in anything else that says it contains a berry of some sort because now I know that you want to break people's hearts.

Sesame Seed


You are probably looking at this picture thinking: this person didn't have bad luck, it seems like a decent cheeseburger. Notice the sesame seed on top? It's a single one. or you put more or don't put any.



I don't know about you guys but I will never buy lemons again in my life. Really. How many people have to suffer over these ridiculous lemons in order for this madness to stop?

Hot Pocket


A hot pocket can be filled with so many things it's pretty easy to find something you like. And if you don't like anything or you are intolerant to food, you can get one filled with air and nothing else.

Shoe Lace


This person had the most disgusting surprise inside a cookie: a shoelace. How on Earth does a shoelace end on a chocolate chip cookie? And it had so many chips, such a shame, such a loss.