People That Live In The Future While We Are Caught In This Present Time.

One may think that we are already living in the future. I mean, Siri and Alexa can do tons of stuff for us, there's wi-fi, bluetooth, extra-thin cellphones, virtual reality and I could go on for years. But the future is not here yet. I bet that makes you a little bit anxious. It makes me anxious too. But there are people in this world that found the way of living in the present and in the future, by creating devices or using the ones we already have in a cool new way. We gathered a few photos of people that are already living in the future. Take a look.



Burrito Warmer

I'm pretty sure you screamed when you saw this picture. This is genius. Below genius. Someone should start selling thermos as Burrito Warmers. Maybe I should. Nah, not in the mood right now.

Giant Eraser

Why spend a whole minute erasing a board when you can use the mop to do it? This professor is the perfect combination of laziness and an incredible intelligence.

That's Cheating

I'm sure you'll try to do this next time you need to get on a plane. And we won't judge you, because we'll do the same thing. We can assure you this works, as we can't assure you that this worked for him.

His Own Clamp

This cab driver was tired of getting his car clamped and instead of deciding not to park in forbidden places, he got his own clamp to tease the officers. They now think the car was already clamped when it wasn't.

Lazy Town

Well, we can't say we haven't tried this in the past. I mean, it is sort of a classic. Don't think about the environment, think about the amount of effort you are saving every time you do it.

Give This Man A Prize

Talking about saving effort, this man should be the President of the World. I've never though of anything like this, is really brilliant and a good way to save time.

Future Policeman

How fast can this cop run? I imagine that his city is the safest city in the World, who would commit a crime knowing that this Robocop can be after you.


This kid uses a leaf blower to go fast with his longboard. He is my new hero, and I really wanna go back to Elementary School just to be his friend.

Dog Messenger

This girl asked her mother for the phone charger and mom said "Call the Dog". The girl did it and waited. And then, it happened. The dog appeared with the charger tangled around its neck.

Like A Champ

One of the most difficult things to do when you live alone is to cut your hair, especially in the back. This guy found the solution. Is not that simple, but it is definitely a solution.

On Other News...

The future of news is already here. No more big vans, lots of people, a cameraman, a producer and a journalist. The journalist can do all those jobs at the same time.

That's Bananas

Bananas are the most useful fruits in the World. They are rich in nutrients, especially potassium, they are delicious, and they can hold your phone to watch your favorite show during a flight.

Buzzcut Season

This comes to solve one of the biggest problems in the world: How can I use my phone while my hair is being cut? Well, here's the answer. And it wasn't that difficult!


What the billionaire companies that design the biggest video games in the World couldn't solve, this couple could. With only a piece of cardboard, they designed a cool device to play without interference.

A Pool

I really don't know if this kid is living in the future or about to die and also cause a tragedy and a partial demolition. But we can't say that he is not smart.


This person lives in the future and we can't deny that. The only thing that worries me is that maybe in the future this is the only type of cheese we will find.

Fake Wedding

I've got a joke ready for this one but I don't know if I should say it. Ok, let's do it: He's marrying his wi-fi. Is that good? No? I knew it, sorry for the pun. I'll try my best next time.