People That Probably Regret Getting That Tattoo Done



If you got a tattoo, you know how hard it is to decide on a design you like. It is, after all, something you'll have on your body for the rest of your life. They can be removed, but it costs money and the skin never looks the same again. So it goes without saying that you should only get a tattoo if you're totally convinced that it's something you'll love until your dying breath.

But then there's an even more important step to take: choose a tattoo artist. And here's where a lot of people fail and end up with tattoos they'll hate for the rest of their earthly existence. You're thinking: Surely it can't be that bad, right? Maybe it's not what you imagined, but you can still live with it, right? That's terribly wrong. Here are photos of 50 people and the tattoos they probably regret getting.

It Means No Worries For The Rest Of Your Days


Is The Lion King your favorite Disney movie? In that case, we bet you know the whole Hakuna Matata song from start to finish. Would you go even further and get a Timon and Pumba tattoo? Make sure you don't end up with something like this.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


This tattoo is not so bad… for a drawing your 5-year-old niece or nephew gives you for your birthday. We hope that is what happened here: this person loved the drawing so much they went ahead and got a tattoo. If that's the case, then it's great.



Everyone loves cats. Some people love them so much they get one tattooed. We are not sure this is the case here, maybe this is someone that hates cats? Or the tattoo artist hates them. It's the only explanation we can think of.

Pretty Bird


Birds are a popular animal when it comes to tattoos. It looks like this person wanted to cover a pretty long scar, but we bet they are regretting going to that tattoo parlor after seeing the results.



Oh, where should we begin with this one? The design is terrible, it looks like it was written on the person's skin with a pen, the spelling is even worse! And let's not comment on the coloring!

Itsy Bitsy Spider


There is no way someone can get this if they're not really drunk first. There is also no way you can live with this on your face and not regret it every single second you stay awake.

Check Mate


Here we have an example of what happens when you run out of places in your body but you still want to get more tattoos done. We are sure it must have hurt a lot, they say face tattoos are the worst!

The Beard


We wonder if someone told this person they should grow a bear and they got so impatient they decided to just go ahead and get one tattooed. Here we have yet one more example of why face tattoos are something you live to regret.

Never Don’t Give Up


The lettering and coloring are great, this is a tattoo worth having. But there's a little problem we can't believe no one noticed until after it was done: there's a word there that doesn't belong in that sentence. Can you spot it? Everyone can, how come they didn't?

Ninja Turtles


Did you want to see more face tattoos people probably lived to regret? Here we have someone that decided their nose was the perfect spot for a ninja turtle tattoo.

We’re Not Sure What’s Going On Here


We believe this has something to do with sport, but we're not sure. What would you regret more? Getting your face tattooed? The little start right there by your eye? The fact that the coloring is horribly done?

The Joker


We are not sure if this is supposed to be The Joker from Batman or Benedict Cumberbatch dressed up as The Joker from Batman for Halloween. Whatever the case, this is a tattoo you totally live to regret.

Freddie Mercury


True Queen fans will not want to get something like this on their skin. It looks like Freddie was abducted by aliens and then sent back to Earth sustaining several injuries. And how come his thumb is so abnormally large?

The Scream


We believe the reason behind this tattoo is that they were trying to recreate the famous Munch masterpiece. They failed, of course. We guess once they left the tattoo parlor they went to buy a long wig.



All Star Wars fans love Chewbacca, right? So it's common to expect one of them to get a Chewie tattoo. We would also expect them to choose a good tattoo artist, but well, to each his own.

What Animal Is This Supposed To Be?


We don't know what this is supposed to be. Maybe it's a dog? A very big, very scary cat? Some sort of even bigger, scarier feline? And why are its eyes so weird? Why is the coloring so bad? There's no way this is a tattoo you don't regret.

Things Just Got Weird


This must be one of the weirdest tattoos we've ever seen. It's not awfully done, it's also pretty good. But how can you explain deciding to get Darth Vader holding Winnie Pooh in his hands? How can you not regret that?



We would like to believe the story of this tattoo involves someone losing a bet because there is no way someone can actually choose to get this on their own free will. This has to be the result of one of those bets you lose when you're in college.

Someone Had Too Much To Drink


And we're not talking about the seal! This is the kind of tattoo you only get if you and your friends had way too much to drink and one of them sort of knows how to draw with a tattoo needle. There's no other explanation that we can think of.



This looks right out of the drawing book of a 5-year-old kid. We can't believe people don't actually check before they decide where they're getting a tattoo. One more example of a tattoo you live to regret.

Google It


The tattoo isn't so bad itself. The problem is, are you sure you're not going to regret getting this done? Are you sure you'll be happy to have the words 'Google it' on your knuckles forever? The novelty of it wears off soon. After that, there's just regret.



The Lord must be testing this person. There is no other explanation for a tattoo that would have turned out pretty good if Jesus' eyes didn't look so wrong. Also, his hair kind of looks like tree branches.



Remember in Scooby Doo when they caught the monster and found out it was a guy in a disguise all along? Well, this looks like they asked to get tattooed one of the monsters posing as Shaggy. The coloring is also terrible.

Scooby Doo


This tattoo is so badly colored, we can't stand looking at it. The drawing is sort of OK (for a 13-year-old kid) but the coloring just makes us want to cry, and we bet the person that got it is still crying.

Eight Ball


Maybe this is an old tattoo that is not aging very well. Perhaps one day it actually looked like an eight ball with wings and not a gigantic black ink smudge.

Too Cool For… Scool?


The drawing is so bad it looks like a kid did it. The technique is so wrong we're positive a kid was holding the needle. And the spelling? Well, that's what throws us off: we actually believe kids at preschool know how to spell 'school'.

We Suppose This Is Jesus Again


Here we have another example of what happens when you get a tattoo and it turns out like something a kid could have drawn at recess. And what's that blue thing floating behind Jesus? God can only know!

The Dark Side Of The Tattoo World


Pink Floyd fans, you will not be wanting to get this tattoo done. Unless you are looking for something you'll regret forever and that probably will make you bitter about your favorite band. If that's the case, then here's a great idea.



Oh, so you wanted to get your beloved pets all together in a tattoo? What a wonderful way to show how much you love them! We assume you didn't take a picture with you and simply told the tattoo artist to imagine what Picasso would paint if woken from the dead.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Thank God this is a small tattoo you can cover up with some makeup or by wearing long sleeves for the rest of your life! If you are thinking of getting a star, you should probably check with the tattoo artist that they know how to draw one first.

Mamma, Just Got A Bad Tattoo


Mamma just got a bad tattoo. Mamma, life has just begun but now I've gone and thrown it all away by getting something horrible that doesn't resemble Freddie Mercury and won't come off unless laser surgery is involved.

The Beast


This tattoo is so bad it looks like someone draw on themselves with a pen. Guys, you will be having this for as long as you live! Pay attention when you choose a tattoo artist! If they look like they're 10 years old, then say no!

Is This A Wolf?


We're still debating whether this is a cat, a wolf, a fox, or some kind of evil mythological creature. Whatever this is, it's ugly and it looks as if someone got bored at math class and began drawing on themselves with a black pen.

The Tiger


This is a very neat drawing of a tiger… for an eight-year-old. What's up with people paying tattoo artists that don't know how to draw? This is forever! This won't go away next time you shower!

Puerto Rico


The flag is pretty good, right? It almost looks like a professional did it. Maybe they had to go somewhere and asked their 10-year-old kid to finish the tattoo. It's not the kid's fault they don't know how to spell Puerto Rico!

In Loving Memory


It's very saddening when a pet dies. A lot of people get tattoos in memory of their beloved dogs and cats that passed away. Most of them are beautiful and touching. This is clearly not the case.

Poor Whitney


Oh, poor Whitney! We're sure she is a beautiful woman and whoever decided to get her face tattooed must really love her! The problem is they didn't choose the right person for the job.

It Could Be Worse


This tattoo could be worse, right? We mean, it could be bigger. It could have more stars (we suppose those are stars, we can't be sure). It looks like a kid did it, so we guess this is as good as it gets when you let your kid use a tattoo needle on you.

Is This A Flame?


What is this? Is it a flame? Is it some sort of dragon or monster? Was the tattoo artist an actual dragon or monster? There is no way the person that got it doesn't regret it today.

Family With a Big F


This looks like a child did it, and we cannot be sure a child didn't do it when one of their parents was asleep. How they got tattoo needles and ink is a whole different story, but we're totally sure a first-grade kid did this.

So Sad Today


We're not sure what they wanted to get here, but we can tell you it's not working. Maybe a different tattoo artist and a different design would have helped. As it is, we're sure this person regrets it.

Summer Feelings


Oh, that's so sweet that you let your niece and nephew draw on you with their school markers! What do you mean that is actually a tattoo? Did a professional do that? And it's never coming off? You sure must regret it!

You Don’t Say,,.


This tattoo is really well done. The lettering is actually amazing. What we're not so sure about is whether the person that got this didn't end up regretting it like ten minutes later (or when they woke up with a hangover the following morning).



We guess the person that got this tattoo done had something different in mind. If you tell us you're thinking about getting some doves and the word 'love', sure, it sounds beautiful. They probably regret the tattoo artist they chose.

We Are The Champions


Sports tattoo are fairly common, and we've seen some that are really well done. This is not one of them, of course. Look at those faces, what did they just win? A horror mask contest at a Halloween party?

Is This From A Scary Movie?


If this is supposed to be a tattoo of a terrifying child, it's totally working. We're going to have nightmares over this. If it's supposed to be the tattoo of a loving child (a son or daughter, a niece or nephew) we're sure whoever got it is now regretting it.

Want Some Fries With That Tattoo?


This tattoo isn't awfully done like the others we've shown you so far. It even looks really professional and the attention to detail is terrific. But we wonder how on Earth do you end up getting this tattoo? And how on earth do you not regret it five minutes later?

Marilyn, Is That You?


The woman in the picture is Marilyn Monroe. She still is one of the most iconic symbols from the 20th century. We have no idea who the woman on the tattoo is.

What Time Is It? Regret Time


This is what could have been a wonderful clock tattoo if it had not been done by someone that had picked a tattoo needle for the first time the day before. Also, where did they see a clock with so many hands?

Bieber Fever


We are not saying that this person here is going to regret getting a Justin Bieber tattoo done in the future. Perhaps he'll remain their favorite artist forever. The only problem here is how awfully done this whole thing looks.