People Who Are Fixing The World One Hilarious Action At The Time

By definition, a hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or nobility. When you think about heroes, your mind probably goes to those who are known for making big actions that change the world. Maybe a superhero, or maybe a scientist. But truth be told, there are so many people who take it upon themselves to make this world a better place who are not given enough praise and appreciation. Clearly, someone such as a firefighter, a teacher or a nurse falls into this category. However, there are others whose contribution to society may be smaller but at the same time as important. Well, maybe not AS important but they decidedly are making our day to day be a little bit smoother. Here are fifty examples of persons who are slowly but surely fixing the world.



Kardashian Blocker


In no way does this mean that there is something wrong with the Kardashian dynasty, it's just that some people don't really care for them. So this man truly made some dreams come true.

Life Hack


This guy has come up with the best solution and made the lives of millions of students worldwide a hundred times easier. Be careful with the spaces though!



Regardless of the wrong reason, it's nice to know that there are some people who will continue to be good even when they are not in control of their faculties.

Green Patrol


This guy is a true hero. He not only saved this plant life but also decided to give it love and care for it. I really hope Stanley grew to be a very healthy and strong plant!

Nicest Guy


The best kinds of people are the ones who make small acts of kindness for complete strangers. Also, The Office is a great choice to watch on the train.

True Friends


See now THIS is what a good friend looks like. Sometimes you have to take one for the team to help a buddy out, even if it means not being able to leave the bathroom for an entire hour.

Truest Friends


I'm assuming it was too late and everything else was closed. How cool is to have good enough friends that are cool with you using them as a drive through?! This guy definitely won the lottery.

Fixed it


I mean, if you are going to draw in public walls than at least don't be a jerk and draw something nice. Like this guy, who took it upon himself to fix an awful drawing.

Best Boss


This guy works at a movie theatre, and whenever a screening has not sold any tickets his boss lets him use the time to play GTA instead. We can all agree that he has the best boss ever.



You know how in some places there are street sellers just roaming the neighborhoods? Well, in this case, what this person is selling is BBQ, and he does the travel with the grill so it's extra tasty.



There are two explanations for that kind of parking: one, you suck. Or two, you can't park and therefore shouldn't be driving. But out there is a guy who is as annoyed by this as the rest of us.



Do you want to know how to become everyone's favorite person in no time? Bring an extension board on your backpack so that nobody ever runs out of battery anymore, like this guy in an airport.



This very devoted to the cause professor showed up to the final wearing his pajamas to protest against the unbearably early time it was set by the faculty.

Frappuccino Ruiner


This employee had enough of having to deal with people being so cliché and taking a million pictures of their drinks, so he came up with the best way to ruin it. That sticker doesn't really seems like something to double tap.

Well Deserved


Once more, is it really that hard not to be a jerk when you are parking? Is it some kind of urge that some people have? This driver definitely deserves getting his car trapped.

I Love Him


The only thing that could possibly make a programming class better, is some nice and recently done waffles. Lucky for this class, there is a guy willing to make it happen!



There is a special place in heaven for those who take the time to actually warn other that there is no toilet paper in public restrooms, and they are not as many as one would think.

Cool Teacher


See, this is the kind of classes that are worth it! You have to love a teacher that decides to include things that all of its students will actually use in their lives.

Truly Black Friday


On the one hand, those people weren't really harming anyone and they just wanted to go on a remotely cheap shopping spree. On the other hand, I get him.



A guy managed to unlock the holder of the toilet paper at a public restroom (by very resourceful means) all so that he could turn them around in the correct direction.

Special Order

Just Another Guys Guy

All around the world, there are some places that allow you to make a special request when ordering something. Here the special request was for the delivery man to get food from a rival chain. And he did!



There are some people who just shouldn't drive since the only thing they do is contribute to the rest of us going crazy. Like this white car, whose driver wanted to get ahead by using the shoulder road.

Coolest Delivery Man

Old Git's Funnies

Not being able to receive a package has to be one of the most frustrating things on the planet. But if your delivery guy is as cool as this one, he will go the extra mile. Very unlikely

Pizza Guys


Can we all agree that the true heroes in this society are the delivery guys? Especially the ones who had the important job of bringing people joy, also known as pizza.

Head’s up!


Here we have another example of a caring human being who made sure to give the later users of this toilet a head's up about the lack of toilet paper, with a twist.

Nice Humans


There is a certain comradely that comes with being at the same (boring and dull) class, and this two showed it in the best way possible.

Not a Fan


'Dabbing' became such a big part of pop culture in this last few months, but here we have a woman who is not as excited about it as the rest of the world



You may wonder who would ever need to know how many licks does it take to reach the center of a lollipop. Which is a really good question, but this guy figured it takes 850 licks anyways.

Worth It


It does seem that a lot of unnecessary money was spent on a pillow. I mean, is it the cutest people we've ever seen in a plane? Yes. Would we also pay just to post it online? Sadly, also yes.

Beer Savior


Who hasn't had the question 'if your house was burning, what would you save?' asked? Well, for this guy it was an easy answer. Beer!

Best Seller


Many people struggle to come up with selling campaigns that actually pay off, and are left with their good on sale for months and even years. But this person knew what it takes from the get-go.

One For The Team


What a nice person! This is like reading a customer review but live. I think people will be extra thankful due to the whole 'extra flavor' thing. No need to try it now!

Everything Right


This guy did everything right. He not only saved his kids, which already makes him a superhero, but he also took the time and put himself in danger to save the food. An Icon!



Chrissy Teigen is one of the most relatable celebrities on twitter, so I'm sure she could relate to having one's shopping get a little bit out of control.



When faced with crucial moments in our lives, it is only logical that the first reaction you have is to protect those things that are most precious to you. In this man's case, the pizza.



Unarguably, the best part about the internet is the memes that it allows us to share with the rest of the world. And if your best friend for whatever reason can't reach them, then you must make sure they reach her!



Okay, this guy is the spawn of the devil. In a good way. Like, a fun devil but a devil nonetheless. But I guess that he could be considered a hero anyway.



This guy is not only a hero but also something like a God. Who can carry as many pizzas without falling?! I am a bit worried about the sadness that will ensure the falling of the tower, but the execution seems to be great.

Ordinary Hero


We have to give a special shout-out to those who make our lives easier on our day to day, like all those little siblings and parents who are always there to bring us toilet paper.

The Office


The Office shows up again in the list making it obvious that it's the best sitcom for smart thinkers when its quotes were used by this girl in an entire conversation about beets.



Those who say that girls are girls worst enemies have not spent time around the right persons, because one of the best things about girlfriends is the lengths they will go for you to have the perfect picture.



You could either think that this person is a hero who is trying to go the extra length to make people do their much-needed exercise or a jerk who wants to see everyone suffer.

Everyone Else Sucks


Why do people insist on being dumb? Luckily for us, out there are still smart persons who don't feel the need to need to make a fuss every time they get a new phone.

Free Movies


First, how cool is to have a water tower that you can project your favorite movies in? This must be great for the entire neighborhood. I wonder how is the sound though.


I don't mean to be rude, but is anyone going to tell her? Anyway, you know what they say. At the end of the day ignorance is bliss.

Pay Attention


'I could have stolen this' is the most passive-aggressive way of saying 'take care of your stuff' I have ever seen. It is unnerving to see people leaving their belongings unattended in public places, isn't it?!



These people were attending a pro-immigration protest when they saw a man arrive with the best sign ever. Only it wasn't a sign, it was his doormat. Very fitting!



Look, accidents happen. And you know just how good the person is based on how they react to said accident. Well, it turns out that Henry The Barber is a really cool dude.



First, look at those heels. Who can blame her for not being able to last the entire night with them?! No one. And using paper bags is a very innovative solution.



This girl was so into the idea of getting McDonald's that she didn't notice that a cop car was asking her to pull over. If you are going to get in trouble with the law, this is a pretty good reason!