Photos That Show The Exact Moment When Someone's Day Got Ruined



Do you remember that catchy R.E.M song that goes It's been a bad day. Please don't take a picture? Well, sometimes it pays to take a picture when you're having a bad day, if only for others (or your future self perhaps) to look at and be reminded a day can always get worse. And trust us, the pictures you will now see show people (and sometimes four-legged friends) in such embarrassing, complicated situations you wish no one ever snaps a camera at you while coping with stuff like that.

Are you ready to die from some second hand embarrassment while you pray to whatever higher power to spare you from ever finding yourself here? Read on.

Good Boy

Oh, you poor thing! Someone's been playing outdoors when they shouldn't have been! But how can you get mad at a face like that? Anyway, we wouldn't want to be the ones in charge of giving that good boy a bath.

Watch Out!

Safety measures are the most important thing to remember when you get behind the wheel, but some stuff you can't just prevent. Like a tree deciding to fall right on top of your vehicle. We hope no one got hurt when this happened.

Melt Away

We know summers are getting hotter year after year (that's global warming for you, guys!) But are they hot enough to simply melt down a car? Something else must have gone on here. We wouldn't want to be the ones receiving the car shop invoice, that's for sure.

Niagara Falls?

Have you been saving for that trip to Niagara Falls you've been wanting to go on since you were a kid? You still haven't been able to save enough money up to get on a plane and enjoy the wonders of nature? Well, worst things could happen to you, we suppose. Like living in this building.

Child's Play

If you have to take your child (or your niece or nephew, or your grandkids, or a friend's kid) to the park this weekend, pay attention and make sure they don't find themselves in a situation like this. Being on your phone while you let the child play seems like a good idea until you see pictures like this.

Not Again!

There is one thing the whole of humanity will surely agree on: we all hate when this happens. Can you imagine a worse way to start the day than needing to untangle this mess on your way to work when all you wanted to do was listen to some music and relax?


Having this happen is bad. Having this happen when you have just used the bathroom at your friend's house? We wouldn't want to be in your place.

White Christmas

Imagine being the one who has to clean up such a mess! We couldn't imagine a worse way to spend our working day. We hope this guy got some help from his co-workers.


Remember what we said about safety measures? They're the most important thing to take into account when you drive. You should also remember the importance of stopping when a sign tells you to, no matter how much in a hurry you are.

House Of Horrors

This truly looks right out of a horror film, we tell you. Imagine having this happen to your home, while you're in there with all your family. We hope everyone was all right, and no one got hurt.


If you are terrified of bees, then this is the worst thing you could come home to after a long day at the office. It's so disgusting it's practically impossible to look away.

Forget About Relaxing

So you wanted to spend a relaxing evening in the jacuzzi? Maybe drink some wine? Read a good book? Forget about that. You'll be spending your evening looking up the yellow pages trying to find professional help to get rid of this.

Off The Tracks

It's all fun and games until something like this happens. Now we get why our parents were always trying to talk us out of going on these rides.

No Worries

Having your boat sink down like that is already bad enough, but oh the irony in this picture is just too big a pill to swallow!

The Beholder's Eyes

Most people would agree that beauty is, in fact, in the beholder's eye. This house has its own charm, even if it's not a conventional design. We wonder if it was always like that, or if something happened, that made it this way.

Parking Lessons

Someone had a hard time learning to park their boat, didn't they? Maybe it's time they take their parking lessons more seriously. We hope no one hurt themselves when this happened.

Access Is Key

This is one of the things we all fear the most, right? Getting locked out of our home not because we lost or forgot our keys, but because they snapped in half when we were mere seconds away from entering the house.

Let It Snow

Having this happen to you on a regular day is one thing. Now having this happen to you when it's snowing and you're freezing and all you wanted was to get in the car and go home? That's terrible luck.

Breakfast Time

Ugh just when you were about to enjoy a delicious breakfast the way you used to when you were a kid! Why do these horrible things keep happening to good people like us?

Time To Move Houses

If we found this early in the morning when we were about to brush our teeth before work, we'd do a little more than buying a new toothbrush. We would actually start looking for a new place to live and move out of there as soon as possible.

Reach Out For Help

Ok, but how urgent can whatever you were doing on your phone be that you can't finish with your business first? The phone will still be there once you're done taking care of your bodily functions!

Smart Design

Who was the genius that thought this was a good idea? Do people actually pay attention to what they do at work or they just go about their days thinking of absolutely anything but their assigned tasks?

Wardrobe Malfunction

Even with this little detail (OK, it's not little, it's actually pretty obvious), that shirt still looks nice. Something like this happening to you is a lot better than other bad things that might ruin your day.

Nice Car

Some people love their convertibles so much they'd do whatever it takes to show it off. No matter where. No matter how. No matter the weather. Let's hope they didn't catch a cold.

Car Wash

Someone will end up spending all of their Saturday waiting around in the car wash while that mess is taken care of. We'd hate to be that guy.

Don't Drink And Try

A cup of coffee can do wonders when you're running out of time and you have to hand in that report before the end of the day (or else). The problem is when you spill it all over the keyboard. Be wise: don't drink and write.

Feeling Hot

Remember, folks! If you're going to spend the day at the beach, lying around and soaking up the sun, make sure you take some sunscreen with you! God, that must have hurt a lot!

Samurai Style

We've all been there: the computer is acting up, we are in a hurry, we're tired of wasting time waiting for the system to restart. But how mad did that computer make you that you took a samurai sword to it? Man, we wish we never anger you this much.

Let The Sunshine In

It's important to remember the benefits of seeing the glass half full when bad things happen. Sunlight is good for your health, and that fruit that just fell on your head after destroying your roof looks delicious.

Good Luck With That

We'd love to see how that man managed to leave with his car in one piece after parking it like that. That must have been hell to live through.

Is This For Real?

We have our questions about this photo. It does look photoshopped. But then when you look at it closely, it also looks real. If this actually happened, then it must have sucked for whoever owns that car.

Hats Off

Everyone has bad days. Even the Pope. Don't believe us? Then take a look at this embarrassing picture of Pope Francis. Kudos to the photographer that captured this epic fail.

Ron Weasley

First off, we hope you sang the title of this photo instead of reading it. Second, poor Ed Sheeran getting constantly mistaken for a fictional character from a fantasy series.

Oh God, Not Again

This guy looks so bored with the whole situation we can't help but think that maybe this is not the first time something like this happened to him. Be more careful next time!

Super What?

We've heard of Superman and his cousin Supergirl. We've also heard of Supercorp, the name fans have given to the relationship between fictional characters Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. But Superpiss? That's new. We think we'll skip this one.

102% Excited

What a bad day this girl's going to have when she figures out it is not a pregnancy test she took. Better luck next time! Maybe if she takes an actual pregnancy test, she'll get a positive result that will make her 102% excited.

Another Brick In The Wall

Pink Floyd may have argued we don't need no education or thought control, but we think we do need responsible people behind the wheel. It's as if nowadays they were handing driving licenses left and right to anyone that asks.


Come on, guys, be more careful when you try your hand at winter sports! Someone could have gotten hurt… and that someone could have been you! There's no way that didn't hurt for days.

It's Freezing

Winters are brutal in some corners of the world. You don't believe us? Take a look at what happened to these poor people and their boats.

Oh, Man!

Come on, how are you supposed to go about your business if they do that to the toilet paper? What kind of torturous, sadistic game they think they're playing?

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

If you're going to use wet paint, make sure there are no four-legged friends hanging around ready to step on it and ruin your hard work

Good Luck Getting To Work Today

Come on, it is the perfect excuse to work from home! Just call your boss and explain you're flooded in and there's no way you're getting out of the house today. Unless they send a boat for you.

Monster Truck

Imagine saving for months to buy a new car, and then something like this happens to you! This is what we call terrible luck.

Drive Safely

Guys, it's not so hard to remember: you should try to be extra careful when you're driving so this kind of problem doesn't find you. Only God knows how much it'll cost to get that vehicle up and running again.

Good Wood

We would hate to be the person driving the vehicle. Imagine something like that happening to you in the middle of your work's day! How stressing. We'd probably park the car by the side of the road and cry for an hour while help comes our way.

Friends Will Be Friends

We've all been there. From time to time, we need to ask for a friend's credit card because we can't make ends meet. Sometimes friends ask us for help when they're facing financial struggle. But finding out your friend spent that much on porn? And with your money? That's the worst.