The Most Ironic Moments Ever

An irony is an event or phrase that is radically different than is expected meaning. Like a statue paying tribute to freedom that is locked in a cage. Or a fire extinguisher setting on fire. Or an alignment shop with an unaligned sign. You can find these ironic moments in your everyday life, like in an accident on the road, in the newspaper adds, or in the unexpected doings of your dog. It's good that there were people around to catch on camera this hilarious 50 pictures that will show you how ironic life can be and make you laugh in the process.


Certificate of Dog Obedience Training


Unless they are training the dog to eat every paper in the house, this was not a successful training. The dog doesn't seem to happy about it, though, so maybe there's still hope he will learn eventually.


Locked in Freedom


William Wallace was a Scottish freedom fighter and a statue was built to honor him, and the freedom he represents. Too bad they decided to cage the statue. It kind of sends a contradictory message.

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