The Most Ironic Moments Ever

An irony is an event or phrase that is radically different than is expected meaning. Like a statue paying tribute to freedom that is locked in a cage. Or a fire extinguisher setting on fire. Or an alignment shop with an unaligned sign. You can find these ironic moments in your everyday life, like in an accident on the road, in the newspaper adds, or in the unexpected doings of your dog. It's good that there were people around to catch on camera this hilarious 50 pictures that will show you how ironic life can be and make you laugh in the process.



Certificate of Dog Obedience Training


Unless they are training the dog to eat every paper in the house, this was not a successful training. The dog doesn't seem to happy about it, though, so maybe there's still hope he will learn eventually.

Locked in Freedom


William Wallace was a Scottish freedom fighter and a statue was built to honor him, and the freedom he represents. Too bad they decided to cage the statue. It kind of sends a contradictory message.



The Republican. Where the news literally hit home. I'm guessing the owners of the house were not entirely happy to get the newspaper delivered to their home in that particular way.

No, you can’t


This company motto is assuring but maybe they got too optimistic? Or maybe the driver wanted to take a shortcut from his usual route and stumble upon a low bridge and, well, these are the results.

Selling tactic


Fasteners are commonly used to hang this, to prevent things from falling, and they are trying to sell them with a sign that is literally falling, I'm guessing someone skipped the Marketing 101 course.

Not really effective


This anti chewing spray was probably manufactured by those same guys that teach the dog obedience training course. Equally effective.

Ashamed by your english?


An english teacher that can't write in english. Maybe he was thinking of his targeted audience while writing this. If that's the case, well done! If not, good luck.

Boxed freedom


You can get all kind of stuff delivered to your house these days. Even "American freedom" that comes in cardboard medium sized boxes, door to door, all the way from China!



This message plotted in the train was without a doubt well intended. But, judging by this picture, this "you"didn't include them, since that car seems pretty wrecked from the crash.

False advertising


This is a prime example of false advertising. If you are gonna grab about how your store is always open, try to be always open. Otherwise, call it "Sometimes it's open. Most of the time, anyway".

Never eat alone


This guy looks like he is trying to work on his social anxiety by reading a self-help book "never eat alone", but it doesn't seem to be working. He is sitting all by himself, eating.

Light wind seeker


So, the windseeker is closed due to high winds. Maybe they missed a word in the neon sign and it actually wanted to say "light windseeker". Then it would make sense.

Except for this


Something written in stone refers to a rule or a thought that cannot be subjected to change, is permanent, therefore written in stone. To write the opposite of it in stone is like the definition of irony.

Bad teacher


If you are a teacher and a student got you this sign, you need to start questioning your own skills as a teacher, and how really uber terrible the rest of the teachers your work with are.



Nowadays, there are all kinds of self-help books: this guy was probably having a hard time staying focused, so he bought that one. Reading while you are driving does not seem like a good idea, though.

Accepting resumes...not


Just leave your resume here in the trash can and we will make sure someone in human resources reads it and in any case, we will call you back. Not really.

Subverting your original intent.


Those stubborn plastic packages can be so difficult to open that someone invented a device to cut them "like butter". And then wrap it in those stubborn plastic packages. Never stop struggling.

You had one job


The fire extinguishers literally have one job: putting out the fire, prevent a fire to spread around. But what happens when the fire extinguisher itself sets on fire? Oh, the irony.

The Opposite of advertising


If you wanted to do a smear campaign against "Watkins Roofing", then this would be the best one: a place that sells roofs with a completely destroyed one.

Book chewer


Some toddlers aren't so fond of listening to stories their parents tell them, but they love to chew on the book. In this case, they probably miss the irony of the whole thing.

Nothing sticks but the sticker


Sometimes these non-stick fry pans are very good to cook but it's almost impossible to remove the sticker they come with. So much for a non-stick cooking appliance.

The compliant rebel


Helmet laws suck but you better do not remove this helmet in case of accident or you'll die. This helmet takes the rebel act to a whole new low of compliance and obedience.

The rust stopper


This one seems like a smear campaign in itself. This oleum is supposed to stop materials like metal or steel from rusting: They probably should have applied some of the oleum to that can.

No accidents


This company pride itself in having a "no accidents" goal, so maybe this was just an accident drill, you know, to prevent a real accident happening in the future. Who knows?

Don’t take it too literally


This is what happens when you are trying to stop people from throwing paper on the floor and you put a sign and someone either thinks they are funny or just takes things too literally.

Clean hands


It looks like if you really want to get healthy clean hands, you might want to start somewhere else. You know, in a decently clean soap dispenser.

Starting tomorrow


The plastic bag ban is good for the environment and is probably gonna be huge, but it hasn't started yet, according to this wrapped in plastic newspaper from Oregon.

For Dummies


This dummies may or may not succeed with the training they learned from "Dog training for dummies" Evidence points to "they didn't" but you never know.

That word you get?


This person somehow managed to misspell 10 consecutive words, but they do get " illiterate" right. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

We won’t allow your photos


Apparently, the cold from the flash is damaging to art and documents, and that is the reason why many photography exhibitions around the world forbid to take pictures. It's still ironic, though.

Subliminal message


This contradictory prisoner transport is sending a very confusing message. Do they want to transport prisoners or do they want them to escape? Maybe they want to transport them into freedom. Interesting.

Safe driving


Isn't it great when you are driving and you come upon those huge signs? Let me grab my phone and text SAFETY to 79191 and read all those safety tips while I drive.

Except for this


This person was so adamant to follow the rules of the workplace that they probably didn't realize the irony in that the only way to make people follow the rule is to break the rule in the first place.

Nice concept


This either looks like a very fortunate coincidence or like a very well staged (and expensive) form of advertising. In any way, it works.

Collision investigation


It's good the collision investigation guys are already there to investigate this one. They might be a little bit hurt, though, but I'm sure they can still work

The most effective book ever


If only all self-help books were as effective as this one, all world problems would cease to exist. Seriously, this woman overcame insomnia so fast that she is sleeping right there on the train.

Learning to read


Maybe this sign would be more effective if you add some graphics? Like a book and a person reading and some question mark and then the phone below? Just a thought.



If you are gonna be so pretentious about your "unlimited" magazines, at least make sure you always have an extra stock to replace them or just refer to them as the "Rarely available" magazines.

So much for planning


Seriously? That's the best you can do with an architecture and planning college entrance sign? I bet that whoever planned this sign didn't attend a single class.

Yes you will


Mansplaining can be found everywhere. Even in the form of an answer to a question nobody asked. The answer on this picture just proved them wrong.

Laws of gravity


Well, of course. Sandra Bullock might have been able to float in space in the movie "Gravity", but this cinema in Planet Earth sure abides by the laws of gravity. In case you didn't know.

The tricky gift


Sometimes, toys for little children can be tricky, you never know what they can or can't play with. Take this card for example: is a "happy two years old" card that you can only open when you turn three.

Now what?


You were having a stress free bath, and you were applying this stress relief lotion, and everything was going great until you got out of the bath and dropped the glass bottle. Welcome back, stress.

No, you don’t


This seems like another case of a truck driver trying a new shortcut and failing. The result is an epic fail and it makes you wanna scream at them: "No, you don't"

So much for literacy


Literacy programs are usually a good thing to improve literacy shortcomings everywhere. In the case of Mississippi, though, we might wanna be cut those guys some slack: there are way too many "i", "s" and "p" there.



If you end up in this shop you are faced with a dilemma: do you trust your tires alignment to someone that can't even align their own sign or do you take this as an ironic advertising tactic?

Except for this one


Someone wanted to prevent neighbors to stop signs on public property by...posting a sign on public property. I'm guessing for it to work you might wanna start teaching by example.

Literally dead.


Maybe the people that manufacture this signs could have thought of something different to write in the entrance of a cemetery. Dead end seems a little too on the nose.

Plan Ahead


These people are telling you to think! do it right the first time, plan ahead, but they can't even plan ahead a damn sign. I don't think I'll buy whatever they are selling.

Unforeseen circumstances


It's a good thing Joe Power is such a great psych so he could very well anticipate any unforeseen circumstance. Oh, wait.