"I've seen it with my own eyes", we say when we want someone to believe us. Because nothing in this world is more trustable than our eyes. They are like Shakira's hips: they don't lie. They've never failed us… Right? Right?!? Sometimes they do, and it's for our own sake. And God bless these confusions because they are a lot of fun. There's a big funny pictures trend on the internet, so big that they even have their own name: "double-take pictures".

They need a second look -and, sometimes, more than five seconds- to be codified by the human brain. They look dirty, but we swear they are not. You can tell that to your boss when they think you're watching questionable material online. They even look surreal. They are altogether unexpected and funny. And they are the reason why you should always check twice before uploading a capture!

Wait, What?

Los40 Mexico

If you are like us, you might be wondering where this lady buys her shoes. She might even invent a new sport: handfootball. The problem is to find more people to play it with.

Friendship Never Ends


Oh, young friendship. So fresh, so genuine, so pure. You even feel like you are the same person. Other times, you'd lose your head for them. These two seem to be experiencing both things.

Sit Down Properly, Young Lady


You know when your mom used to tell you to sit straight and close your legs like ladies do? You could swear her you're following her directions to proper behavior, but she still won't believe you.

The Magic Of Cars

Worldwide Interweb

"Get a nice car and you'll get ladies", they said. It doesn't work that way, but if you want to feel powerful for a day make sure you find someone that matches your upholstery.



This is just an innocent match. Just an innocent match. Or it isn't? No no no, it is. That is a player's arm. Luckily for the spectators and everyone in the field.

Funny Fanny Pack


Oh well, this one looks like it's just gone too far, but fortunately, it's just a game that our mind and the light play. Just a fanny pack and an innocent, healthy hug.

“My House Is Your House”


There's always one friend who takes it very seriously when we tell them "make yourself comfortable, feel at home". This girl didn't go so far, though, and is wearing her undies, believe it or not.

Freaky Friday


I need to know his secret to such smooth legs, and those sandals and anklet are a really nice detail too. Oh, wait a second: he's actually wearing jeans and socks!

The One With The Magic Trick


They say that cats have nine lives, but apparently some of them have two bodies, too. There must be a magician after this one, probably about to replace the cut-in-halves girl with this

The Invisible Dog


Is Harry Potter's invisibility cloak involved in this one? How could we know? Like the egg and the chicken story, we wonder what was first, the dog or the carpet.

What Not To Share


A second opinion can come handy when you are choosing a new profile picture. They might see things that you haven't realized… Or maybe he was just trying to tease everyone he knows.

Everyone Stay Calm


It's all about perspective, they say. The right picture from the wrong angle can be very misleading. Only that in this case the confusion seems intentional, it's just too perfectly centered!



The first thing you might think when you see this one is "how could he bend like that?" The second: why are his torso and legs so short? The third, well, I don't want to say it. But then it hits you: it's just an illusion.

The Retro Ad


This one illustrates that back in the previous decades they didn't take care of the details as much as they do now. Or maybe this is just one of those subliminal things. We'll never know.

Picture Perfect


"This one is going to a frame", you think while it's been taken. Family, an amazing surrounding, a beautiful day. Then you take a closer look. And you see why you can't print this one.

Water Is Life


Such a fresh feeling! Feet on the grass on a hot summer day and some very refreshing water. What could possibly go wrong? Right: your water hose could. Choose a different one next time!

Something Doesn’t Match


Every girl with a joker brother knows this one: they'll just ruin your picture with a friend so that everyone thinks that though your hair is really thin and light, your arm is really, really hairy.

The Invisible Woman


It's happened to all of us, right? Any given day, one part of our body starts to disappear. In this girl's case, it's her legs. The mystery is how is that paper bag still standing.

The Centaur

IDN Times

I look at it and I look at it and I still don't understand this one, LOL. Is that a mythological creature? In that case, why is she wearing that electric blue coat?

Perspective Is Everything


Apparently, the artist didn't look at his work from every angle… Or he did but didn't notice the double meaning underlying it. In any case, these two look close. Maybe too close.

A Strange Body


A two-headed monster crouching down and looking in two different directions at the same time is something that you don't see every day. It should be part of this touristic site's brochure.

The Giant, Distorted Kid


So you pack everything up for a day at the beach and when you get there, you find this horrific view: a giant, distorted kid, wearing a cute little hat on his cute little head, with a massive body.

Dress Properly

Patrick Star

This is what happens when you are not clear about your party's etiquette: your guests show up with no clothes at all. And everyone acts like it's the most natural thing in the world.

One Too Many


A three-legged girl is not very common. Even less common is one who acts like nothing weird is happening. And even less common is a vase-shaped and colored exactly like its owner's legs.

Love Means…

El Confidencial

...not knowing where one finishes and the other one begins. Right? In this case, who is comfortably reading the newspaper and who is peeping at it? We can not tell.

That Has Got To Hurt

Muy Curioso

We swear it: this is not a dirty picture. These two friends are not going out of control before the public eye and in the middle of the day. Trust us.

Never The Bride


Your bridesmaid should be your closest friends, that's a golden rule. The bride's face and her friend's gesture lead us to think they might be too close, but she's just holding her dress up.

Sweet Teddy Bear


What could possibly be more innocent than a teddy bear? A big, snuggly one. Even better if there's nothing inappropriate in its physiognomy. Hard to believe, but this is the case: that's just a microphone she's holding.

The Weather Is Tricky


You want a discreet, low-profile job, so you become a forecast reporter. You're pretty sure you're going to blend in with the background and never be talked about. Or at least most days.

The Land Of Giants


You might be ok with the fact that there's a really huge baby playing on the beach, but please be extra careful that he doesn't grab your head and squeeze it.

It’s Not What It Looks Like


The photographer here got carried away by the excitement of the moment and didn't really look what he was capturing. That's what we choose to believe. Or he's a real joker, and he knew it all along.

Extreme Yoga


There are many different kinds of yoga, but we hadn't heard of any of this kind before seeing this photo. We wonder if it's really necessary to stretch that much.

The Adult Headed Baby


Well, that's an image that will hunt us down in our dreams. The sunglasses, the beard and the little footballs in the hat make it even worse: too real to be overlooked.



This girl cares about her friend so much that she's become the air she breathes… Or at least, her friend's hair has become that. Maybe she's getting magical hair growing powers?



...there's nothing dirty about this capture. This lady is fully dressed and her cleavage is really high. She just chose to bend her arm in a way that makes it look like something is out of place.

The Last Cowboy


First of all, he's not tinier than the ladies in this picture, and second of all, he's not sitting on her back. It's the extraordinary coincidence of his position and her shirt's pattern that made us think that.

A Killer Mirror


What will you order tonight? Thanks to these mirrors, you can have your favorite dish plus another person's head or body. With a side of fries and a discount for the group.


Antena San Luis

The perfect solution for Halloween when you don't have a fancy costume handy: bring your cat, hold it in front of your face, say you're Catwoman. Extra points if you can have it yawning all the time.

What’s Going On Here?

Rire en boite

One of these two things: whether the brunette lady has lifted her leg across her friend's body, or the blond girl is really bendy and can do some crazy stuff with her legs.

Aladdin Would Be Jealous

Badabun Co

Her speech is making everyone's imagination fly and even has turned her plank into a flying carpet. That's how great it is. The hard part will be landing without ruining the microphone.

Curvy girl


It looked like just another night, but it was actually really special: it was the night they realized that they had a friend with a really long and curvy arm.

The Unorthodox One

Funny Brasil

When you are going to meet the Royalty, you need to behave impeccably and follow the protocol. We are sure that this way of saying hello is not very orthodox, but Kate doesn't seem to mind.



We don't know how many Stan Lee's fans this picture might have broken, but we can imagine. A nice picture of them -finally!- meeting their idol, and totally ruined. Oh, Stan...

Pure Magic


And then, sometimes, you look up and a cloud is coming out of a mythological creature's Clarion. If that ever happens to you, just stay exactly where you are and enjoy it. Moving away one inch can ruin the effect.

The Translucent Cover


How come this doesn't exist yet? A book with translucent covers so you can see the reader's face and reaction. I know, I know. But it would be a nice way to get instant and honest reviews of a book, wouldn't it?

Dog Face


Let it drink some water: this dog looks tired and thirsty. If you don't, it'll go get some itself. It has already grown legs for that purpose! It'll probably go after your beer.

The Mythological Creature


Such a beautiful thing Nature is! Every day you hear about new species that live far away or you've never imagined before. We'd wish this one existed - it's just so stunning and cool!

The Future Of Transportation

Antena San Luis

If you can't decide between renting a van or buying a plane ticket, don't worry: you might not have too. You can be up on the sky the 1970s way and have the best of both worlds.

Delete That One!

Blog Benjamin Leite

Better safe than sorry: delete that picture from the folder "Cute Baby Pics" before you forget about it and unexpectedly run into it when you are looking for something cute to print on a coffee mug.

Facepalm Design


This team's custom designers are not going to win any designing awards. I'm not a fortune teller but that I know for sure. If only the middle section was a different color…