Pictures That Will Trigger Your Obsessions

Being obsessed is a serious thing. It's not something you should make fun of, and people with OCD suffers a lot. Is not fun to say that you are "obsessive" because you can't see a tilted painting, because you are not taking seriously a disease.

But everyone has little obsessions. And these pictures will show you how many of them. Take a deep breath and get into this list of fifty pictures that will trigger all your obsessions.



OCD Nightmare


So you went all the way to Italy, took a picture of the tower and just decided to hang it like this? If you suffer OCD, would you say the picture is alright? Or just the opposite?

Where is the mistake?

bored panda

Please, I've been trying to find the mistake in this floor and can't find it. Where is the wrong tile located? I can't define which was the tile that ruined the whole room.

The one who invented this should rot in hell


This is one of the worst inventions ever made. If my hands are totally wet, how am I supposed to pull a paper tower without destroying it? I hope the worst for the ones who love this system.

This one’s on purpose


The person behind this work made this on purpose after the one that hired him or her payed too little money. Ok, you can be distracted and miss one tile. But four?

I would never come back to this chocolate store


After watching this for a little while, I've decided never to eat M&M's again in my life. Ok, I'm overreacting, but how cynic do you need to be in order to mix just one chocolate?

What’s with the tiles?

what culture

I'm starting to see a pattern that involves tiles and people that don't worry too much about the floors of their houses. I couldn't live in a house with this floor in the bathroom.

The fault in our stairs

ebaums worlld

This kind of thing happens when you decide to add some new stuff to the house but you aren't good at planning things. How could you possibly think this could look good?

That annoying pair of shoes

huff post

There's impossible for someone to have that many pairs of shoes. However, what happened with that red pair that this person bought? Was it a crazy moment or is this person regretting it?

I hate your pencils

confined to success

You sharpened the pencils in the best way you could possibly have done it. But you had to ruin the entire picture by moving one a little bit and destroy the symmetry.

Throw them away


When something like this happens you have two choices. You could walk all the way back to the pharmacy and change the blister. Or you can just give up and throw the blister away.

So close!


You've separated all the candy. It took you almost the entire day to have it done properly. Suddenly, you realized that something was wrong and it worth nothing. Maybe next time.

I rather prefer if they’re all mixed up


If I have to face cookies packed like this I would rather be dead. They have to be all mixed up or all looking at the same side. You ruined my breakfast, cookie!

They’ve partied the night before


They were fixing the street and it was looking so good that they decided to celebrate. But they couldn't wait for the job to be done and they end up so wasted that they ruined the work.

I hate when this happens

uber humor

Are you the kind of people that can't walk stepping on the cracks between the tiles? What would you do when out of nowhere something like this appears in your life?

Charge me 40


Two things happen here. First I can't understand why the machine insists on charging me once cent less and can't round the number. Second, I'm too hurry to wait till the employee gives me back my change.

Are you an idiot?


These situations put me in a bad mood. It makes me wanna start screaming to everyone around me in the party. How could no one stop this person from doing this?

And look at all the crumbles


Because cutting a cake properly is the job of a Ph.D. scientist. How in the world could someone ruin cake time like the person who cut this piece of cake?

Thank God we use computers now

maroc smile

Remember those days at school when you had to take a sheet of paper and it suddenly ripped because you weren't careful enough? Are you happier now with a computer?

Lucky they can fix this easily


Lucky for the one who took this picture, this floor can be fixed in a little while. But the person who did this should be spending some time in jail for disturbing the public peace.

Is this perfect symmetry?

live door

Would you consider this the work of a symmetry lover or just the work of someone who loves to play with your patience? If it wasn't that dirty I would say this could pass as symmetry.

I hate the world


If you are with me on this, we could start a movement in order to stone people for doing stupid things like this. In fact, both caps have the name of the things they're covering. So this is extra messed up.

Every time I plug my PS4


Besides breaking my nerves thanks to all the mess in this room, isn't this the kind of situation that violates all the security measures? What if one machine sparkles and starts a fire?

I made you a sandwich


I know you were a little hungry so I decided to make a sandwich as a token of the love I feel for you, my friend. Hope you don't have any OCD issues and you can eat it.

Nice architecture… not!


When you hire an architect that charges you too little to refurbish your house, think it twice. You might end up with a house like the one in this picture.

Can we buy them the missing bricks?


How expensive could it be if we all cheap in and buy this construction the bricks it needs in order to be finished. I can't see an entrance like this without wanting to rip my eyes out.

Do you hate the world?

bored panda

There's a reason why KitKat have that shape and it's separated in 4 bars. Why would you think you can bite the best chocolate ever made like this? Are you out of your mind?

I need your help


Could you please help me to put this sewer cap in the right way? We have to pull it up for a little while, spin it a little and then put it back. It would take a few minutes.

A pretty common mistake


When you hire someone to put a cabinet in your kitchen, there's a 50/50 chance that something like this could happen. I don't know why, but many doors industries love to play with our nerves.

Please move it


Please, by a nice guy and move the painting a little to the right in order to make it fit exactly in the middle of the white stripe. This picture makes me wanna check out if all the paintings hanging on my walls are properly hanged.

Put it right before you live


If you're the same kind of person that I'm, you should take some time before you leave the place in order to fix that messed-up rug. Make it right for the OCD brothers and sisters coming after you.

This looks like a serious place


This looks like a serious place, like if we were walking in a museum hall. Until you realize that something is wrong with the floor and all the seriousness goes to hell.

The mark of a crimina


The worker was about to end the job someone payed him to do and he thought "why don't we mess things a little up?" Now I have to cross the street every time I walk in that zone.

We can’t fix this


A master plan for ruining the lives of the ones with OCD. Because even though the stoned tiles are in a cap, it's impossible to put them in the right direction.

Life has no sense

vitamin ha

It took me a while to realize which was the right way of putting those caps. However, if you pay attention, the ones on the right aren't that properly placed so why should we bother.



When you don't care about other people lives you just walk in the park looking for loose tiles in tables in order to mix them and ruin the day for those who always sit there.

Call an electrician


Someone has to help you to make things right. You might not be the only person in the world who suffers every time. An electrician could help you solve this.

How hard was to buy the right tiles?


The floor wasn't made of gold or a limited edition of tiles, so why in the world can someone care so little about this? How could no one supervise the worker behind this cruel joke?

They’re useless


Even though you aren't cold and they are still comfy, you can go out with this. You should buy a new pair because if you don't suffer seeing this, someone might.

Why two windows?

soria oficial

Who could be the sadistic architect responsible for building a house like this? What could be the use of a room with two windows placed like the ones in this picture?

You couldn’t make it right

ebaums world

I'm pretty sure that the ventilation has the same width than the tiles. So why couldn't you place this ventilation in the proper way in order to make everyone around happy?

That’s for sure

favorite memes

When things like this come across your day, you always know what you must do in order to make things right. Just eat that annoying green M&M and keep going. The factory should give it for free.

A lost case


If you but this kind of gum, why would you do something like this? Isn't the point of this gum to eat it as if it was a tape? Why could you possibly ruin the entire gum for everybody?

I’m not sure if this is bad

meme cdn

Wait, what if the idea of the architecture behind this building was to mix the entire distribution of windows. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a case of OCD's nightmare.

Worst chocolate for people with OCD


Are you the kind of person that eats the chocolate according to the distribution of the bars? How would you eat a bar of chocolate made of so uneven bubbles? Checkmate!

Kill me now


The floor looks really nice, I like the color. But the minute I realized it was glued unevenly I just realized the entire world made no sense. How can we live when there are houses with these kinds of floors?

Bad marketing

bored panda

Almost the entire population suffers from OCD. So the store that made this might as well lost a few clients after fixing the floor like this. You're still on time to make things right!

Why do you need that many?


Ok, I'm sure that no one can live with a bathroom organized like the one in this mall. But why does a bathroom mall need that many paper towel dispensers?

Are you kidding me?


How could someone be that bad in order to ruin a pizza like this? Everyone loves to eat pizza but in a proper way. Now the entire dinner lost its point.

Just move one of the puppies


You managed to buy the exact amount of brown dogs and black dogs. So why couldn't you make them eat properly? Just move the black dog in the left corner and we will feel better.

I can’t poop there

cabel kawan

Not only because it has too little space to make things properly but also because it is slightly crooked. I couldn't concentrate enough to do my things there. I'm sorry.