Really Scary Pictures That Will Make You Jump Off Your Seat

We as humans are drawn to scary, mysterious and unexplainable stuff. It's like a trainwreck, we want to keep looking even if we know we will end up traumatized afterwards. Here, you will find 50 of the scariest pictures found on the internet, from ghosts appearing upon revealing pictures, from menacing shadows, to animals behaving strangely in night vision trail cameras, to humans even scarier than ghosts.

If you like scary unexplained mysteries or paranormal phenomena, if you like to delve into the unknown even if it will end up haunting your dreams afterwards, then this list is for you. Good luck trying to sleep tonight!



The wee model maker


Holy shit! Maybe the story isn't true and this was just written to freak people out or maybe it is true and that's even worse. In any case, this is creepy and sick.

The visitor


This Reddit user claimed he got a notification from his Smart Home App in the middle of the night saying "Your doorbell detected a visitor". Welcome to your nightmare.



The imaginary friend


This drawing was made by a six-year-old when asked to draw their friends. It looks like Lisa might be a ghost of a horribly killed child more than an imaginary friend, though.

The creepy wedding


I'm guessing the people at the wedding have no idea that right behind them there is what appears to be a super creepy cult wearing robes and hoods and staring at them like in a damn horror movie.



The ghost at the soccer match


This dark gloomy figure seen at a soccer match could not be found in any other picture or linked to any person there. If we look at the glass half full, this seems like a ghost that loves soccer more than scaring people. Win.

The old lady and the bulldog


Someone took this photo outside their home. When they developed the picture they saw what appears to be an old lady ghost and her ghost bulldog looking outside. I wonder if they moved after this.



The abandoned asylum


This picture was found in an old abandoned asylum in Salem. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

Ghost revolution


This looks like Creepy Ghost Revolution or something, but in reality, this is the city of Miyakejima, Japan, where everyone has to carry around gas masks at all times, due to the massive volcanic activity.



Playing with the ghost


This little girl was playing on the floor and his dad took her picture. When he saw it, there was a ghostly figure that was "playing" with her. The girl's mom had recently died. Spooky.

The ghostly boyfriend


These two friends were smiling and posing for a picture. Little did they know there was a ghost guy right next to them. Or maybe one of them is just dating a ghost guy? Chills.



Family portrait


So many questions come to my head when I look at this picture. Like, who are this people? What time period are they from? Why do they look so damn creepy? And you thought your Facebook profile picture was bad.

The little girl


This little girl ghost seems to be barely sticking out to see the person who took the picture and disappearing right afterward. Ideally to freak them out and stop them from sleeping normally ever again.



Karma Ghost


To be honest, this road ghost does look a little like Radiohead's music video Karma Police but is also extremely spooky. So is the music video, to be honest.



The man you see pictured behind the old woman is this lady's husband and died 10 years before this photo was taken. Looks like he wanted to keep her company.



Baby ghost


This baby ghost is hanging around his own grave and wasn't seen when his parents took the picture but appeared there looking at the camera right after the picture was developed. Goosebumps.

The Exorcist


With her head like this, this girl looks like she is possessed, doesn't she? or like she is about to start head spinning "The Exorcist" style. Maybe that's the movie she was renting at Redbox.



The fourth friend


These three friends were hanging around and taking pictures and this face appeared behind those two girls in the right when they saw the picture. Spooky!

The leg


That looks like a leg ghost. I didn't know there were leg ghosts, maybe a headless ghost, or an only torso ghost, but a leg ghost is a first.



The cemetery


It makes sense that this ghost is hanging around the cemetery. Maybe he just died and was just learning the flying around thing, before heading to more interest territories.

The polish girl


This polish girl had been in a concentration camp and ended up in a residence for disturbed children. This is what she drew when asked to draw "home".



The Creepy Santa


I'm guessing that little kid is not gonna love Santa, now, would he? He was probably traumatized after his encounter with Santa and even the word "Christmas" will trigger him. Understandably.

The mentally Ill


This photo was taken in a German mental institution in the 19th century, but it looks like a horror movie scene. The girl was a mental patient undergoing "treatment".



The Doll Reunion


This extremely spooky doll group was found in the basement of a deceased woman's house. Only God knows what was going on there. I don't want to.

Ghost girl on a trail camera


These night time trail cameras can spot some of the most chilling stuff out there. In this case, this camera in the woods captured a deer looking directly to a… little girl ghost? Creepy



Another creepy trail camera


That deer sure seems like he attracts ghosts. Or maybe the woods at night is just full of them. In any case, the scary looking figure seen right by the tree is spine-chilling.

Marks on the outside of a 3-floor window


Imagine that you are watching a movie comfortably in your living room on a Saturday night, and then you go to the bathroom, come back, and see these handprints on the outside of your window. Damn.



The ultrasound


Imagine being completely overjoyed about your pregnancy, and going nonchalantly to see the 5 months ultrasound...and this appears! Nightmares are made of this.

The Whaley House


The Whaley house is known to be haunted since the Whaley family, who lived there, died mysteriously. In this photo, you can see Thomas Whaley's ghost staring through the window.



The ghostly outlaw


The Boothill Graveyard cemetery in Arizona is famous because it was used to only bury outlaws. This man decided to take a picture dressed as an old-time cowboy but a real (dead) outlaw appeared upon revealing the picture.

The mental hospital


This room was found in an abandoned mental hospital. Some people say that the insane are only more enlightened than the rest of us, so that makes this room not only terrifying but also hopeless.



Freddy Krueger


These kids were posing for a picture and what looks like a real version of Freddy Krueger appeared walking behind them. The scariest part is that he is looking right at them, and we know how Freddy felt about kids.

The helicopter pilot


This lady was happily posing to a picture totally oblivious that a ghostly pilot was sitting right by her. Imagine if only the ghostly pilot decided to start flying the helicopter!



The flock of sheep


What kind of scary-ass sheep are these ones? This flock of sheep seems like they are listening to some satanic animal sheep leader. In any case, creepy.

The hanging corpse


This happy looking people in the photo are the Cooper family, who took a photo back in the 1950s sitting by the table at their new house. But what appears to be a creepy body falling from the ceiling appeared upon revealing the picture.



The terrifying figures


If I was in charge of seeing what a trail camera recorded at night, and I get to see this image, I wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks or maybe ever again.

The Amityville Ghost


In 1974, the infamous Amityville horror took place when Mr. DeFeo killed all his family, no wounds were found in their bodies, and he claimed ghosts guide him to do so. The Lutz, who moved there, saw all kind of paranormal activities and ghosts like this one.



The Ghost on the bridge


This figure is known as the Ghost Bridge, and there are many stories surrounding it. They say that is the body of a woman that was thrown of the bridge by his soldier husband. She roams the bridge at night. I would take an alternate road.

The mother's Graveyard


Mabel Chinnery and her husband went to visit her mother's graveyard. When she took the picture of her car with her husband in it, the figure that appeared in the backseat driver is not other than...her mother!





There is something utterly terrifying about animals in night vision cameras. And something even more terrifying about random animals lying on top of each other like that, looking at the front of the road.

Ghost Pole Dance


This ghost holding the light pole is something out of a horror movie. Especially the way the hands look clearer than the rest of the body as if they are actual human hands just stolen from a living being.



The haunted lift


This photo was taken in a hospital, a group of friends looks playful and unconcerned, but a gloomy, black-haired ghost is looking directly at them from the lift.

The bald woman


There's something utterly disturbing about this picture and I am not sure what it is. Maybe the ghost body posture, kind of leaning over something, maybe the fact that it looks like a ghost woman with no hair. I'm having nightmares tonight.



The demon on the hospital bed


This figure was captured on a nurse monitor at a hospital. What looks like a satanic animal figure was looming over a patients bed, that supposedly died shortly after all this happened.

The girl with no arms and head


This picture was taken in 1943, in Hungary. The girl in the back has no arms and no face, even upon zooming in the picture. She is either a ghost or a demon. Creepy



The self-portrait


This woman was talking a self-portrait when someone appeared looming right behind her upon revealing. The scarier part is that if you look closely the figure looks like a demon with satanic eyes and a creepy smile.

The nursing home


This photo was taken in a nursing home 15 minutes after one of the patients had died. Before the photo was taken, residents heard sounds of doors opening and closing and a call light turning on and off.



The other recognizable face


The guy who took this picture said he took over 50 photos that came out "normal" but this second face only appeared when he used a professional facial recognition software that automatically enhanced the faces it recognizes.

The gigantic spider


This might not be supernatural or paranormal, but I wouldn't wanna see this on my ceiling or I'll probably have nightmares for years. This gigantic creepy spider is called The Giant Huntsman spider and is considered the largest in the world.