Redneck Improvements That Will Make You Nervous



Hey, not everyone has the time, money, and talent to make improvements in their homes and things just like the ones you see on TV. Some people only have their imagination and a few items to come up with a clever solution to some daily problems. That's what this article is about. You are about to see some inventions we catalog as redneck because they were meant to solve some every day issued without no other resources than two hands, a household item and a (Clever?) brain. Take a look, learn, and laugh, because that's why we are here for.


I don't know if this is a new style of helmet or the next season of The Handmaid's Tale, but whatever it is, it is extremely dangerous.

A Shower

I'm pretty sure you've been in this situation before: Something breaks and you go all over the house looking for anything to replace it. And sometimes what you find to replace it is not the fanciest thing in the world.

Keg Drums

Drum sets are expensive, that's for sure. But using beer kegs to replace each of the parts is not less expensive than the original thing. I wonder how does it sounds, probably like a crowded bar at midnight.


Who said you can't come up with your own toys when you're a grown up? Creativity is everything and, like Einstein was said, intelligence is just creativity having fun.

Broken Glass

You broke one of those wine glasses your significant other inherited from their grandparents? Don't worry, it can be easily fixed. All you need is a some plastic and creative thinking. As good as new, no one will notice a thing.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Your boss will never suspect you left work early if you do this. We guarantee you it would be as if you had been sitting there all day long slaving yourself away.


Getting your car fixed by a professional? In this economy? Why pay someone else to do something you can do yourself? All you need to do is get creative.

The Best Thing Since Bread Was Invented

You want some toast but you don't own a toaster? You own a toaster but it's broken? Don't worry, don't panic. Do this and no one will be able to tell the difference.

One Small Step For A Man

We totally love this one. It's clever, it's cute, it costs practically no money to make. Kudos to whoever came up with this brilliant idea. We stan.

Fontana Di Trevi Who?

Why go all the way to Italy to see a beautiful fountain when you can get a bunch of kiddie pools and make your own? It's cheaper, it's a lot more fun, and you only have to go as far as your backyard. Win-win-win.


This is a great idea if you've just moved out of your parents' house and you're still trying to figure out how to do the whole 'independent adult living on my own' thing. This way you will never regret you didn't check if there was enough toilet paper before taking care of your bodily functions at 2 in the morning.

Plumber Emergency

Plumber emergency? We don't know about that. We don't need to call a plumber when these things happen because we know how to get creative real fast. All it takes is a straw.

The Chair

We don't know how that chair ended up there, neither do we wish to sit on it and risk falling off it. But we must admit the idea is clever (unless you suffer from vertigo).

Light My Fire

You must remember being careful if you want to play with fire. These folks here seem to have everything under control, through.

Dental Hygiene

It's important that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Dental care is so important that if your toothbrush ever breaks you must immediately replace it with whatever disposable materials you find lying around. Or you can always go to the grocery store and buy a new one. Whatever floats your boat.

Big Brother

This professor wins at life. We would sit one of his exams any day if he will always come up with such creative ways to let his students know he's watching their every move. They better not cheat!

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Again, who takes their car to the shop nowadays? Come on guys, in this economy? The situation calls for creative measures, and these people got creative.

Best Of Both Worlds

Broken window? Broken washing machine? It looks like it's not all lost. In our opinion, this works perfectly. 10/10, would recommend.

The Cardboard Hat

You forgot your hat at home and the sun today is brutal? You don't have money to spare to buy a hat? Recycle! It's good for your pocket; it's good for the environment.

Selfie Stick

Why spend money on a selfie stick when you can make your own with stuff you have lying around at home?

You Make Me So Hot

You need to iron your clothes before work, but the thing your mom uses won't heat fast enough? Have you heard of the stove our Lord and Saviour?

The Mask

This guy here made its own oxygen mask with some stuff he found at home. Knowing how difficult times are and how the environment is more and more contaminated with each passing year, we should all either do our part to stop global warming or start making oxygen masks of our own.

Tic Tac Tic Tac

We don't know what happened here that that wall ended up looking like that. We do know what we've never seen such an original clock before. We'll give them points for trying.

Lights Will Guide You Home

Safety first, right? Why take your car to the shop and let a professional take care of this when you can solve the problem yourself with a bunch of flashlights your parents had boxed away in the garage? It's not like it's not safe or whatever, right?

Gardening Points

We'll take gardening tips from these guys here any day. We also wouldn't say no if they offered some plumbing advice. It seems like they know what they're doing on both fronts. 10/10, we'd recommend.


We're simply loving how creative people can get sometimes. Look what they did with a fork and a towel!

Sunday In The Park

Do you want to take your dolls to the park so you can all enjoy the fresh air and soak up the sun? What's stopping you? Look what this amazing, creative kid did with some help from the grown-ups!

Broadcasting Your Cat

Is your old TV broken? Don't throw it out! Recycle, recycle, recycle! Your cat will appreciate it this new hot spot for chilling out in between naps.

Have A Seat

You don't throw out a perfectly good couch simply because it's missing a couple of cushions! We're sure you have some chair lying around that you don't use much. There you go, problem solved.


We wouldn't recommend trying this out. We know times are hard and money is tight, but if you are not going to ride your bike safely, then it's better you take the bus. However, this seems to be working just fine for the guy in the picture.


Sick of your kids constantly fighting in the car's backseat when you take your family on long road trips? Take a leaf out of this dad's book.

It's Raining Men

Human beings get really creative when they need to find ways to stop the rain from ruining a perfectly good day. Look at this man! He forgot to bring an umbrella, but he made do with what he had.

Black Mirror

This genius of a guy is living in the year 3000 while we're still stuck in the twenty-first century.

Red Mirror

The lengths people will go to in order to avoid taking their car to the shop! This looks as good as new, we couldn't have told the difference (we're being sarcastic, by the way).

The Magic Bus

It looks like someone's trying to turn that abandoned old bus into some pretty awesome hanging out spot. Good idea!

Looking Comfy

Another example of what people are willing to do if it means getting out of paying someone to fix their cars. Unbelievable. He looks really comfortable, though. Let's hope that chair is correctly secured.

Just Ride

No one is going to stop this kid from getting what he wants in life if he holds onto his creativity. Just remember to always wear a helmet and you're good to go!

I Swear I Was Awake

Sick of sitting through those endless meetings with boring coworkers because your boss insists you should all get together and discuss in person stuff that could be easily sorted out by email? These sunglasses are the answer to your prayers. No one will ever guess you were taking a nap the whole time. Just try not to snore too loudly.

Bake Off

Oh, the places this young man will go if he keeps being this creative! We're loving his enthusiasm. We just hope he cleaned everything properly before bringing those tools into the kitchen.

I Take Nap Here

Isn't this what we all wish we could do at work when things are slow and boring? This person here is living the dream.

Another Mirror

What a great idea! Let's hope this is only a temporary solution, and that they were on their way to the shop to get it all fixed when this picture was taken.

Shut Up And Drive

Ok, now we can say we have seen it all. No comments. It's amazing what some people will do before accepting its time a professional takes a look at their vehicle. Creativity will only take you that far.

Under Control

Have some wood lying around and you don't know what to do with it? You don't feel like paying your mechanic a couple of bucks to get your car fixed? Well, you know what to do.