Situations You Wouldn´t Believe Witout Evidence

Life can be surprising and you can often find yourself in situations that are hard to explain: where you wish you have had a camera with you to capture the strange and bizarre. Luckily, these people were able to capture on camera those situations that otherwise we wouldn't have believed, what we would usually call the "Pics or didn't happen" type of situations.

You know, when you know nobody will buy it. Join us and be a witness of some of the strangest moments ever caught on film and ask yourself the followeing question: would you have believed them without pictures? We probably wouldn't. Have you ever been on a situation that nobody believed you were in? So did this people




If you are enjoying a sunny day out and walk through a park expecting to see some kids giggling and having the time of their lives: beware. You might find a bunch of cats doing the same.



This person found quite a surprise when they left their house that cold snowing morning: a squirrel had been walking in their backyard and if its idea was to leave without being noticed, it failed.


Fire Department

We love this hilarious fire department picture and its great backstory: some of the guys were trying to rescue people from an elevator and ended up trapped themselves, having to be rescued.



There is nothing as funny as a kid's honesty and their ability of being so straight forward about anything: this kid decided to warn this guy about his pants falling down while aiting in line.



When you move into a new neighborhood there's nothing as pleasant as receiving visits from couples around to make you feel welcome: in this case, it was a couple of beavers.



Timing is a must when it comes to taking a pic or didn't happy portrait: like this guy who was lying on the beach enjoying some sun and his shape looks exactly like his background of mountains.



If you ever tell the story about how once when you were just a kid you got to play a match of chess against movie legend Morgan Freeman, nobody will believe you…without a picture proving it.


AAA calling AAA

This guy had to call AAA because he left his key cars inside of the car by mistake. Once they arrived to help him, the guy had the same exact issue with his own keys and of course, they called AAA.


Offended gorilla

This gorilla's reaction to a person who gave him the finger after he received the same finger from him, is hilarious: he seems so offended by it! Thank God someone took a picture.



Imagine getting up in the morning, pouring yourself a cup of hot coffee, relaxing an looking out the window to find out that there is a pigeon as colorful as this one staring right back at you.



We have no idea how or why these four black cats decided to climb and hang on to this tree (which by the way, can barely stand their weight) but we know that luckily, someone took a picture.



This is one of those moments when you should be grateful you have a camera on your phone: goofing and piling up this rocks, someone found the way to defy gravity and make them stand.


In the middle of the road

Are you one of those people who only have the time or the energy to go running at night? We root for you, exercising is vital for anyone, but keep in mind you could find things like these on the road.



This guy had no idea what he would see when he decided to go on a fishing trip and get his boat on the river, away from everything and anyone…except for this very friendly otter who jumped in.


Liam Neeson Sandwich

The owners of this sandwich shop decided to put a funny sign in front of their restaurant saying that Liam Neeson could eat there for free. They wouldn't expect him actually coming over.



A magical moment that makes us all feel like horrible people for laughing about it but also makes it incredible because they could capture the exact moment this deer was slipping on ice.



We all hope for the perfect holiday picture that will allow us to store a moment forever: look at how these three adorable dolphins jumped at the exact same time for the photo.



Nature is a wonderful thing and sometimes it lets us see it exactly for what it is: look at these three ladybugs in different stages of their lives on top of the same leaf. Incredible.



If you ever used the excuse of your dog eating your homework to save your butt from forgetting a paper, you would probably have had a good use for this picture where it happened.



Imagine you hear some strange noises at home and go to your kitchen terrified of someone breaking into your house and finding a goat going through your trash can and inspecting your garbage.


Owl rescue

This guy has the warmest hear, the coolest story and the perfect picture to prove it: he found an own trapped into some bushes, rescued it and was able to take her to the vet after.



This person's mother swore she had been run by their rooster all morning an nobody at home would believe her crazy story until they checked their house's security camera and saw this.


Color squirrels

For those who love squirrels, finding one In your backyard or loan is always a pleasant surprise, but this person actually found three of them there, all in different colors and it's amazing.


Ice pack

This guy sure had a pretty bad day already after hitting his head and having to take some rest with an ice pack on top, but also his shadow looks exactly like the profile of a not so loved president.



Traffic accidents are always awful and cars end up in the craziest positions, but this jeep also managed to somehow break down a light pole and leave the top half still attached to the wires.



Weddings are great to mingle if you are single and get to meet new people, but it may be a little harder to relax when you have a grown goose staring directly at you through the window all night.



Who doesn't get at least a bit emotional with a wedding proposal? If you love these romantic and cheesy moments, you'll love the detail of the heart in this couple's shadow.



If you ever get an impossible thing done, make sure you can take a picture of it: this girl was able to put a stick through a balloon without popping it and thank god, she took one.


Caterpillar and penguins

I'm sure you are thinking: what is so "Pics or didn't happen" about a regular boring caterpillar? Take a closer look at it and check out the pattern of penguins that she has on. Wow.


Rainbow over rainbow

We have all seen the internet go bananas about double rainbows, but this one has a particularity to it that makes it so much fun to see: a rainbow over the sign of Rainbow Boulevard.


Chuck Norris

We all know that Chuck Norris is a legend a possibly considered the toughest man on earth, impossible to beat, hard to intimidate…until you see a picture of your dad pinning him during wresteling.


Butterfly 89

You should never stop looking for signs because the Universe is filled with them: in this case, check out the clear 89 number on this butterfly. Hope it means someone for the guy who saw it.



If you ever have a friend that calls you in the middle of a very busy working day and tells you that there is a squirrel eating a slice of pizza on top of a tree, believe him. It can happen sometimes.


Owl in car

This guy had no idea how the hell did this owl managed to break into his car while it was parked, but it sure was a hustle to remove it. Thank God he remembered to take a picture before.


Retail shopping

Return policies may be very clear for most of us in stores and retail shopping but it sure wasn't for this hilarious employee who took a return that is almost two decades due.


Wedding band

Imagine your parents making you go through a lot of vintage pictures of their weddings and you wishing they would stop until you realize that in their wedding band was a familiar face: Johnny Depp's.



Throwing axes into wood maybe hard and not only is it tricky enough to leave one hanging there, but putting a second one by chance exactly in the same parallel place and position as the first.


How on Earth is this possible? How can you build top apartment floors when there is absolutely nothing below them to hold their weight? Isn0t this crazy and incredibly dangerous?



This guy was taking a few minutes to make a quick pass on Taco Bell and picking up his lunch when a rather invasive kitten entered it and stood on his wheel. He adopted him…and named him José.



Do you like grasshoppers or are you terrified of them? Some cultures say that they are a sign of good luck, but we don't know what they could mean when they have this strong pink color.


Snoopy coffee

This woman was making her morning coffee and had a strange finding on the foam after she poured some milk to it: a perfect Snoopy sitting on the mailbox and staring at the moon.


This situation

A car being carried by a truck, on top of another truck and being carried by yet, another truck: hope all people involved meet at City Hall and become friends or something. They should.



Doesn't it happen to you that you are bored to death at work sometimes and look outside even you know you will always see the same boring road? It is, until you see a whale being carried.



When you are a kid, you probably don't know much about those stars your parents force you to take a picture with. Imagine this guy's surprise when he found himself, much younger, being held by Ali.


94 year old dollar

We don't know if this is worth nothing or it's very expensive among collectors, but this person found a 94-year-old dollar lying in the street. Guys, saving is important, but keep it real.


Super shoes?

Oh, this are the type of signs you drive pass millions of times by and always hope for the same luminescent light to be worn down and turned off: this sign that probably said shoes is hilarious.



This guy found a buck sitting and staring inside the building of his University and decided to stare back at him for hours. He looks so cute we probably would have done the same thing in his place.


I’m the one who drives

You never know the backstory of people in your neighborhood, so having a bus driver that looks exactly like TV character Walter White is kind of awesome, don't you think? We wonder where is Jesse, though.



For a young comedian, the support of his heroes is a big deal: this guy told the story on how on one of his first presentations saw late and beloved comedian Robin Williams attending and took this picture with him.



Yes, when the weather is hot we all wish we would have a swimming pool at home, but in apartments is almost impossible: we say almost because this risky thing actually happened in a balcony.