Summer Fails And Other Things You Will Wish Never Happen To You



Who doesn't love a long, hot summer? Hanging out with friends on the beach, eating ice cream cones, playing outdoors. Summer can be an awesome time of the year if you know how to make the best of it. But nothing is perfect, and sometimes things go so wrong they end up posted on the internet for everyone to laugh at them half amused, half-mortified.

Here are a couple of situations that could easily ruin anyone's summer in a heartbeat. Once you're done reading, you will wish this never happens to you. And if it does happen, then you better pray none of your friends takes a photo.


You're looking more beautiful than ever, you're having the time of your life. You want your picture taken to post on your social media accounts and show everyone how good a summer you're enjoying. Well, make sure no one is chilling out behind you or they could ruin your perfect picture.


Not exactly what most people have in mind when someone mentions 'summer fun'. But hey, who are we to judge? If someone's selling these it means there's people out there willing to buy them, however weird they may look.

Disappointed But Not Surprised

We all know not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes things look just so good to be true and you end up with stuff that's a little different from what's been advertised. But these people took their deception way too far for our liking.

Want Something For That Burn?

We can say one thing about crocs: they are comfortable. They may not be the most fashionable choice out there, but you can walk miles wearing those without getting your feet hurt. Just make sure to rub some sunscreen first.


One of the best things about summer is getting together with friends and family and having a BBQ. Let nothing stop you from enjoying some delicious cheeseburgers. Take a leaf out of these people's book.


Before leaving home, we recommend that you make sure everything about your outfit is appropriate. If not, you could end up on the Internet. These days everyone takes and uploads a picture of an epic fail when possible. No one is safe!

Looks Like Fun

If you want people to go to your water park, maybe you should make sure it looks like the right place to have fun first. That poor child looks terrified.

Pool Party

Don't you have a pool? You don't know anyone who has a pool? Time to get creative then! These people came up with a pretty original idea to fight off hot temperatures.

If You Are Happy And You Know It

Nothing about this picture looks like fun. That poor kid is terrified out of his mind. Remember, folks: safety first. It's only a good summer if you are having a great time.


Sunburn fails are a pretty common thing during summer. Don't forget to get sunscreen with you wherever you go. Most importantly: remember to apply said sunscreen. It won't do you any good if you never take it out of your backpack.

Nap Time

Is it too hot inside your house and you can't fall asleep? Is air conditioning not working? You can always follow this person's example… Just make sure you don't fall off and hurt yourself. Better go to the store and buy a fan.

I Take Nap Here Now

Our four-legged friends want to enjoy the summer, too! We'd just rather they understood about boundaries and personal space. It is just too hot to have our dogs sleeping on our backs.

Nothing Can Stop Your Fun

Don't have money or time to go to the beach? You don't have a swimming pool? You still want to get a good tan? Don't worry, you can always just lie around in your bikini on some parking lot.

Parking Space

Someone's not gonna be happy their neighbors decided to park their car there. We know we wouldn't like it if this happened to us.

This Must Have Hurt

It's important to remind ourselves and everyone we are hanging out with this summer that we need to be safe and don't do stupid things that could bring harm to ourselves or others. Let's try not to end in the hospital before the summer's out.

Beware Of The Sun

Having fun at the beach is great. You know what is even greater? Buying some sunscreen and applying it on yourself before you end up looking like this the rest of the summer.

Ice Cream Cone

Imagine having your kid beg for an ice cream cone all day and when you finally agree to buying them one they do this. We'd not be pleased.

Friends Will Be Friends

We think what happened here is pretty obvious: this poor guy asked his friends to run some sunscreen on his back and they pulled a prank on him. You can't trust anyone these days.

This Is Mine Now

Do you know what's worse than having your kid mess around with the ice cream cone you just bought them? Have some giant bird steal the ice cream cone you just bought yourself. That must have sucked big time.

Here We Go Again

It looks like seagulls enjoy the summer as much as we humans do. Or at least they enjoy stealing ice cream from us. Beware of these guys!


You know what they say;It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. No one wants to spend the rest of the summer healing from such awful injury. Better to pay attention to what to do and where you jump!

Under Arrest

Getting arrested is already bad enough, but being escorted away by the police wearing that? In the middle of your so awaited beach day? Man that's an epic summer fail.

Spelling Is Important

Always check and double-check and check a third time how you spell a word. Even if you are sure you know how to spell it, just check. It'll save everyone a lot of embarrassment.

The Birds Attack Again

Seagulls seem to have a thing for ruining human beings' beach days. It's like they have started a war on us and they won't stop until no one wants to go to the beach anymore. Maybe that has been the plan all along.

Say Again?

We have nothing against tattoos, but is it really necessary to get that on your back and then go around in your swimsuit so everyone can see the consequences of your bad decisions?

Shower Time

We all get a little dirty after a long day at the beach, but this goes beyond what we could tolerate. What were they doing that they ended up looking like that? It's time for a shower.

What Happened Here?

We would love to know the story behind this picture. We can only imagine what went on behind the scenes of this epic fail, but we bet it was wild from start to finish.

Under My Umbrella

It's important that you protect yourself from overexposure to the sun during summer. You don't want to end up feeling ill during your holidays. Some people would come up with pretty original ideas to guarantee an enjoyable beach day for themselves.

Sitting Around

The good thing is that all it takes to make this epic fail better is a couple of hours lying around on the beach chatting with your friends.


We think this is most women's worst nightmare. Fortunately for this lady, the guy that found her bikini top was nothing but a perfect gentleman.

Another Ruined Picture

Come on guys, it's not that hard to make sure no one else is on the frame before snapping a picture.

More Ruined Pictures

This time, the one doing the photo bombing is a fish. In our opinion, its presence only makes the picture cooler, more original. So is it really a summer fail?

What A Waste

Why waste a perfectly good summer staying indoors to play computer games? Get out a little guys, see the world and breathe some fresh air!

Not Cool, Man!

It would have been the perfect picture to remember a good summer day in the pool with friends if it had not been for that guy. That's not a cool thing to do!

This Is My Food

But come on, we'd like to see you try to say no to those adorable little guys. We're sure they ended up eating up all of that poor woman's food.

It Sure Is Hot Today

We know global warming is something to take seriously, but shouldn't someone check those numbers are correct?


What a cool car to drive around town blasting the newest summer hits. Take your friends with you, the more the merrier. Just make sure you don't end up like these guys.

I Don't Like Summer

Not everyone likes summer. This cat here does not look happy with the situation. We're sure he'd rather be anywhere but there! Poor thing!