People Who Accidentally Dressed Up Like Their Surroundings

People generally wear clothes to try to stand out or express their uniqueness to the world. But sometimes it backfires, and people end up inadvertently camouflaged with their surroundings. Maybe a wallpaper at a party looks exactly like your modern dress, or you sit in an armchair that was made of the same fabric than your sweater.

Before laughing too hard at this people, take in count it might happen to you, maybe you dress exactly as an ice cream cone or maybe your favorite t-shirt makes you look like a magic marker. Here are 50 of the most hilarious photos of people camouflaged into their surroundings!



The woman and the hotel hall


That awkward moment in where this woman realized the hall's wallpaper has the exact same design as her shirt. She does seem kind of embarrassed about it, too.

The socks and the carpet


This camouflage is so perfect that it seems like there are only pants there. But there are feet and socks hidden somewhere among that carpet.

The woman and the phone case


That awkward moment in where your casual zig zag top and turquoise trousers outfits match exactly with some other person's iPhone case. This is so funny. Ever happend something like this to you?

The girl and the two color carpet


What looks like two different pictures at first sight, it really is a photo of an embarrassed woman covering her face because her clothes look exactly like that awful carpet.

The stockings and the carpet


The most shocking thing about this photo is not how similar the color of the stockings and the carpet is, but that someone combined greyish stockings with pale pink shoes and a turquoise dress.

The kid and the fire hydrant


Seen from a distance, this kid looks eerily similar to the fire hydrant. And they both look a little like a minion.

The soldier and the couch


I literally thought there was just a couch there until I saw that soldier perfectly camouflaged into it. I bet someone probably sat on him without realizing he was there.

The man and the bags


I had to look closely to realize that man back there wasn't just another bag some family brought back from the supermarket.

The guy and the traffic cones


If you see this urban camouflage scene from your car, it might look like one of those traffic cones is moving! The guy and the traffic cones

Man and airport


This person tried to dressed in style the day of his flight, but his original socks ended up looking exactly like the airport carpet

The woman and the bed


This woman is so greatly camouflaged into the bed's quilt that you can only see her hair. It might be a little scary to enter the bedroom and see your quilt suddenly move and come to life, though.

The shoe and the floor


This cinema bathroom floor and this black and white shoe match perfectly, don't they?

The guy and the sofa's ugly armchair


This guy doesn't look very happy that his sweater pattern matches exactly that ugly seat. Maybe he will think better what to wear next time he goes out to dinner.

The girl and the floor


These chevron stripes don't look that bad in that long skirt, it looks like a summertime fun dress, but they do look kinda terrible in that floor.

The girl and the bathroom


That awkward moment when you realize you look like a walking advertise of some cheap nightclub bathroom.

The lady and the ice cream


Well, it looks like someone was eating an ice cream and a walking human version of the ice cream passed by, they HAD to take that picture, right?

The man and the ball


That awkward moment in where this guy realized he won't be able to play the game unless he changes his shirt.



That awkward moment in where you dressed exactly as a bottle of vitamin water and some stranger holding the water decided to document it.

The girl and the beach


This girl really did wear the perfect swimsuit to hit the beach, didn't she? That bottom part exactly matches the horizon and blends perfectly with the ocean.

The woman and the tree


Who would have thought that while taking a walk around the block you might find a tree that almost exactly matches your dress?

The girl and the crosswalk walker


That awkward moment in where you realize your little cute kid is dressed exactly as a crosswalk marker and we are not even on Halloween

The man and the couch


I'm sure this guy is gonna end up buying this stripped couch, where else is he gonna find a couch that matches so well with his personality?

The dirty shoes and the floor


This shoes matching the tile actually highlight how dirty they really are. The black looks like a grey and the white looks kind of beige.

The girl and the couch


She doesn't seem too proud to blend so perfectly with that awful red and beige couch, does she?

The girl and the chevron print wall


This woman with the black and white chevron probably thought she had the perfect outfit for a night out but she didn't expect a wall to look exactly like her.

The guy and the towel


This guy's striped shirt perfectly matches the towel but he doesn't seem too happy about it, does he?

The woman and the crosswalk markers


This woman in the white and red striped outfit is dressed like those crosswalk markers and also a little bit like Waldo.

The shoes and the floor


That awkward moment in where the guy in the spotted shoes realized he melted into the bathroom floor.

The floating head and the carpeted stairs


This woman dress pattern looks extremely similar to the carpeted stairs and at first sight, it looks like a creepy floating head.

The woman and the carpet


This lady looks like she fainted due to the shock of seeing herself so similar to that carpet, someone should help her get up before people start walking all over her

The teacher and the magic marker


When the teacher went to work dressed as the fuchsia magic marker she had to anticipate that at least one of her students was gonna try to document the whole thing.

The guy and the subway train


This guy woke up in the morning and decided to dress to match the train he would take to go to work. I'd say he succeeded.

The woman and the armchair


I don't know which one is uglier, the chevron striped blouse that the woman is wearing or the pattern on the chair. She looks comfortable, though.

The girl and the cloak


This plain looking quilt turns into an awesome invisibility cloak if you happen to run into that wall. It must be fun to be able to disappear so easily.

The carpet and the sweater


The carpet and the sweater look like they got made with the exact same fabric. I say this is an advantage since the guy in the picture seems pretty comfortable taking a nap when nobody can see him.

The dog and the carpet


If I owned this dog, I would seriously consider changing the carpet, it is way too easy to miss the dog taking a nap there. This is an accident waiting to happen.

The guy, the dog, and the door


This guy might not know he blended right into the hotel wall with that jacket, and right into the door with that hood. Or maybe he is just trying to spy on someone.

The guy and the snow gun


It seems that in order to work in the popular snow gun industry you have to wear clothes that match exactly those in the machine.

The lady and the mountains


This woman went on vacation, climbed a mountain, contemplated the view, took a nap from the exhaustion, and blended right into the landscape.

The bald guy and the chocolate


It looks like this chocolate bonbon is molded after that guy's head. Maybe he is the owner of the chocolate factory or something.

The t-shirt and the plate


That awkward moment in where you stare at a picture for five minutes without realizing there's a plate blended in the middle of that T-shirt.

The girl and the coffee place


This girl decided it was a nice day to go out, drink coffee, and blend into her surroundings so she didn't have to talk to anyone. Good tactic.

The woman and the card


Maybe if you became a member of oyster (whatever that is) you get one free outfit that matches Oyster design colors. This would explain the picture.

The woman and the train seat


This woman has gotten so good at the art of camouflage that I think she might be ready to go all in and just slip into the train seat without even paying.

The woman and the bathroom


This woman looks like she just got caught doing a camouflage act in the bathroom and is unsuccessfully trying to pretend she was looking nonchalantly at the mirror.

The cat and the wall


Apparently, this cat turned out to be a master of camouflage, seeing how he is obviously trying to blend into the wall.

The man and the leather chair


Maybe once upon a time, this man spent so much time in this armchair that he slowly started turning into the chair himself. Now he is just part of it.

The girl and the chair


This woman seems very comfortable in a black and beige striped sweater in a black and beige striped armchair with a black and beige striped ottoman right behind.

The girl and the blanket


That awkward moment in where you realize you blended so successfully into your surroundings, that you might as well become invisible.

The girl in red

Is this girl taking a seated nap or just trying to blend into the couch so nobody would notice her? In any case, good style!

The lady and the table


This lady looks like she is secretly trying to blend with the chairs and table, probably to prevent people from talking to her. Maybe her table mates were super boring or annoying?