Terrible Breakup Texts That Will Make You Glad Were Not For You

The digital age. It has given us so many great things. Unfortunately, it has also given us a few bad ones. Like chain emails, internet trolls and, what concerns us today, break up texts. Instant messaging apps have made it infinitesimally easier to keep in contact with people who live far away without much difficulties.

But its downfall was the advent of the breakup text. The break up text made it possible for someone to take the coward's way out of a relationship. What's worse than that is that a lot of people believe that if they are cute in their texts, they will hurt less. Of course, that never happens. Here are 50 terrible breakup texts that will make you glad were not for you.



Be Warned


Autocorrect may be one of the worst things that texting brought. As Jenna says in the text...awkward. The poor guy was trying to be sexy and it backfired in a big way.

Someone Like Me


Here is some common ground. At least the both of them are in agreement that the dumped is unique. Unfortunately, they don't agree on how good that uniqueness actually is.



Witty breakup texts may be the worst of all. And that's saying something. Who actually believes that the best way to break up with someone is with a knock knock joke?



This breakup text obviously did not go the way the dumpee expected. Clearly, they were expecting some begging or a little crying. That should teach to break up with someone over text message.



At least, Jake here put some effort into the breakup. Yes, it was still over text message. But, he gets some points for originality. Unfortunately, I don't believe his girlfriend thought so too.



Poor dumped person. That was such a rambling message that anyone would get confused. There are so many things in just one message that it's hard to keep up. I like the exorcism part, though.



Is there such a thing as too much self-esteem? Because if there is, then clearly the dumped party of this exchange suffers from it. The good part is they won't be crushed by this breakup.



Well, this one was short and to the point. You have to respect that. I believe this was the wake-up call Dan needed to start taking better care of himself.



Saying you can still be friends with the person you have just broken up with is like rubbing salt into an open wound. The only occasion when you can use that line is when the break up is mutual. Clearly, this was not the case.



Getting broken up with via text message is bad enough. The one thing that is worse than that? Getting broken up with via text message by your boyfriend's best friend.



They say denial is not just a river in Egypt. And, considering this exchange I would have to agree. At least this way he will have to man up and do it in person like he was supposed to.

Same Time


No. Never play those cutesy games with one another. As you can see, they never end up as they were supposed to. But I just have to say, proposing over text...lame.

Push Ups


Is Sara's ex-boyfriend a gym rat or did he honestly think that that was the best analogy to use when breaking up with your girlfriend? It's only my opinion, but I think Sara is better off without him.



I get the feeling that this was a teenage couple. Mostly, because her dad got involved. And because Jonathan failed to realize that he wasn't actually texting Caitlin as he believed. Even when Jessica's dad told him too.



The dumped party here was trying to be cute. We get it. But still, you have to know your audience. On the other hand, what kind of question is that?



Another clever dumpee. When will people earn that the only way to make receiving a breakup text worse is to receive a cute breakup text. As you can see, the dumped party didn't even bother to answer.



This one is just cruel. Funny, but still cruel. It was obvious that the dumped party was expecting a different answer from the dumpee. It's a bit evil to get the other's hopes up of receiving an I love you.

Honest Mistake


Sure, breaking up with someone because you have zero things in common is a valid reason. But, breaking up with someone because you think you are better than them, no so much.



Grammar and spelling are important people! If you can't communicate like an adult you deserve to be dumped. Sorry, sorry. Bad grammar and spelling are my pet peeves. Carry on.



Oh, burn! I can just imagine the dumpee actually holding a funeral to grieve the feelings they lost for their partner. I'm just dying to know what the dumped answered there, aren't you?



Well, this is a case of good news, bad news. Good news, mom doesn't really hate you and is not throwing out of your home. Bad news, mom hates dad and it's pretty clear your parents are getting a divorce.



Again with the clever breakup. Not only did the dumpee use the dreaded phrase of "it's not you, it's me," but they also used a line to try to be funnier.



This one too is a bit cruel. But funny. I can't help it. Every time I read this exchange, I chuckle. Unfortunately, the one that got dumped probably didn't find it as funny as I did.



If we had to declare a winner in this exchange, the winner is clearly the girlfriend. The boyfriend wanted to avoid acting like a grown up and with just one word, she reduced him to a petulant child. Good job!

Wrong Number


Oh, oh. If you are going to cheat on your wife (I'm not saying you should. In fact, don't) you need to be careful. You can't send a breakup text to your wife that was meant to your mistress. I see a divorce in their future.



This is a good way to find out what are your boyfriend's priorities. We would never encourage cheating. But if he's more interested in the state of his XBox that the fact you are cheating on him, good riddance.



What did we say about playing those cutesy games? They never end well. At least there is a symmetry in this exchange, a pretty mean poem in exchange for a magic trick break up.

Roses Are Red


These are the best types of break up texts (if there is such a thing). They are the ones where the dumped party retaliates with something even better. These types of poems seem to be popular.

Magic Trick


Uh, face to face maybe? The dumpee deserved to have their clever little game ruined. Good for the dumped party. That should teach the dumpee to act like an adult.



This one is just wrong. If you are going to be playing adult games you need to deal with the consequences. He probably thought he was being clever, but I don't think his maybe baby mama appreciated the joke.

Celebrity Couples


Sometimes subtlety is not the best choice. You were trying to be cute, it didn't work out. Don't drag it out. If you are going to break up with someone over text message (shame on you!) be blunt.

Avenged Sevenfold


Sometimes, you are so in tune with your partner that even breaking up is something you both enjoy. Apparently, the dumped party was not so much bummed over breaking up as pumped by how they got dumped.

Just Kidding


When will people learn not to overreact over every text message? Autocorrect is a thing. It happens to everyone. Before jumping down someone's throat, make sure what they meant what they wrote.



Again, mean. Yes, funny too. But, mean. It's not nice to ask the person you want to break up with directions on how to do it. Though, didn't Cathy wonder why her boyfriend needed help breaking up?

Make A Wish


Here we have another example of the cutesy games that don't end well. If you want to be cutesy, you have to do it in person. Otherwise, you run the risk of ending up like these two. Awkward.

Other People


Someone tell me, does that movie actually exist or is this another clever attempt to break up with someone? Either way, dumpees should know better than that. Am I right?

The Lion King


Well, I don't know about you, but I am totally behind this breakup. How dare someone laugh at the suffering of Simba. That scene is one of the saddest scenes in the history of film!



This is another example of texting your boyfriend instead of your lover. People, please. You can't be a cheater if you are disorganized. You are bound to get caught. Come on!



Sometimes all you can do with a bad situation is throw some humor in. Like in this case, where the dumped party used their love of Justin Bieber to respond to someone breaking up with them.



From this exchange, we can gather that Isaiah had this coming. But that is not why this text is on the list. We added this text because an autocorrect managed to turn this breakup text into something really funny.

Behind You


What happens when your boyfriend catches you lying and cheating on him? You get a break up text, obviously. This may be one of the very few instances where a break up text is allowed.

Wrong Ex


Not technically a breakup text, but still an awkward one. A piece of advice: if you have more than one ex on your contacts, come up with a fool-proof way of labeling them. Otherwise, this can be your fate too.

Bulk Up


I still can't decide if this one was an autocorrect or not. I have the feeling that John threw the idea out there to see what reaction he got. It backfired and he tried to make it seem as though it was just an autocorrect.

Roses Are Red II


What did we say about the "roses are red" poem? It seems to be a staple of the dumpees who want to be funny or clever. Let me tell you, it never ends well.



There are many responses one person can utter when they receive this type of break up text. However, none of those responses could possibly ever be about her hair. Where on earth did she come up with that?



Apparently, this person thought long and hard about the reasons why they should break up with their partner and decided it would be a great idea to text them. My favorite? Number three.



What is the best way to break up with your boyfriend? Tell his other girlfriend to do it for you, apparently. Did Jessica know she wasn't the only one? Because her reaction is a bit mild.



Is it wrong of me to think this is an awesome break up text? It is, isn't it. Oh, well. It's just that he managed to bring a smile to my face when I saw this. Of course, his girlfriend probably didn't have the same reaction.

Wrong Person


The final entry of this list is another example of trying to break up with your lover and sending the text to your partner instead. What are the chances these two are still together?