The Funniest Business Cards You Have Ever Seen

Yes, business cards don't necessarily have to be white and boring. You can actually be creative and use it as an opportunity to display your talent. Maybe you have a small business and you think those kind of things are for the big companies with fat advertising budgets. Wrong: the best business cards ideas actually belong to individual businessmen or small companies and individual businessmen, and they still manage to stand out.

Are you looking for cards ideas for your own business? Are you just looking for a little bit of laughter? We've put together a list of the funniest and cutest business card ideas ever seen.



Notes on Napkins and Business Cards


Okay, this is a pretty good option for those who got straight A's in the self-esteem college and want everybody to know it. Do you like this card? Be like him and go for it.

Let Me Show You What I Know


Are you in the IT business? Are you looking for a business card idea that it is both funny and shows what you do? Well, this is one of the best business cards ideas you'll find.

Take A Sit


If we can talk about love at first sight, we can also talk about knowledge at first sight. The moment you see this business card, you know it's from a furniture place. Don't you love it?

The Real Thing


Okay, this is probably one of the funniest and most original business cards you'll ever see. It's just perfect! And it's actually quite simple: name, profession and telephone. With a card like this one, I just can't wait to call this guy.

Baby, You Can Drive My Card


If you don't believe this is the best plastic surgeon business card in the entire world then you're so wrong, my friend. It's incredibly funny and visual. Okay, it might be a little bit tacky, but we love it anyway.



Who said a business card needs a rectangular layout and be black and white to be serious? This guy managed to make a very professional business card which is incredibly appealing. Let's go through some stock options.



Well, it seems that the computers' guys are quite inventive, aren't they? This card is pretty simple but still, it's extremely creative. Do you like it as much as we do?

Bloody Card


Okay, you may feel a little bit awkward about this card, or maybe you don't know what your feelings are right now: it's cringe. However, no one can deny that it's really creative and it actually stands out.

You Now Know How To Find Me


Is this totally genius or what? In the age of computers and Internet search, this is actually a pretty good idea. Who cares about appearing first in Google search when you can create your own Google results?



If you haven't burst into laughter immediately after seeing this hilarious business card, then you're dead inside. You can bet everyone would love to be portrayed by this photographer after receiving this card.

The Right Guy For Your Mouth


Going to the dentist does not have to be scary, right? Okay, it can be, but dentists can be funny too! Take a look at Dr. Al's card: it's awesome, right?

Black and White Is Not Necessarily Boring


It seems that doctors are actually funny. Okay, this is a perfect example of a simple and serious but still pretty creative business card designed to immediately notice the professional's activity.

When Being Exhausted Makes You Funny


It seems that Sarah is pretty tired of being asked the same question every time. We like Sarah: she made a good joke, she used the right colors and she kept it simple.

Cuteness Overload


Is this one of the cutest card you have ever seen? It might be a great idea for a personal stylist business card. If you advise people on fashion trends, clothing and make-up, you cannot have a dull business card.

Marketing Future


This shipping company's marketing guys are light years away from us. This business card is perfect because it's smart (in both the meanings that word can have), it's funny and it resembles the company's business core.

Who Doesn’t Like Gifts?


Let's face it: who doesn't love a free sample? This a pretty good idea for a company which provides gardening services. And it's actually cute! Both the design and the paper are really cool.

Team Card


Have you ever wondered which industry should have the best business cards ever? Well, you probably haven't, but now you do: and the answer is creative communications agencies. But this card has something amazing: it's not one person's business card, is the entire company business card! Good job guys.

Another Exhausted Guy


Okay, this is not strictly a business card, but we could not let it out of this article and prevent you from seeing this marvel. If you're tall -like really really tall-, you'll love it. And hey: it may be a good idea to get these cards for yourself.

As Stretchy as a Straw


We know what you are thinking right now: you are trying to find the person who came up with this idea and hug him. It's perfect! It's funny, it's useful, it's simple and OMG it's funny (so funny that we need to say it twice!).

Okay, but first coffee


If you conduct a search of the word "creative" on the Internet, you will probably find this card. Don't you love it? It's quite simple and it's still both cute and creative.

Grill me


Some people make great efforts to be creative, other people are just naturally creative. But these guys? These guys are awesome. Now here's the thing: what would happen if you bake it?

Good/Bad Joke


OMG, this is hilarious. Yes, it can be a little border too. If one could pass over the fact that alcoholism is actually quite a serious disease -and no one should pass over that kind of stuff- this card makes an extremely good joke.

Comb My Hair


This is perfect: creative, cute, simple but still eye-catching. If you are a hair stylist, you should definitely consider this as a model. No, don't copy it! Just take a look at it, because it's really good.

Lawyers Can Be Funny Too


Here we have another example of a card which is both smart and funny. Yes, it seems that sometimes lawyers can be funny. Don't you love this card? You are probably looking for legal trouble right now, just to call this guy.

The Third Little Pig’s House Had This Roof


Yes, we know what you are thinking: you already know who you would call if your roof broke. Are you a roofing manufacturer? Then you better go get yourself some cool business cards, because this guy is going to co-opt the market!

The Perfect Business Card


Please, let's all take a few minutes just to appreciate this piece of artwork. This business card is so incredible it makes post-marriage counseling look funny! It's subtle, funny and perfect. Now you know guys: are you having trouble? Call the number in this card.

Can You Read This?


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome with a round of applause the best optometrist business card you've ever seen. If you can actually read the information in the card, then you don't need this guy's services and if you can't, grab a magnifying glass and make an appointment immediately.

Business Cards Can Entertain You


Yes, this is a creative award-winning business card. And it's actually quite simple! Black and white, sober font and a little bit of free entertainment for potential customers. We really like it, do you?

Pencil Card


The most important detail of this business pencil-card is the eraser. Why? Because it's a proof-reader's business card. Yes, sometimes the most important message is shown in a really subtle way.

Make It Positive


Okay, you might be one of those people who happen to share a name with famous musicians. That might be a problem for you to be found on the Internet, but you can actually capitalize on it. Look at this guy's business card that looks like the ticket to a concert.

Such a Good Gift


Is there anything better than a marketing campaign that gives a simple gift to a potential customer? Yes, a business card like this one, which makes the gift look awesome in an incredibly creative, simple and -last but not least!- inexpensive way.

If There Were Prizes for Business Cards…


Okay, let's stop right here. Do we have a winner? What do you think? Yes, this is perfect marketing. It's simple, it's creative, it's funny and it's daring. Well done guys, now let's hit the gym.

We Can All Have a Greek Wedding


For those of you who don't understand this picture, you probably don't know that plate smashing is a typical Greek wedding tradition. Now you know this, you'll probably find this broken plate business card is amazing for a Greek restaurant.

Take A Good Look


At first glance you probably don't know why such a sloppy business card is in this card, right? Well, here's the thing: this is a secondhand shop business card. Now you know this, you may agree with us: this is a pretty smart business card.

Know Your Audience


OMG, this couple therapist business card is an award-winning card, isn't it? It's so perfect it makes you want to go to couple therapy! Whoever is behind this design deserves a loud applause.

Creative Doesn’t Mean Expensive


We've shown you that not all white rectangular paper with black letters printed on business cards are boring. But if you're looking for something different, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. Take a look at these non-traditional business cards.

Another Award Winning Business Card


And then again, we've found another award winning non-traditional business card. We believe this yoga mat card is more than wonderful: it's perfect. Simple, creative, funny. What do you think?

Perfect Gift = Forever Card


We've talked a lot about gifts to potential customers. But have you ever seen a gift as good and useful as this one? Okay, it might be a little bit expensive, but we can assure you that people will keep this business card forever!

Lucky Business Card


You may have struggled to try to figure out how would this work. Would this cookies be in common restaurants? Would they be in this guy's office or market? They are cute anyway.

Can You See Me Now?


Yes, we know what you're thinking: this is probably one of the coolest business cards you've ever seen in your life. What are you waiting to get one of these for yourself?

The Best Dentist On Earth


Is this the funniest dentist in the entire world? Yes, probably. This business card is so perfect we cannot even talk about it. Don't you love it? What are you waiting to call and make an appointment?

The Piano Guy


Okay, one may think that repairing pianos is creative enough. But it seems this guy is pretty inventive, and so it's his business card. It's actually kind of cute, isn't it?

Get Stretchy


This may not be classy, but it's definitely funny. Don't you love it? If you want to get as stretchy as your fingers in this business card, you should definitely go to the class.



If you value honesty, you should definitely hire these guys. Yes, at least they do not want to deceive you and they're pretty straightforward. And guess what: if they're in finance, the more they like your money they better.

Play Time


If you are looking for a non-expensive creative communication, this may not be a good option. But if you are looking for one of the funniest and creative ways of presenting your employees, this may be a good one (okay, provided you're a toy company).

German Time


Yes, you need to know German to appreciate this card. Don't worry, we've translated it for you, there it says: "raise this gift card and let it surprise you". Pretty cool, isn't it?

Karate Kids


Someone who know about martial arts would probably laugh at this. But for the rest of the mortals is pretty common to associate breaking a brick with karate. Thus, can you think of a better business card for a martial arts' studio?

Flap It


One would think there is no cute way to promote a plumbing business, but there is: you are looking at it. It's not only cute, it also has the necessary information (name, telephone, and website).

Shoot It!


It seems that photographers have amazing business card ideas, doesn't it? Take for instance this guy: this card is so cool it makes you want to be a photographer to have a card like this!

You’ll Sing It


Who said a white rectangular piece of paper with just black letters printed on it couldn't be hilarious? Yes, this is not a business card, but it's quite an awesome card, isn't it?