The Most Bizarre Human Modifications



Most people don't like their bodies as they are. But some people took that dislike even further. And they decided to transform their bodies into their own strange piece of art. We gathered a few procedures that are totally real and that people around the world are performing on their selves. From extreme tattoos to sickening piercings, you will find them all on this list. Prepare yourself, because this won't be an easy ride. And always remember to go to a professional and don't do any of these things by yourself, because that may have fatal consequences.

Teeth Sharpening

In the past, it was done for religious and spiritual purposes, but now, in the modern times, this kind of body modification is only decorative. Usually, they sharpen their front incisors to make them look almost like the ones of an animal.

Long Neck

This looks like a torture, but it is an actual tradition in some native tribes. To accomplish this, women wear rings that push their necks up and down. They believe that the longest the neck, the prettiest the woman.

Tongue Splitting

Apparently, this increases sensations when kissing, but we don't know if that's true. Others say that this kind of modification makes you connect with your inner self. The only thing we know is that this is a little gross.

Corset Piercing

Apparently, there are people who want to have an actual corset pierced and laced on their backs. Since it's a bit dangerous, this is only meant to be a temporary modification.

Magnetic Implants

Well, this actually makes sense. If you like to wear different objects, earrings, and stuff on your body but you don't want to pierce it all the time, you can get a magnet under your skin.

Human Branding

It is also known as stigmatizing. This is the process in which a person gets a symbol, ornamental pattern, letter, or number burned into the skin. The scar resulting makes a permanent mark that won't ever go away.

Genital Beading

When it comes to sexual pleasure, some people have no limits. Genital Beading is, as its name explains, inserting small beads beneath the skin of the genitals. This is said to increase pleasure and the sensation during intercourse.

Corneal Tattoo

There's not much to say about this one, because it's all said. Some people decide to tattoo their corneas, whether it is a simple color or a pattern or drawing; it will be together in your eye. And the process is as painful as you may be thinking.

Eye Ball Tattoo

But some people don't want only their corneas to be tattooed, they wan't the whole package, or maybe just a different one. Some people decide to tattoo the white of the eye with a plain color or a pattern.


For some reasons I can't understand, there are people that abrase their skin by the use of sandpaper or chemicals to create patterns or random shapes. This can only be done by a professional.

Bagel Head

To accomplish this bagel or doughnut shape in the forehead, people get saline injected, and this creates a temporary swelling distortion. It was created in Canada but now practiced mainly in Japan.


If you like to hang around, then you can get these hooks to be suspended in the air. Yes, it's painful. No, it doesn't have any practical use. Well, maybe to hang the grocery bags when coming back home.

Extraocular Implant

There is something in your eye. And it was completely because you want it. These implants are not cheap nor easy to do, but some think they look pretty. We can't judge them. Ok, we can.


To achieve this, a professional cuts the skin with a knife to create designs. These wounds heal and create scars that stay there forever.

Subdermal Implant

This type of modification has been around for a while now, over twenty years. And it is is a method of body modification in which small items, made of silicon or teflon, are implanted under the skin, creating 3-D impressions.

Transdermal Implant

Subdermal implants are entirely burrowed under the skin, but transdermal implants are a little exposed. To do this, they go through a process known as dermal punching.

Extreme Piercing

Body piercing is not limited to jewelry in common parts of your body. Some people defy this technique by incorporating bizarre parts of the bodies to hang bizarre objects from there.

Lip Window

This is all you ever wanted: A little window on your lips or below them, that lets you see the whole interior of your mouth.

Lip Sewing

This is more ritualistic and symbolic. The act of closing your lips can be interpreted as a sign, and even more when you have your lips sewed.

Eye Sewing

But not only lips can be sealed. The eyes can also be stitched so you don't have to see the world around you. Luckily, you can't see yourself in the mirror.

Uvula Piercing

This is another case of me yelling "Why?" but ok, to each his own. The piercing of the uvula is hard, very painful, and difficult. Because of these reasons, it is not easy to see.

Ear On His Arm

This artist spent over ten years looking for someone who would concede him his wish: an ear on his arm. He found a surgeon that agreed to do it, and now he has an ear attached to his arm.

Skin Stretching

Skin stretching has become more and more popular in the last years. The thing is, these are not your regular stretchers. These are amazingly big.


There are many people that are fans of fantasy books and movies. And there's a thing that has become more and more popular though the years: getting elf ears, or "elfing".

Animal Appearance

For some, only one modification is not enough. They go through many interventions just to get the look they're looking for. And most times, that look is a little bit animal. Like in the case of this lady tiger.