These Are The Funniest Puns Ever Made

If you are always up for a good laugh, we have the best post for you: a selection of some of the most hilarious puns ever made with people who are as witty as they are hilarious. Sometimes a great conversation can end with a terrible joke if you chose the wrong word, and there are some people in the world who seem to have an extraordinary talent to find puns everywhere they have the chance to. So if you have had a rough couple of days and you are in desperate need of a good laugh, we have the cure for all your problems. Sit back, have a sandwich, grab a beverage and enjoy the funniest puns ever made on the Internet.





Really news people? Whoever made this graph has to know what they are doing, there is no way you can do this by coincidence. Hope this was on purpose because it's hilarious.

Not working


When the computer asks you to press any key to continue, they probably mean any key except your car and home keys. If this worked this would be amazing, though.

Seems legit


Sometimes when you have to go through medical test some can ask you for a urine or stool sample to examine: if this is gross for you, here is a slight variation of the stool.

Literal twins


These twins sure took the sign too literally and turned it into one of the funniest puns we have ever seen: they are so funny and this picture is one of our all-time favorites.

Taste the rainbow


The perfect timing on pictures is always key to make them hilarious and in this case, this may recall the famous ad of Taste the rainbow, which makes this absolutely brilliant.



Footstools are great to lay down on your couch with your feet up high and get some rest but usually, we would expect a design that is a little less creepy and less literal than this one.

You’ll be so happy


Romance is a beautiful thing to be celebrated and we don't see any reason why this girl wouldn't get excited about toilets getting engaged after all they do for us.

Christian Bale


When we say Christian bale you would possibly think of the famous movie actor but in this case, a celebrity picture doesn't have to wait until you actually meet the actor when you can pun it.



Trying to keep a positive attitude about life and finding a highlight in your day can be quite difficult when you had a lousy one so we think this pun is legit and at least they tried.



The term upskirt usually refers to the actual piece of clothing being lifted for a picture, but in this case, this Up the movie patterned skirt took us by surprise and makes a genius pun.

Little Thyme


So much to do, so little time...or thyme in this case. This may be a silly little joke and a funny pun but let's be honest, if you can find humor in your condiments you can find it anywhere.

Worn Out your Welcome


This welcome doormat makes such a perfect pun that we don't know if it got to this point due to excessive usage on one side or they sell the thing like that on purpose.

The superhero we need


Superheroes are famous for being responsible for a whole country safety or to save us from terrible villains who plan to control us but wouldn't it be amazing if one of them helped you with your chords?



Moscow is an impressive city and that is something we can all agree on, but we have never thought that it could also mean such a brilliant and funny pun.



Thanks to this fantastic pun you can have a remote location in your own living room: the fact that this is written on with magic markers makes it even funnier.

Pumpkin Pi


Who doesn't love a good slice of pumpkin pie, the traditional dessert that most people enjoy on holidays like Thanksgiving? Now you can enjoy it 3,14 times even more.



G-strings are those little thongs that most strippers wear when they do their acts but are also one of the actual strings on guitars so this was absolutely well played.

Keep it under watch


Keeping things under watch is always important to protect your valuables and things you would hate getting robbed or missing. Maybe this pun is not the best way of keeping them safe.

Toasty shower


Who doesn't love a toasty shower after a long day at work, getting stuck on traffic jams or standing in line for too long? Well, this pun doesn't seem like what we would expect.

He gets it


The phrase Netflix and chill wouldn't have made any sense ten years ago, but it's one of the most famous pickup lines we have. This guy seems to have adapted it to his own charms.

Moving day


If you are throwing away old furniture you can't miss on the opportunity of making puns with them: these two are hilarious and even though nobody will be able to take them, they are a lot of fun.

Taking the subway


If you have promised to stop driving to work and take the subway instead but you are just too lazy to keep your word, this pun can come in handy: you will be taking the subway to work.



People who take things literally are some of the most hilarious persons we have ever seen on the internet: when someone asks you to bring two pictures on a cd, this is what you get.



Store employees can find their jobs very boring after a few months or ordering and organizing shelves, so we do appreciate a lot this type of puns. Good for them, but show me where the salt is.

Pickup Lines


If you have heard enough cheesy pickup lines in your life and you just can't handle any more of them, this might be the only one who will not annoy you: a real pickup line.



Standing by what you say can be very hard sometimes, especially if you have said things in the heat of the moment: luckily there is a way to do it without saying it again.



Have you ever envied someone with a punk rock look and thought you wished you could pull it off like them? All you need are some rocks and a marker to make your dreams come true.

Jump around


I don't know who had the time and creativity to pull off this freestyle interpretation of Jump Around but I think is hilarious and apparently, over fifteen thousand people agree with me.



If you see this in the picture up close you probably get a kick off this pun but imagine being driving behind this car and freaking out wondering if that is a real baby on board.

Gravity falls


Gravity falls may not have made such a big impact in the movie theatres but I'm sure it will be always held in a special place in our hearts due to this poster pun they made.



Conference pears are not like regular pears: they have meetings, they have brainstorming sessions, little pear secretaries, and a meeting room. How can you not love this?



Peter Pan is one of our childhood's most beloved characters for all that he stands for but now you will never be able to think of him without thinking of this pun.



There are very few things more annoying than a clogged sink at home, but this makes the situation so funny that next time it happens, we'll take care of it with a smile on.

Pot pastry


Pot cakes usually make us think of college guys experimenting with baking and drugs but this pun makes it seem so innocent and cute that it changes our whole perception of them.



Remember when you were a kid and you were excited to check your lunch box or bag and discover what delicious treat you would have for lunch? This gives it a whole new dimension.



Whoever crashed his poor car into a drive-through pharmacy has very bad luck but really extraordinary timing when it comes to making the perfect pun picture, don't you think?

Works with the ladies


This is a pickup line that I think we could all appreciate instead of the What's your sign? or Have we met somewhere before? that we have heard most of our adult lives.

I kept it out


Keeping an eye out for motorcycles could be quite risky if we took it literally but having a glass eye makes it so much easier to create a perfect pun from the warning.



If you want to think things literally, you will get amazed at how many pun opportunities we have in everyday life like this green car parked on the green vehicle parking only line.

14 carrot diamond


We have all dreamt about the moment where our special someone opens that tiny velvet box and shows you a 14-carat diamond. Wait, no, that's not what I had in mind.

Turning tables


Turning tables can be quite exhausting in relationships but it can be much more fun if we are talking about a real piece of park furniture. What a beautiful and useful pun this is.

For Scale


Bananas for scale is a regular thing we all do at the grocery store, but it had never occurred to us that the actual pun could look so weird and yet so so funny.



If your classroom asks you to bring a plate full of brownies, make sure you have this pun in mind. Probably everyone will starve and hate you, but some will probably laugh out loud.



To deal with the frustration of never owning Mario Kart as a kid, this man found a brilliant pun and solution to let his resentment from the past go: be a real Mario Cart.

It will be remembered


Whoever put up these signs had to notice at the moment what he was doing: there is no way that such an amazing pun just happened without being thought of.

The Fanta-stic four


The fantastic four were never imagined like this, but we have to say that this pun makes us think that it a warm day this could be the most heroic action of them all.

Foster care


There is something even more perfect than a human being making a perfect pun: a dog that makes one brilliant and doesn't even know it. We love the step-dog, don't you?



Harry Potter fans will go crazy over this brilliant pun: Dumbledore has never seemed as open as this one. In fact, I'm thinking of doing this in every door at my house and office.

I’ll be watching you


Watch your step, but I mean, really watch it: stay still for hours looking at it like a creep but please get this perfect pun. How didn't this occurred to us ever before?

Sponge Cake


When we think of a sponge cake we usually imagine a delicious treat perfect for a cup of coffee but this is the first one we would never get tempted by. Seems a little dry.