These Boyfriend Gifts Are Embarassing Every Other Boyfriend´s Presents

Have you ever had a big fight with your boyfriend or husband after he decided to ignore all your present hints? Ever opened up a Christmas present wishing it would be that makeup palette you left casually on his cart and ended up with a pair of socks?

It happens and you are not the only one who has struggled with partners that don't seem to pay that much attention to details. But there are other husbands and boyfriends in the world that we will use as a myth that sometimes there can be great presents involved. Which one of these would you like to receive? These boyfriend gifts just changed the whole relationship game



8 bit


This guy did one of the coolest thing we have ever seen: for his wife's birthday, he transformed a whole room like 8 bit using sticky notes, and putting them one at a time. What a wonderful gift.

Window seat


Imagine going away for two days to visit relatives out of town and coming back home to find this amazing window seat that not only is a sweet gesture, but a great transformation to the house.



This man got a bathroom scale opened and decided to replace manually all the numbers for positive words so his wife never forgets how incredible she is regardless of her weight.



Anyone can go into a store and buy a cool messenger bag but only this woman will have a leather one that was custom made piece by piece and specially for her by the man she loves.



This is a great idea that anyone can imitate to show their appreciation for someone special: this man put 365 different notes inside a jar containing memories, quotes and reasons why he loves her.



Not everybody has a fire inside their living rooms but that was no obstacle for this guy when his girlfriend told him she wished she had somewhere in the house to hang their Christmas stockings.

Paper flowers


Not having a lot of money to spend means nothing when your heart and imagination are in the right place: since this man couldn't afford a bouquet for his girlfriend, he made one out of paper.



The adult world can be quite exhausting and we could all use a little break from it every now and then: this guy build a pillow fort for his woman and set a TV for her to have her own little getaway.



This couple has been married for almost three decades but that doesn't mean that the romance is over: he is a gardener and decided to surprise her one morning with this message on the grass.


Covino & Rich

This girl got very sad and upset when she found out that the puppy she wanted to adopt had already been adopted by someone else. Little did she know; it was her boyfriend who adopted it.

Christmas tree


This man's wife was very upset when they were poor and couldn't afford a Christmas Tree for the upcoming holiday season, so he borrowed some lights and made one in the wall for her.



This couple has been struggling financially for some time but that didn't stop this admirable man from surprising his loved one with a painting he did for her and made one of the best presents ever.



After his wife and mother of their children had to go away for a week, this man decided to surprise her with a renovated pantry that he knew he wanted to get better for a long time.



The pet is a big part of many families and this case is no exception: to surprise his wife this man decided to make his work of art of their beloved retriever, who poses proudly in the last picture.

Leather covers


If your girlfriend is a Potter head, you have to add some magic to your home made presents like this guy did, who made custom leather covers for each of his girlfriend's beloved books.

Enchanted rose


Talking about magic, anyone who has seen Beauty and the beast will appreciate even more this enchanted rose this guy somehow managed to make for his wife as a surprise. It's so beautiful.



Gamer love is just as serious as any kind of love in the world and this present is living proof of that: this guy did a card based on videogames for his girlfriend on Valentine's day and it looks great.



This girl had wanted to have a kitten at home for as long as she could remember and came home from work one day to find that her dream came true: his boyfriend brought a new member to the family.



Out of a solid piece of wood, with tons of love, patience and imagination this guy carved out a bracelet who he later painted for her. This is another great example on how money is never an excuse.

Paper wedding


Tradition says that one year anniversaries are called paper weddings, so this newlywed decided to honor that by making his wife a bouquet of paper flowers filled with different colors and shapes. Try this



His wife had a bit too much to drink and even though you may think there is nothing romantic about a toilet, it was much needed at the time. He added candles, water bottles and anything she may need to be comfortable.



This man's girlfriend loves Snoopy and he decided to surprise her with a custom-made mailbox with him on top that not only looks great but is a very sweet and thoughtful present.



This couple was struggling with their finances and could not afford a Christmas tree, so a very brilliant husband made one out of a ladder and surprised her with it. This is plane Pinterest material.



This guy painted a portrait of his girlfriend to surprise her with it one her birthday. If you can't spend a lot, figure something you are good at and honor your loved one with your talent.

Elven ring


Not only this guy took the time and effort to create an elven ring out of nothing for his girlfriend, but he also gave it to her with a marriage proposal that of course had a very happy ending.



Another example of how creative and adorable gamer love can be: this guy designed and then made this joystick shaped earrings and we are dying to get a pair for ourselves: they are incredible.



This man's wife is a firefighter and he decided to honor her and her courage by restoring a fire extinguisher and turning it into a cool lamp to decorate and light their home. What a beautiful detail.

Wake up


This woman was having a rough week so his husband decided to do something extra special for her: he got the kids out of the house, set a bath for her, bought flowers and brought her favorite Starbucks drink.

Ferris Wheel


I f you though proposing was the sweetest thing a man can do for you, think again: for their wedding this man hand built a cupcake Ferris wheel to set next to their wedding cake. Impressive.



She had been at sea for over a month and returned home to find this amazing mural her boyfriend had painted for her to show her how much he had missed her all the time they were apart.



This man knew how badly his wife wanted to adopt a cat so he decided to do that for her, but when he got to the shelter he didn't have the heart to separate these two siblings, so he brought both home.



This story may make you cry a bit: after his wife passed out and with no knowledge on gardening, this man took over his wife's work with plants and got one to bloom after two years.



You may have grown apart, but surely end up together. This man made a pendant with the topographies of both their hometowns and had it split so they can both have a piece of each other.

Home made game


This man worked for over two months in his boyfriend's present, a game he made by hand piece by piece with the intention f surprising him. He surely is one lucky guy, don't you think?



This is quite impressive even if it wasn't such a sweet detail made for a loved one: this guy hand made an owl out of metal pieces and it looks very original and beautiful. What do you think?



This guy found some wood in their backyard and decided to build a bench for his wife out of it with her name carved in: it is for sure a gift they will both cherish and remember for ever.



This adorable little guy's name is Ryder and he made a woman very happy: it was a surprise birthday present for her, who had longed for a dog in their lives for quite some time. So cute.



Have you ever seen one of those videos where hamsters enjoy tiny dinners? Well, his wife was watching her weight and couldn't indulge, so he made a tiny breakfast for her filled with delights.



At his first attempt of baking in his life, this man decided to surprise his girlfriend with a cake he made and we don't know how it tasted, but sure looks yummy. And colorful, points for that too.

Mother of dragons


If you are a Game of thrones fan, you are going to go nuts over this handmade present: this guy made his Khaleesi obsessed wife some decorated dragon eggs and we want to do this ourselves.

Laundry room


After his wife had to go away to take care of some family business for a week, this man decided to surprise her at her return when he remodeled the whole laundry room.



This is a great gift that you can imitate not only for your loved one, but for your best friends too: a split able pendant with the initials of both parts carved on them to keep close wherever you are.



If your loved one enjoys a good glass of wine after a long day at work, make sure you have one set for each occasion like this mad did with different varieties for each possible mood.

Bacon roses


If you are one of those people who don't understand how great roses are, let us know your thoughts about this amazing bouquet of homemade bacon roses this guy set up for his wife.

Love letters


If you can't think of anything more romantic than a love letter, try to imagine 365 of them set for a girlfriend who was leaving for school for a whole year. We are tearing up a little bit.

Star Trek


This couple has been together since high school and they are both Star trek lovers. He made this ring for her when they were teenagers and she cherishes it after a very long time.

Ice cream sloth


This man couldn't decide whether her wife loved ice cream or sloths more, so he combined those two passions into a sloth shaped ice cream cake for her to celebrate her on her birthday.



If you could see the cat on this very like him floor, know that this little fellow was a present for a very happy wife. If you are thinking of adopting a pet, do it on a special occasion and create a wonderful memory.



This woman loves sushi and her boyfriend knew it, so he made a happy sushi pillow with individual pillows inse of it. If he ever decides to make these for selling, we are so buying them.