These People Made Signs That Are More Clever Than You

You can find them in your neighbors front yard, in the middle of a deserted road, when an election is near, when you are going to church, when you are walking around the block, when you are looking for a place to eat or drink, or when trying to buy a house.

Sometimes, the signs are ironic, others are clever puns, movie references, word plays, well-thought tricks, and others are plain ridiculous or bizarre, but they are always hilarious.Here are 50 of the most clever, creative, original and plain hilarious signs you won't believe are real.



You get what you pay for


This bluntly honest restaurant owner applied a strange marketing strategy: paying thousands of dollars to actually advertise that your food sucks. I'm guessing people might go anyway: for the price and for the laughs.



If you don't wanna be bothered, just try to cover all the bases. Like people that made this sign, who did a pretty good job debunking possible excuses for calling at their door.

Lost in translation


This sign in Chinese actually said "Ethnic minority park" but I'm sure this translation error made from some pretty uncomfortable situations when the ethnic minorities and the racists end up there altogether.

Too honest


This person doesn't seem to have a selling strategy. We all know most things you can find in a yard sale are crap, but you have to sugarcoat it a little.

Smoking cat


You might say a lot of things about the owners of this at and yard sign, but they sure care about the environment and the health of their cat.

Unbeloved grandson


People need to start picking up after their dogs, or we will send our grandson, that we don't really like too much, to poop outdoors in some strangers lawn.

The optimist neighbor


I don't think it must be nice to have this one as a neighbor, I'm sure his gloomy comments about any topic when you pass him by the street might ruin your weekend.

Fun evening


It seems that the marketing strategy of this garage seller is to sell you his idea of a fantastic evening: first, chicken dinner, then, a cold beer, and afterward you get to use the sex swing! Yay.



Let's try not to judge until we hear the whole story: maybe grandpa was an asshole. Or maybe he was a hoarder and they couldn't get rid of all his useless stuff until he died.

Cheating bastard


Whatever but Linnie had it coming. While she was taking care of HIS sick mother, he was having affairs not with one, but with TWO women, Luann and Vivian. Linnie you cheating bastard.

Who doesn’t?


Even when it's obvious that "crap" is not a good word to sell anything, it is true we DO need crap and we do buy crap pretty often, so this one gets a point for blunt honesty.

Thoughtful prisoner


So this person is going to jail and, instead of fleeing the country, thinks of their loved ones and sells everything so they can enjoy the money. It gets a buy from me.

Lousy singer


This passive-aggressive note has a point: the wannabe singer might want to consider to move far from other people or make sure their new neighbors are deaf before moving.

Good to know


Spacious house, two bathrooms, five bedrooms, pool and lavish garden. Not haunted. The fact that they have to clarify it is not haunted kinda makes me think it is, though.

The ex


You go, girl! I'm sure this woman wants to get rid of her ex's things so much that you might get some really cheap crap in this promising yard sale.



I'm sure this sign has more fans than the original one. And it has more chances to make America great again, too! So cheers for the vandals who rearranged it.

They have a point


This gym announcement might seem a little aggressive at first sight but I'm sure I'm not the only one who relates to it and thought: "Well, they do have a point"

The worst rum & coke ever


This is a great example of how to turn an adverse situation into publicity. And also, don't tell me it didn't make you wanna try that Rum and Coke to see how bad it really is.



It gets a point for honesty, but this owner might wanna consider price reduction for the potential buyers, or does he think people are gonna tolerate an asshole neighbor without any added benefit?

Smart advertising


What a great example of tricky advertising. In any case, I'm guessing people enter for the beers but really stay for the air conditioning.

Personal advertise


This woman really did kill two birds with one stone. She is selling her house and displaying a personal advertise with the same sign! She even listed her flaws, but I'm sure they are temporary.

Fat, lazy and generous


They could have used the gym to hang some clothes, they could have sold it on eBay, but instead, they are giving it for free to the first person that can take it from there.

Political differences


Political differences can be nasty. They can break families, friendships, marriages. In this case, it didn't break the family but the wife and kids wanted to make sure everyone knew they weren't supporting that guy.

Figurative sign


The person made this sign alluding to Bernie Sanders socialist ideology and took half of it because he "didn't have one". I still don't know if this was against or for him, though.

The joke is on you


So some anti-Obama vandalists stole the original sign, but this sign owner showed them how their plan backfired with a new Obama sign and an added explanation.

Ru Paul for president


Would it be such a bad idea? Nowadays, it seems that anyone can be president, so this might actually work. This is from 2008 campaign, though, and the original name in it was Ron Paul.

Selling snow and one scarf


Are they basically selling you the snow that you can take from your own backyard or from the street? If they are and they get to sell it they are damn great businessmen.

Shut up and take my money


This one takes points for creativity, good drawing, and for giving one of the most popular memes from the internet a great use. This garage sale would get my money.

Psycho grandma


Maybe Psycho grandma isn't even alive. I hope she isn't alive, anyway, I don't think she would like to know they are selling all their stuff and calling her a psycho at the same time.

Free Ride


This is a good way to advertise against shoplifting. Maybe literal people may interpret the sign as what it says and would end up winning a very unpleasant contest.

Be warned


I don't know what is there to touch but you would have to be a monumental fool to ignore this warning sign: in this case not only would you die, but you will suffer through it.

Polite jerk


This person really did found a way to politely tell their neighbor that they will be screaming and slurring for the next 4 weeks while also tell them to screw it and buy earplugs.



If you are smoking crack while at work, it seems that the least of your problems is washing your hands. There are probably a hundred things you will have to do BEFORE that.

Clever selling tactic


We have to congratulate whoever did this sign since it's a brilliant selling tactic. If the world doesn't end, you pay everything, and if it does, you don't, but, then again, who cares?

It backfired


So this well-intended sign really wanted to make a feminist statement, but they capitalize the "W' in women and now the sign means exactly the opposite of what they want.

Meat lovers


This place doesn't seem apt for vegans since all the options in the sign end in the same conclusion: eat meat. With all that self-confidence, the meat has to be at least delicious.

Yard wars


Not the only Star Wars reference we will see, this sign seems to have a clear target audience, and you have to give it points for creativity and font finding.

Fabulous crap


Calling the products you sell "crap" seems like you are devaluing them. But calling them "glamorous" or "fabulous" seems like you are overrating them. "Fabulous crap" seems about right.

Sin bad Jesus good


I don't know what's better, if the "Details inside" bit, or the "Too hot to keep changing sign" honest and hilarious bit. It's so good it almost makes me wanna go in.

It’s hot in hell


It is hot in hell, isn't it? I hope that air conditioning people stole is portable, otherwise, those guys that stole the Baptist church are gonna fry.

Point made


If a little passive-aggressive, this sign is perfectly clear, even redundant, so if a non-blind literate person ventures past that point, it's safe to say they had it coming.

Animals first


Seriously, you shouldn't be sitting or climbing or leaning. Nobody wants a zoo with sick animals suffering from stomach ache due to eating human flesh.

Boring bastard


Don't you hate it when you go out and are trying to interact with someone but they can't seem to get their eyes off their phone? This nightclub does, too.

Pun intended


This is how you win a sign contest: a funny and smart analogy between ketchup and Jesus. "Love me to my head to-ma-toes" was especially clever.

The reverse psychology sign


This attempt at reverse psychology was clever, and you know what? If Satan could have been quoted he would probably say something along those lines, so it's almost like it's true.

In a church far far away


Star wars analogies never stop and come from the most unexpected places. St Aidan Anglican church of Canada seems to think that it might bring new fans to the church.



This bar sign in Britain wins a point for solid logic, accuracy, and one of the most efficient ways to sell a beer I've seen. Plus, it always rains in Britain.



St. Patricks church was apparently tired of all the clever signs, the overthought analogies, and the star wars references so they went right to the point.

Solid logic


Is hard to argue with a point so well made, so please bring the alcohol that everyone in the world has problems.