This Is Why You Should Never Leave Your Pets Alone

Pets are a huge part of the family and most of us tend to treat them as if they were human, thinking that they can understand us and know the real consequences of their actions. However and no matter how tight our relationship with them is, there are certain things we will never be able to get on the same page with, like taking care of the house and not do any messes while humans are gone.

If you think your dog is different and it would never do any funny business in your home while you are gone, you better look at these pictures and realize why you should never leave your pets alone.



Don’t even care


Leaving a cat by himself next to a shower curtain can only end up in a complete disaster: not only he didn't stop when he saw someone coming but also kept on going like nothing happened.



If you keep weed at home (for medicinal or recreational purposes, we are not judging you) make sure to keep it away from your cat if you don't want to come to find this picture at home.



No matter how innovative or expensive is the toy you buy your dog, nothing will be as fun for them as tearing all the toilet paper rolls apart and making a mess like this at home.



The facial expression on this cat is simply hilarious because I'm not sure he even knows how he got there after all that scratching on the couch, but he did and that's why he should not have been left unsupervised.

Caught in the act


Cats and plants don't go together so if you have any hopes of keeping some live decoration at home, you better get a nanny for your cat whenever you have to leave the house.

Pillow fight


Playing with pillows is all fun and games until you realized that your pet has just managed to leave you sleeping with no pillow until you buy a new one, and with a huge mess to clean up.



No matter how great the disaster that your dog makes at home is, he will probably find some pride in his actions and this guy's little face shows it. Not even sorry human, it was worthy.



If you were looking forward to coming home after a long day and have some relaxing time on your couch, think again: your left alone dog has managed to destroy it all by himself.



I have no idea why or how this cat managed to put all that toilet paper on top of the toilet by himself, but this is exactly why you should never leave your pets alone at home.



If you thought that that old pillow would be enough to keep your dog distracted while you were out, think again: they won't stop until the floor is completely covered in stuffing.



The whole idea and point of owning a Roomba is to have your house clean even when you are not there, but this dog's poo has managed to make it a part of one of the greatest messes we have seen.

Look away


This dog's reaction when he is caught doing something he wasn't supposed to is priceless: he thinks that just by looking away he will not be the main suspect in the whole mess.


If you are determined to leave your pet alone at home and with no supervision, please make sure to not leave any paint near him if you don't want to spend the next year cleaning it.

Clipping coupons


See, you may probably think that this cute puppy did something messy because he was bored but to be honest I just think he was trying to help clipping coupons to save the family economy.

So hot


If the weather is too hot and you per is not being supervised, he will find some very creative and uncomfortable ways to keep cool, like lying on the fridge while all your food goes to waste.



If you have ever tried using the excuse that the dog ate your homework and nobody believed you, you wished you had this picture handy: sometimes it happens, and it's hilarious.



The irony on this picture is just flawless: if you thought that a book that helped you take care of your dog and train it would be enough, you might as well try again with a better one.

Toilet paper fun


I don't know what is it with pets and toilet paper but apparently playing with it is the same than getting a full paid vacation for humans: leave some for them to play with, at least.



This cat found some herbs in the kitchen and was probably trying to surprise its human with a home cooked meal but failed in the middle, so decided to prepare a giant mess instead.



Don't you just love when dogs think that just by not looking at you they can somehow undo the messes they've made? No one will hold you responsible, doggy, it could be anybody's paws.



If you still think that nothing is too terrible and you should be able to leave your pet alone, this picture might just do the trick to convince you: you could come into a destroyed house.



No matter how much food you leave your cat while you are away, it will never seem like it's enough and he will try to find new sources of it. Staying on your shelf might be a good option.

You shall pass


If you don't worry about leaving your pets alone at home because you have closed major doors, beware: when they are bored they develop superpowers to get them opened again.



You know what could possibly make a bigger mess than a dog that's left by himself at home? Two of them who have decided to work together to give your bathroom a new style and decoration.



I said it before and I'll say it again: there is no way to have cats and plants in the same house unless you can keep an eye on them full time. They don't like gardening and that's a fact.



I keep looking at this picture without understanding whether this person has pets or beavers at home: look what they did in a few hours by themselves. See why you need supervision?



I have no idea what someone could be thinking when they leave glitter and cat unsupervised, but this is not surprising: of course your home and pet will be shiny forever.

The wire


If there is something that pets love even more than playing with toilet paper, is playing with wires: of course, they don't care that you are going to miss your favorite TV Show.



There is no cage that can contain a dog when it's boring so don't fool yourself thinking that a cage would be enough to keep them controlled while you are away from home: it won't be.

Toy murderers


If you imagine that when you leave your pets will be happily playing with their toys, this picture might shock you: they won't stop until they see them torn on the floor. They are like that.



Not all dogs break things, some of them actually find more joy in other types of crime such as stealing stuff from around the house and putting them in their blankets.

Not even sorry


If your dog has destroyed every pillow you had and you are expecting him to be at least sorry for what he did, you probably got it wrong: this one seems pretty pleased with the job he did.

Bed ready


Remember how much you had to save to buy that fancy intelligent pillow with the memory foam that would help you sleep so much better than before? Your dog seems to love it too.

That face


Leaving your cat alone is not a good way to make him even more independent: he might try to learn how to use the bathroom, but be sure he is going to break stuff in between breaks.



Your office chair needed some restyling and you knew it: in fact, your dog was so concerned about your decoration that he made the most of the hours he was left alone to surprise you.

Look what I made you


Is there someone in this world who is able to get mad at a dog with such a happy face? I mean, the room is a complete mess but he looks so damn proud of what he did.

Don’t own pillows


If you haven't realized this by now, the best way of not having your pillows destroyed by your dogs if you are not able to stay at home all day is to never, ever, own a pillow.

Fashion police


I have to stand by the dog's side on this: nobody looks good in crocs, and he decided to take this matter into his own paws to assure you a romantic life if you didn't stop using them.

Thank God you put him aside


Can you imagine what the complete result would have been if you had left this dog running around the house in your absence? At least he kept his mess in his own spot, that's considered.



I have no idea how a single cat could manage to create such a mess inside the bathroom but I hope there were no valuables involved. Cats get bored and will do whatever they can to be entertained.

Don’t own any toilet paper


Toilet paper and pets will never go hand by hand and even though we will never see why they find it so fun, there is one thing for sure: keep an eye on both of them at all times.

Not sorry


I love how this dog may not be proud of what he did but he doesn't seem to be that stressed either: he's looking at you as if you knew what would happen when you left him alone.

Are you assuming it was me?


Not only cats really seem to hate gardening, but dogs and plants are not such a hot couple either: make sure you keep them far from your pots or just keep a constant eye on them.



This black cat should have thought better how to act as if he hadn't done anything because those white feathers are pointing directly at him on the pillowcase destruction.



You can choose either one of these two things in life, but never both: you can either have a great life with the love of your pets or you can have a good sofa at your living room. Never both.



If you leave your dogs alone at home for several hours you can come home knowing that there will be some mess involved: they act much better in pairs when it comes to messes.



This adorable puppy decided to wait for his owner all cleaned up, but apparently, something fun goy in his way and the result was a whole room dirtier than before. At least he tried.



If you have no other choice than leaving your cat alone at home while you go to work, make sure that at least he doesn't have access to the kitchen: they love their messes there more than anywhere.

New bed


It doesn't matter how much you spent on your cat bed or how incredibly cute it is if there is toilet paper involved they will always think that is a much better choice than anything else.

No idea


How this happened is something that only this dog will ever know but this should be convincing enough to never ever leave your pets at home alone while you are not there. Ever.