Times People Wore The Right T-Shirt At The Right Time

People tend to wear stupidly funny t-shirts just to be the center of attention at any place the go. Images of funny movie scenes, weird slogans or just cursing words use to be seen at any point of the day in any place of the planet.Of course, most of the times some things are funny in a place but no in other, the most hilarious are usually the ones that use symbols, brands, or universally known words. Besides, English is the language that most people can understand everywhere so that is the reason why those kinds of shirts are more commonly seen. Here are a few examples of the 50 hilarious t-shirts people actually wore at the right time and you can't believe it was not on purpose.



Yeah, I'm the favorite player


Justin Verlander just went for a cup of coffee and found this little kid wearing the shirt with his name. Automatically decided it was a great time for a selfie and posted it online.

T-shirts separated at birth


This guy found the perfect match for the shirt he bought and took a selfie to prove it. However, this could be considered an awkward moment, if you are too much into your looks.

You don't say!


This kid goes through his life warning other people that he tends to "do dumb things". I wonder if that was the reason for his broken fingers. I'd like to think so.

It makes me hungry


This is only a funny coincidence; I don't think these two friends are too proud of this picture. Or maybe they're proud of this and they go everywhere together to entertain other people.

His dad is so proud!


The dad of this boy has now justified the decision of buying this dumb shirt to his child. He got him on a picture next to Victoria Secret's Top Model.

The white stripes


The guy is a little disturbed by this uncomfortable coincidence. Four different people are wearing his very same striped t-shirt. However, I think the way he makes the four with his fingers is also a bit weird.


bored panda

So let's be clear, this man was actually wearing this shirt prior the accident? Or he's just a guy that was passing by and saw the entire thing? What do you think?

That time she met Andrew Scott


Is the girl making fun of the situation or is she truly disturbed by this funny coincidence? However, give all the money to Andrew that not only found a person with his t-shirt but also rocked the pose.

I'm pretty sure it seemed

recreo viral

The guys went on a fun adventure, took the boat and seed all over the lake. However, at some point, things went out of control and they got in trouble.

Well done!

recreo viral

My complete and honest congratulations to the one that put that sticker there. I think they did after they saw the kid with this Kiss T-Shirt, so it's a masterpiece.

The shirt short brothers


These guys are complete strangers and they don't only share the love for Los Pollos Hermanos but also the taste for those orange shorts. Let's take a picture, dude! What do you say?

Who has that shirt?

vaya cine

The guy was walking down the street wearing this incredible unique t-shirt when he spotted the girl that inspired that cloth, Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct. Now, who has a t-shirt from American Beauty?

The magical words

inside the magic

The fan bought a ticket for the Comic-Con in San Diego, and once he found out Steven Spielberg was going to be there, came out with this amazing t-shirt idea.

That thing is moving!

los 40

How could this be possible? The guy started walking down the street with his funny t-shirt and never stopped for a selfie with the street orange things? Common! Do it for us!

Like a pissing contest


I'm just kidding; I don't think they actually are aware of the writing on the other guy's back. But what a funny coincidence of two different ways for having a lifestyle.

That's the wrong t-shirt


That is not the correct t-shirt to be wearing at Mickey and Minnie's. Show some respect for the two mice that entertained you during your entire childhood. You made Minnie cry.

Is it a threat?


The school received a bomb threat and locked down all its doors. In the meantime, this student was wearing this nice shirt that put him in the spotlight. Was he responsible?

A little homophobic

bored panda

Lucky for us the times are changing and it's not a bad thing to sexually express yourself publicly in the way you want. But this scene got the attention of a childish photographer.

Egg stain


The egg left a stain in this t-shirt just in the best spot possible. Now you can wear this and explain that it's because of your basic sense of humor. Or you can just use it as a pajama.

A toy of himself


This guy got the best present for his niece: a toy dressed in the exact same ways as he is. Would you consider a smart gift or just catalog it as a creepy one?

This is fashion!

bored panda

The first guy found out he was not the only one wearing that shirt so he decided to take a selfie and post it online. High fives to the second one that was aware of this and looks at the camera!

Lucky T-shirt


This guy decided to take a picture with the lady and after he saw the results of the photo, he realized his t-shirt was getting really lucky and he was not.

Massive turn down for what!

genial guru

The man was walking around when he crossed his path with the man behind. Suddenly he got the best idea. And the guy behind is not dealing very well with it.

That might be the reason why they're friends

recreo viral

These two girls are talking nicely and seem to be real friends. I'm not sure if they realized what just happened with their clothes. I can't decide which the ugliest shirt is.

This one has to be photoshop


It's impossible that someone can have a real t-shirt that matches a three colored wall. So my guess is that this lady was the victim of a Photoshop master of memes.

I can't agree more

bored panda

The man woke up that morning and chose his favorite t-shirt. But he was not expecting that day was going to suck like it did. If I was the cop I'd have released him for the cool shirt.

Smile Christopher!

cabro world

The man met Christopher Reeves the very same day he was wearing his Superman T-shirt. However, I think the actor is not enjoying the moment so much. Smile a little Chris!

Have you met Ron Swanson?


The man knew he was going to meet Ron Swanson so he decided to get dress properly. I think Ron Swanson is actually enjoying the creativity of this great fan.

Let your parents explain this joke


They must sit together all the time, but the photographer that did this picture should receive all our money as a thank for one of the best timings ever. Enjoy!



The two old ladies are wearing the exact same shirt. But are they two different women or we are seeing a picture taken in real slow motion? They even share their walking style!

I love Bill Murray

mundo tkm

The young man is really enjoying this time and so is Bill Murray. I think is one of the great pictures you can take with the artist you love the most!

I don't think that could convince a jury

bored panda

Once again, a criminal and the cops are protagonists of a funny t-shirt coincidence. In this case, the Walter White doppelganger is wearing a not so convincing t-shirt. But who knows!

This one is not a coincidence


The face and the shirt pretty much explain the whole situation. This house might need a little more time before it could receive some new items or furniture for decoration.



The player just got a sharp pain in his neck, but his jersey is the one explaining the whole situation. What does it hurt you, Manek? I could never stop joking with this.

That's not The Dude


So I'm not sure about the shirt, and I might actually like it, but I definitely don't like that Jeff Bridges' wannabe that ruined the entire movie for me. You ruined it!

You don't say, Part II

viral nova

When you first read his t-shirt in this picture you think it's sarcasm. But once you finished reading the whole thing it's pretty clear this is a really lame outfit.

This IS The Dude

just something

Now we are talking. I really like the t-shirt and nothing better than wear it the day you are meant to meet the real Jeff Daniels. I envy you, my friend.



Damn you're dumb, should say your next t-shirt. How could you possibly miss the parking spot for that long? It is probably a fact that you broke your car a little.

Do as I say but not as I do


You can't deny that the man has a point. He might not be the best example of the message he is sending but still is a great slogan and something kids must know.



The guy was wearing that shirt the day he crossed his path with the human that totally looked that the bear in its chest. Would you say the bearded man accepted to take that picture happily?

Help me escape


The poor cow actually thinks the kid shirt is another cow and looks like it's trying to ask for some help. Sadly she would finish his days in the slaughterhouse, just like every other animal.

So you like Bernie Sanders?


There is no way he could actually wear that shirt in other situation of his life. Is the worst cloth ever, but what a way to express your support to Bernie Sanders.

What are the odds?

bored panda

Seriously, what are the odds to enlist in a marathon and actually receive the same number you have on your shirt? Or did he just asked for that particular number?

Can you notice the look in his eyes?


Almost everyone loves to eat some pork. But did you notice the way this "I love bacon" guy is watching the poor pig? Is like a mixture of love and hunger.

The shirt you must wear in prison

bored panda

I'm not sure if this is a picture that police took of this guy. But I'm starting to believe that this shirt is the best outfit for the day you end up in prison.

That tattoo… way too much


Yes, we all love or at least like Bill Murray, but I think a tattoo of the actor is way too much. And I think the guy with the t-shirt thinks exactly like me.

I don't think so!


Maybe her parents bought this t-shirt before she broke her entire mouth. What's with her teeth? She needs to see a dentist urgent! And I think the shirt you'd be banned for her after that.

The voice of Sonic


This guy was walking in San Francisco wearing the blue shirt when a man in the street stopped him for a picture. He was the actual actor that gave his voice for the Sonic game.

Wishes do come true

I run the internet

If you wish something really hard, maybe someday it will actually come true. That's what happened to this fan that got the chance to meet the real Nathan Fillion. Congratulations!

I think no one explained that to her

Bored panda

They might not understand the language really well. However, someone from that TV show needs to explain to her that she can't wear that shirt again. At least when she's working.