Times Policemen Had A Great Sense Of Humor

Policemen are usually some of the most uptight and serious people you can come across: their job is all about laws and following the rules so we don't usually imagine them as having a sense of humor or being funny at all, but after their job is done, they are still people and some of them are apparently hilarious, even when they are on the clock.

Check out these moments where they surprised us all by having a much better sense of humor than we could have ever guessed they had, and this might change a little your perception on how the long arm of the law sometimes finds the time to wave with humor.




Someone's pet (this adorable Iguana) decided to run away from home and the police found it in the streets, so they decided that the family had to pick it up from jail.


College life


The story behind this picture proves how amazing police sense of humor can be: this guy started talking to an officer and decided to send his parents a prank picture of his first day at college.

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