Times Policemen Had A Great Sense Of Humor

Policemen are usually some of the most uptight and serious people you can come across: their job is all about laws and following the rules so we don't usually imagine them as having a sense of humor or being funny at all, but after their job is done, they are still people and some of them are apparently hilarious, even when they are on the clock.

Check out these moments where they surprised us all by having a much better sense of humor than we could have ever guessed they had, and this might change a little your perception on how the long arm of the law sometimes finds the time to wave with humor.





Someone's pet (this adorable Iguana) decided to run away from home and the police found it in the streets, so they decided that the family had to pick it up from jail.

College life


The story behind this picture proves how amazing police sense of humor can be: this guy started talking to an officer and decided to send his parents a prank picture of his first day at college.

If you know what I’m saying


Policemen have a huge responsibility and his job most of the times is everything but funny, so the way they handle their twitter account gives them at least some fresh air.



This funny post on the Facebook page of this police station makes them seem like such nice guys and so approachable that we would like to get to know them. And their dog, of course.

Play along


In such a hard world we are living in, knowing that some people still take the time to play along with a child and not disrupt his Jedi fantasy fills up with hope.

It’s a trap


There is no better way to show a real sense of humor than being able to laugh at yourself first, so this donut trap policemen stage is something to give a standing ovation for.

Dog humor


I don't know about you but I absolutely love that even though they are policemen, they still take the time to be funny and show that just like the rest of us, they are people working.



Any of us has probably heard that seatbelts are a must a thousand times, but probably nobody ever explained it to you with such a great sense of humor, right?

Oh Canada


We couldn't expect anything else from Canada than cuteness: the photos of their dog as he continues to grow are so adorable that we are happy they decided to share them with the world.

Don’t drink and drive


Police officers know that rules should apply the same for every citizen and this little kid was no exception: after some suspicious driving, they realized that he had a few bottles to drink that morning.



Not only this police officer was honest enough to return a phone he found, but he was funny enough to reach out to the owner with a selfie and a funny message. We love him.



Labor disputes can often bring the weirdest manifestations and this was something the Canadian police did, as they refused to wear their uniform pants and wore these instead.



The best matches in life are often as different and unexpected as you can imagine and this doesn't only apply in love relationships, it happens with office buddies too. They complete each other.



This police department Instagram account is so amazing and filled with joy that is hard to imagine that these are the same people that we see always so concentrated in their jobs.

Your local drug dealer


It's very important for policemen to be transparent to citizens on how funds are gathered or how vehicles end up in the force: in this case, they added a funny bumper sticker.

Meth Lab


There is nothing funny about meth labs and we know that drugs take lives every day, but if you have to communicate your town that you found one, why not say it with a dog pic?



This school had a very serious drug problem so they added a police officer to be there all the time and find potential risks, but all that time at school had him eventually play cards with the guys.

Love this


When snow covered all the police cars in the parking lot, this police department had a very creative and funny idea, and they decided to add a little Pixar magic to them.



Let's be honest: if they wanted to describe in words how a siren sounds like, they did an exceptional job. There is no way you read this report without making the actual sound in your head.



If you ever wondered the difference between a trained police dog and a puppy, this twitter account sure knows how to explain it in a very simple and funny way.



One of the biggest concerns of people who are asked to give out information about criminal activities is that this would turn them into snitches, but this police department found a very creative way.

High fives


In the context of a campaign to bring awareness about driving speed, this police department set a station in the middle of a marathon, but they didn't only offer information, but encouraging high fives.



If you loved the picture of the policemen playing along with the Star Wars kid, you are in for a treat: after a huge snow storm, this policeman decided to sled with the neighborhood kids.



Don't you just love not only how this guys are doing their jobs but also have the time and creativity to talk to their community with such an amazing sense of humor?



When a dove laid eggs on top of a police car, they decided to close the area, add an umbrella and allow them to develop without issues to show that all lives are precious.



What a fun way to encourage new people to join their department by showing that height doesn't matter, at least not for the police job, it's a bit different for games and rides.



This police officer has handcuffs in a lot of colors and decided which one to use on each criminal to make them feel uncomfortable: apparently, guys don't love being handcuffed by a woman with pink.



There are many ways to make a warning on what could happen to you if you decide to drink and drive, but this police department sure found the best and most hilarious one.

High Speed


The Sacramento police department found a great way to make fun of themselves when a giant turtle was found walking around the streets and they made this high-speed chase pic.



This was the buffet served at a wedding where both the groom and bride were police officers. Not only they seem to have a fantastic sense of humor, this looks delicious.



If the police ever need to get inside your house, funny things like this could happen: this couple of officers ended up having a blast with the family pet, a bearded dragon.



When the police department was notified that there was a pothole in the middle of the road that could turn into a potential danger for drivers, they decided to show how deep it was like this.



If you are not following this twitter account by now, I don't know what else would it take for them to do: they actually made a small poem to remind you to use your indicator. Fantastic.

2 birds in one shot


Telling a real story on social media can be a great way to warn people to avoid having the same situation happening to them, but the way they described it is simply hilarious.



This is so hilarious that makes us completely change our minds about how serious police officers really are: these traps set around town to find potential criminals are so funny.

Winter is coming


Not even brands are this good when it comes to joining a conversation as huge as the return of Game of Thrones, but the police department nailed it. Nobody wants Joffrey to know.

Police DJ


During a music festival in Sweden, these two police officers decided to surprise the crowd with a few songs and a hilarious caption on their Instagram account when they uploaded this picture.

On your side


When tuition in schools raised dramatically students decided to protest by standing on the streets barely naked. This is how the police department reacted to their manifestation.

I love them


When police officers get their matches, they find out who they will be working for a very long time, so it's no surprise that such a cute photo shoot occurred when these two matched.

First day


When this police officer had to start working in middle school, his wife decided to pack a lunch and recreate the first day of school picture. It's so cute we hope he makes new friends.

Free time


We don't seem very likely that someone answers this question with real information but at least we have to admit that they tried to ask politely. And they were trying to use time wisely.



This picture is not only cute as hell because come on, it's a dog in a camouflage hat sitting comfortably in the back seat of a car, but the caption on this is hilarious.



The Portland police department sure knows how to balance work and fun and their Instagram account is proof of it: I have no idea why there is a llama involved, but it is.



This sign is so hilarious and the officers who are posing for this funny picture have nothing to be jealous of: this whole thing is incredibly funny. Has your mind changed about them yet?



Seriously, I don't know how the crime rate is where these people lived but this is the best community management I have seen in a very long time. This stuff is hilarious.



What sounds or might be read as a joke is actually a real University report and I think that the fact that it is serious it is what makes it even funnier, don't you think?

So close


The Lawrence police department at least knows how to keep things clear and they are not trying to change fact to look cooler. They just end up looking so much funnier, though.

Meme use


Oh, snap! Not only if this happened is one of the biggest burns of all times, but the perfect use of this meme in the account just makes us feel nothing but respect for these guys.



These weed traps look hilarious but let's think about it for a second: the best part is that they could really work on people when they are extremely high and starving. Good one.



If you needed any other piece of evidence that this police department rocks, they actually made a playlist on Spotify with songs related to their job. You have to love them.