Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It's Hilarious



Most of the best toys on the market are extremely and ridiculously expensive. Not any family can afford the luxury of spending a few extra bucks in the last toy in the market, which with the little kid was dreaming about. For that reason, there's a big industry of class B toys that are meant to be for those who don't spend a big amount of money in an entertainment of that kind. Those are the kind of toys that tend to be stiffer or colorless. However, kids are really good when it comes to the power of imagination and they usually don't care about those things. In the meantime, those are the kind of toys that come with flaws from the factory, and lots of times serve to nurture these kinds of rankings.

Why the guns?


Ok, you could live inside of a box and don't know the difference between Batman and Superman. This could be even a packaging mistake. But why does this Superman have guns?

This shouldn’t be for kids


Yeah… probably the factory responsible for this toy wasn't thinking of anything naughty. However, I don't think that every family could see this as the perfect children toy.

I had to read it twice


-Look, man, we have to sell this but I don't want to have any kind of trouble with the trademark. -Don't worry boss, I got your back with this.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… What?


I'm not sure if the responsible for this toy was aware of the meaning of the word special. I understand the issues with the trademark but didn't they hear about the mean meaning for special?

Wasn’t he square?


This happens when your leader in the design team didn't watch TV in his entire life. Who could think of a star when his name is Spongebob Squarepants. He's square!

They could grab their tools

bored panda

I'm sure the people behind these toys thought about the possibility of creating extra items that they could grab. However, the spoiled minded could think of the worst things here.

Again with the cocks


Once again, designers have trouble with common sense. In this case, is referred to the name of the toy. The toy itself could be attractive until you read the name on the box.


kym cdn

Ok. The name of the kit isn't that bad. Sense of Right Alliance sounds right. But why would Shrek fight crime next to Batman? And why would Superman ride Storm Lightning McQueen?

Nemo’s specialty

retail hell underground

Who said Nemo had only a troubled fin? Apparently, this stuffed toys factory creator thinks its eyes were special too. I'm not sure if this toy made good money at the market.

A meme toy


Those times when you wanted to create your own personal stuffed bear and in order to make it you mixed a few things. Like a bunch of teeth and the one and only Winnie the Pooh.

When you don’t know what you’re talking about


The kind of things that happen when you don't know anything about what you're talking about. Or maybe you know but you can't decide which thing is more important to you.

Wasn’t he a regular train?


I'm sorry, but wasn't he just a regular train that appeared on a kids show? Why are we suddenly seeing it turned into a big robotic hero? This doesn't make any sense.

Don’t mess with Toy Story!


Why do they have to mess with Toy Story and its beloved characters? And why on Earth do they make such big hands on Woody? This is a really creepy toy!

They even printed the fake name on the “tortoise”

lol wot

Just to be sure that they weren't going to be sued for the copyrights, they decided to print that stupid name on the toy itself. What happened with the arms of this turtle?

What’s this mixture?


Ok, even if I can live with the fact that they all look like creepy Batmans, why should I live with the fact that they all look the same? It's like if they were cloning toys.

What did it smoke?

perd stontemps

This monkey looks like it just finished up its last joint and it's ready to party in the jungle. Besides, why is it clothes so different to the ones that the box is showing?

They mixed the plans

ground zero web

Ok, someone was watching the TV show, thought it was going to be a great idea and decided to make it happen. However, when the time came, that someone forgot the real distribution of the Pokémon parts.

What is it doing to Simba?


Why is Rafiki trying to hump on Simba? The person who designed this little toy is a creepy minded or just too innocent to be working for Children's Entertainment.

This can’t be right


Ok. Didn't you think of another place to put the hole on this toy? This can't be good to have around in the house without having to answer a few awkward questions.

A bad example


Kids are always looking up to the toys they have at home as if it were heroes for them. But this banana shouldn't be around the house. Time's up, mates!

Creepy Mickey


I'm not sure what to think about this toy. Why it has a lovely box and the toy it is just that scary? I think the only way to purchase something like this would be in order to scare m child.

Was he bad?


Was the kid that bad that you need to purchase a cage to ground him? Who could think of this as a "funny cage"? That's the worst title ever thought for a toy.

Educational and healthy


This looks like the kind of toy you could give to your child if you want him to grow rough and strong. Ok. No. This is the stupidest gift you could ever think of for a child.

“Handsome appearance”


I'm not sure why but it looks like every toy should steal the face of a famous superhero in order to be likable for the children. What has this bike to do with Spiderman?

This isn’t suitable for the kids


This looks like the kind of thing that a father with Superman issues would like to have in the house. I don't understand why this thing has a mouth like this.

Play duh

rebel circus

Playing with Play-Doh was one of the funniest things of my childhood. However, I'm thinking that could happen because my mother didn't see this toy in particular. What were they thinking?

You have to blow it

architecturen design

I'm pretty sure this was a bet between the guy from the factory and a friend. They were probably drunk in a bar and the friend dared him to design a blowing hammer like this.

Are you sure you didn’t mix two characters?

uber gizmo

-Excuse me. Are you sure you didn't mix two different characters when you designed this? -No, problem, boss. I got you. The conversation behind this mixed toy for the children.


architecture n design

This looks like the kind of teddy bear you could give to your girlfriend or your boyfriend. I'm not sure if this squeeze bear qualifies for the children of any age.

Strange diet


So the horse was that hungry that it ate an entire doll, digest it, pooped it and kept the head in order to use the hair as its tail. That seems to be the best explanation.

Mixing movies


This is not bad for a Buzz Lightyear replica. However, the idea of the space toy being a part of the Avengers franchise just ruined the whole thing for the kids.

Too much

rebel circus

Who would you give this toy as a gift to? Would you even consider to take this as a present for the nephew of your new girlfriend? Are you sure?

When the force isn’t enough

know your meme

Remember those days when you were that powerful and everyone feared you? Sometimes you run out of the force and you can only settle with a police bike.

Glue them together


Mommy can I have this amazing Spiderman with a quad bike? Look you can separate them and use them as different toys. A quad bike and a hero with a peculiar extra thing.

I’m not Harry Potter, I’m a monster


When the factory worker messes with the color controllers and makes the entire toy blue. Or is it just the result of a particular magic trick from the book that made him that way?

From the creators of Chucky


So this Elmo Muppet is trying to shut the kid up. It even looks like if the kid was crying really hard for that creepy moment. Lucky for the factory, the other boxes were alright.

Is it peeing?


Is it holding a transparent weapon or is it just it peeing? This looks like the kind of Spiderman that had too many beers after beating the last bad guy.

I dare you to blow me


This isn't just another creepy imitation of Spongebob Squarepants. This is the work a mastermind in the process of creation that decided to put the blowing device. Well done!


ebaums world

-Mommy, can I play with the black man? -What? That is so racist kiddo! -But look at the box, it looks like the best superhero ever. Please, mom, please!

Animal kingdom

pizza bottle

Was it impossible to fix the package in a different way? This is the reason why all the toys are sold and purchased separately. In order not to make this kind of messed up situations.



What couple of parents from the entire world could think of buying the kids a set of shaping tools for the stool? Isn't this the most anti hygienic game ever?


can you actually

What could be the use of a toy like this? It isn't educational, it isn't pretty and it isn't useful. This might be the kind of toys people create for collectors.

So Mario was taken? No problem!


So the name Mario was the best choice but is already taken. No worries, I have the best second name that we could think of for our hero! Super Mariano!

Creepy Hulk

retail hell underground

So your kid behaved badly all the week and you are looking for the best gift in order to scare him. Why don't you take a look at this horrendous Incredible Hulk?

The crossed arms are everything


Toy Story might have one of the most irresistible merchandise ever created for a movie. So every time a new thing pops out, it's really difficult to say no to your kids.

What’s Santa doing?


Once again, there's a reason why all the toys are sold and purchased in separated packages. This Santa is the best way to teach that lesson to your employees at the factory.

Sometimes a spider web isn’t enough


Remember the old days when the crime wasn't that hard to fight and gangsters were just fought with our special super powers? Those days are gone and we need weapons now.

Too educational

ebaums world

Besides the universal truth that these machines are meant for you to spend money and never win, do you need an extra reason not to let your kids play with them?

Dirty Lamps


Those old lamps from your house need to be removed in order to make some room for the next generation of electric light. Your kid will cry until the day you buy him one of these.

Who said Mexico hasn’t got superheroes?

retail hell underground

Mexico isn't a place made only for Mexicans. It can also receive some extraterrestrial friends with a weakness for the kryptonite, like this amazing superhero El Supermano. Wouldn't you kill for one of these?