Trust No Meal, Espacially These Ones

Food is a sacred thing and manufacturers need to start respecting that. We deserve the food they advertise, not that stupid piece of nothing they give us. I'm sure this happened to you several times, 'cause it happens to me almost every day.

I buy a candy that is shown in the package as the greatest candy of all times but when I open the package a sad piece of who knows what arises. We need to protest and stop this. That is why we gathered fifty photos of fifty foods that are completely disappointing. Don't fall into their traps. Trust no meal.





How heartless you have to be to be so shady about how you sell a burger? I'm sure that the person who was so unfortunate to buy this was pretty disappointed when he realized what it was really about.



This is probably the biggest case of an identity crisis ever seen or heard of in the food industry: if you are buying a chocolate that is shaped like Santa in a weird crossover with the Pope that's what you expect, not a bunny.



Why would someone agree to label this bottle of juice with a sign that promises it to be 100% real fresh squeezed juice just to add up, a few lines lower that it actually contains only 27%? What is the rest made of?



We know that brands usually go out of their way to sell things and make you believe that you are getting more product or somehow paying less for it: in this case, they didn't even try to fool us. Not even cared.



It doesn't matter if you are wheat intolerant or just trying to follow a diet that can't contain any gluten: you will look for the Gluten-free label but don't get too comfortable and keep reading: you could be surprised.



This is just too painful to watch: they put a very sad amount of cranberries on the chocolate strategically in the place where the box is clear and you can see it. If this is not false advertising, I don't know what it is.



This is particularly funny because even though is not a food fail, someone actually took the time to find out that we have been fooled our entire lives and Captain Crunch is actually a Commander. Commander Crunch.



When someone asks you if you would like to supersize or at least upgrade the fries that come with your meal beware: sometimes they are just talking about the size of the box and you will get the same amount of food for more money.



If you can't seem to get even a remote resemblance of a panda bear in the ice cream don't sell it as a panda one. Just sell it as ice cream and avoid children crying in deception whenever they get one of these.



This cereal promises to have to huge scoops of raisins in the box but there are people with way too much time on their hands who will try to find the truth: that's not even a full scoop, maybe it's half of one.



I don't think we can call this sandwich fail false advertising: this is just being a mean person who is playing with people's feelings when they are hungry. Hope they got sued for this sandwich, this is just wrong.



Well, the can say Ravioli and it's literal: there is one ravioli in the whole can. Just say that is tomato and meat sauce with a special surprise, this is a complete disappointment. Who could get full with just one thing?



Really, shrimp company? This is what you would call Jumbo shrimps instead of calling it what it is, a cruel and dirty packaging trick for fools who decided to trust your brand? Why making it so obvious too?



Honestly, can we all sue the people in the companies who make these? The added pepperoni slices only on the half that you can see and the rest doesn't even have a single slice. Not even one.



If you want to surprise children in your family with a fun and delicious lollipop that has a little Panda bear face on it, stay away from this one: unless you want to lick the bag, it has absolutely no decoration on it.



Has anyone in the world ever been able to open a carton with the spot that is supposed to be there for that purpose? Don't worry, Kraft, we wouldn't stop buying your products if they require scissors, just don't lie like that.



Remember that juice that was labeled with two different percentages? We have the same identity crisis here: it has a picture of the United States, it says Arizona on the can but also that is made in Canada. What should we believe?



There are certain things that can't be altered so easy and fruit is one of them: the thing is, if it's not a seedless watermelon and you can actually see the seeds there, don't label it as seedless. That's just stupid.



Oregano is the best herb to sprinkle your delicious pizza with: it gives a touch of flavor, better smell looks good unless you bought this frozen pizza and found that they threw in the whole damn plantation.



Why do manufacturers do this and treat their customers as if they were so dumb not to check packages that are lying one next to the other? Bigger than what? That an individual portion? Than my toe?



If you want to ruin someone's childhood, give them one of this ice cream popsicles as a gift: what you would expect to be Tweety is the scariest attempt to draw a bird that we have ever seen. What would Granny think?



Hershey's, we are not marketing experts or anything but we would like to offer a piece of advice: if your product contains no calcium whatsoever, don't add the word calcium on top of your labels.



Whoever bought this loaf of bread expecting it to be filled with delicious berries is in for a treat: it only contains one. Why would you put just one? Throw in a few or don't put anything at all. This is bad marketing.



It was so close that this one could have actually worked out: is it really that hard to set up the machine to cover in chocolate the right part of the ice cream cone? What a mess it must be to eat while it melts.



If you saw the advertisement for these McDonald's beverage that tastes like a cotton candy I'm sure you would like to try it too: but apparently is nothing like it and it seems like a glass of sparkling water with colorants.



If you have ever bought a bag of frozen broccoli you know that there are always more parts than the tops, and it's okay. What is not okay is that in a whole bag of them there is not one single top to eat. Not one.



Unfortunately, there are no large companies or manufacturers that we can rage against, in this case, not anyone except nature, who was cruel enough to send a lemon that might be the most disappointing thing ever.



Are you using a much larger box for that slice to fool us into believing that the actual portion is much bigger because you like to litter unnecessarily or why? Why would you offer that tiny slice in such a big box?



We could not take legal actions against these guys if we wanted to because technically, they didn't lie: they promised a box full of strawberries and blueberries and even though they added just two, they kept their word.



Who doesn't love a big juicy steak for dinner? Well, if you are looking to spend that extra dollar on a fancy dinner for you and your loved ones, stay away from the dollar store or this is the meat you might get. Ugh.



I have no idea who could possibly want to buy fish like these, but I'm sure many people love pickled meats and look forward to a big jar filled with them. Not in this case, where the middle of the jar is just filled with your frustration.



Has anyone ever been able to cut a cracker in half with that ridiculous line they put in and without having it breaking in any possible shape other than the one that they suggest? I have never had such luck, have you?



We all know that if it wasn't for their tops and flavors, pop tarts are nothing but sad, dull and mostly boring crackers: this is what makes this food fail son infuriating: there is a slight brush of flavor. I don't think so.



We would like to think that there is a perfect explanation for the size of these cheeses, but there is only one that we can find: these people are just mean and like to make fun of those who buy their products and keep them in business.



We don't expect the food to look exactly like it does on the picture of the package, we know what it is there for but can you at least try a little to imitate what you are selling? Where is the filling on this ice cream, you cheaters?



Poor Santa, he has the worst luck when it comes to being shaped in a chocolate: if he is not revealed to be the Easter Bunny, he is nobody. Really, they didn't even try to add any type of detail to the chocolate. Nothing.



This mushroom quiche may not have looked exactly like it did on the package picture but come on, you could at least have added two. Why put just one in the middle? Do you imagine any satisfied customers?



Don't you get a sense of rage when you look at things like these? I do. The misleading package promises to be a huge piece of salmon and it's not even half the size of what it should be. And they tell you that you are saving.



How cheap and miserable you have to be to offer a sandwich that you obviously change to make it look as if it was full of slices and ham and tomato when it's basically just bread and nothing else?



If you want to know what disappointment is, ask this guy who paid two more dollars for his sandwich just so the store could add some avocado on it and this is what he got. Yes, that piece was two dollars.



Dear food manufacturers and, especially, ice cream making ones: stop trying to sell character shaped popsicles if you have no idea how to pull it off. This SpongeBob looks as if he was part of a terrible tragedy. Not cool.



Ice cream is one of the most delicious things that there are and many of us can't wait for the next chance we get to enjoy one: sadly, the ice cream shop does not care about us or our hopes and dreams and this is what they serve.



Twinkies are a special treat because of their creamy, delicious filling that makes them so rich and unique: unfortunately this chocolate filling edition must have been so expensive for the company that this is how much they put in.



This is one of the worst food fails we have ever seen: this was supposed to be a delicious meal of chili and spaghetti and it may be just that, but when you open it looks like something you could serve at Halloween.



At first, they came for Tweety, then for SpongeBob but seriously, who dares to mess with the most beloved dog of all times, Scooby Doo? What happened in the factory where this was made sure is a case of the Mystery Machine.



This customer at Chili's was brave enough to take a picture of the very disappointing meal next to a very promising menu photo and to let us know that if we want to be happy, we should never go there again.



What pisses me off about this wrap is that if it was two small ones they wouldn't have set the box that way: that is mainly a tortilla folded with no much filling. Wraps can be quite tricky to order: this could happen.



If you start paying attention to the supermarket products and how they make it look like you are getting more for the same price, you will find many things like these: you will end up paying more and getting nothing.



Seriously? How dare you sell an ice cream that is filled with almonds, chocolate sauce and more and offer this vanilla nonsense with just a splash of sauce? Sorry moose, you have just lost some new customers over this.



People, we really need to stop trying to make SpongeBob ice creams happen: they will never work. Look at this one that was really close to looking good and it looks as if he had been crying all night with mascara on?