Unbelievable Inventions That You Will Definitely Need

Back in the day, the future was imagined in books and movies as a metropolitan city filled with flying cars, food contained in tiny pills, planes flying to outer space, and robots identical to human beings. To be fair, most of those inventions are still being worked on, and others already exist, maybe not to the public, but they do. It is worth noting that the main objective of technology is to make our lives easier, and these creations definitely fulfill that task.

But, what importance does technology have if it isn't also for benefiting health? Such inventions like glucose detecting contact lenses, an ordinary every day visual aid that can help people who suffer from diabetes, machines that let you know when to water your plants, cameras designed to keep an eye on your pets, made the list. Welcome to the future, though it is the present and is still very cool!



One-handed zipper


A very practical invention which is aimed for hand-challenged people that even though they have both hands, they still can't figure the zipper out. It works with a magnet at the bottom of it.

Weight watcher belt


This belt was designed for people who often measure their waists and hips. This useful creation has a buckle with a hole in the middle so you can take a look at the centimeters.

Ocean vacuum


The Ocean Vacuum's purpose is to get rid of the garbage and residues thrown into the ocean by people. This special vacuum will collect more plastic in a couple of weeks than it has been collected in the last forty years.

Ironing board mirror


This board serves a double duty: ironing clothes as well as posing as a mirror. On the upper surface, it is covered by a thermal fabric that retains the heat of the iron and the lower surface has a mirror.

3D printed cast


This is the improved version of the typical cast, also it has lots of benefits. The skin over the injured area is able to breathe as well as it can be washed. It should be mentioned that it is also recyclable.

Mirror wiper


Picture a car's windshield wiper. Well, this creation has the same purpose, the only difference being that it was designed for when mirrors get foggy after a hot shower. It has a suction cup that lets you slide a plastic brush.

Folding bike


This modern invention was designed with two goals in mind: the first one being a useful means of transport and the other to avoid any kind of theft. The bike can be folded without much strength into a pole and can be padlocked.

TV picture frame


The creative device, at first sight, looks like a picture frame, however, when manipulated it turns into a flat-screen tv that overlooks the bed. Part of the frame is tightly secured to the wall so that when it is folded over the tv is locked in place.

USB with password


This electronic tool looks similar to a tv remote, but it is actually a USB device with a keyboard that allows you to choose a numerical password. A tiny light turns red when you type the wrong password and then turns green when it is unlocked.

A Pot that grows with the plant


This plant pot was inspired by origami art, as it can be seen it resembles a piece of origami. The surface, which appears to be folded, is made up of polypropylene and it is expanded when the plant continues growing.

Pizza scissors


The pizza scissors come in very handy when cutting even slices of this meal. Next to the blades of the scissors, there is a spatula in the shape of a triangle that should be placed under the pizza.

Goggled umbrella


This type of umbrella is very useful especially for those rainy and very windy days that if you lift it you get wet. It has a more rounded shape and on one side has a transparent piece of fabric that allows you to watch ahead of you.

Table tennis door


This door serves two purposes: it keeps uninvited guests out of the room and when folded over, it works as a table tennis. Practical fact: it can only be folded from the inside.

Anti-theft lunch bag


It may not be the most technologic design, but it is definitely very creative. The purpose of this lunch bag is to make the food inside appear as if it were covered with mold to avoid being stolen.

Drone waiter


Yes, we are finally living in the future. In some restaurants around the world, there are drones that work as waiters which serve customers their food. These machines have the necessary structure to hold a lot of weight.

Laser toy for cats


This toy was designed for pet owners who don't have time to play with their pets or are just lazy. It is a small plastic box with a laser added on it so that when the cat moves, the laser does as well. It fits most collars and has a timer.

Bike pizza cutter


It looks like a small plastic bike, but its wheels are made from blades. When you roll up the first blade it cuts the pizza, and the second blade –or wheel- reinforces the first cut for better precision.

Bed leg outlets


These outlets include USB and ordinary multiple sockets. It is made up of plastic, in order to not damage the floor, and it can be adapted into almost any kind of piece of furniture, like beds or tables.

Oreo fork


This creation is a hybrid between a fork and a toothpick. It was designed for picking up Oreos, especially when you submerge the cookie in a glass of milk.

USB hand warmers


The USB hand warmers are like a kind of glove that can be heated up when you plug them into the USB port on a computer. The glove starts to get hot and then you can slide your hand inside it to keep it warm.

Wall fixed BBQ


This BBQ is a round-shaped thermal dish made up of iron that has to be fixed in a wall for support. Once it is folded over, you use it as an ordinary BBQ.



The pet-cam is a device that has to be mounted on a wall. It has a camera that allows you to talk to your pet and can even be set up to give treats to your pet.

Projection bracelet


Another technologic gadget to keep you updated. The bracelet works with a projector that is synchronized with your smartphone. It projects the screen of your mobile phone in your wrist and lets you interact with it.

360° camera


This great invention is a camera that captures a 360-degree view of you as well as of your surroundings. It is easy to interact with and it is also very light.

Recording eraser


This technological device was mainly designed for engineers, scientists, and teachers. It works as an eraser that at the same time it is erasing, it also records the contents, so that everything you have written is locked in this device.

Mother key


The innovative device works as a mother key, that is to say, you put your keys on this device and synchronize them with your mobile phone and location. When you need to unlock a door, it immediately draws out the necessary key.

Express dry laundry


This machine is a combination between a closet and professional laundry. You have to hang a wet piece of clothing inside it, then it will dry it and leave it free of wrinkles in half the time it was normally done.

Plant nanny


This great invention comes in very handy for people who don't have a green thumb in gardening. It gathers important data for plant growth such as temperature, sunlight, and moisture, to name a few.

Memory foam pillow


This isn't the ordinary foam pillow, this one adds gadgets that will help you to sleep better. Some of them include headphone ports for listening to music before sleeping, timers to count the hours of rest, and foam that re-shapes according to your position.

See-through toaster


The see-through toaster comes to the rescue for all of us who forget we are toasting bread. Its translucid bounds are designed for keeping the heat inside them, and allows you to see the degree of bread "toastiness".

Clever plug


This may look as an ordinary plug, but the most creative feature it has is a hole in the middle of it in where you can put your fingers to plug it in and out of the socket, so you are not exposed to any kind of power risk.

Umbrella for pets


The umbrella for pets works all the way around: it is actually held by the owner, who instead of using it above his head places it above the pet's head so that the pets found itself free of any kind of restraint while being dry.

Mobile toaster


Another "toasty" invention! This mobile toaster looks like a triangle-shaped spatula that you place on a slice of bread and its heat begins to turn the bread into a toast. Practical fact: it has a screen that allows you to see the temperature it was set on.

GPS shoes


To use these GPS shoes you have to connect one of them to your computer to upload the map of the destination you want to go to. Then, LED lights of the left shoe will guide you and the right one will let you know who far or close you are.

Corner frames


Especially designed for panoramic pictures of wide views, these frames are specific for hanging on outward or inward corners, where most of the time no decoration is possible due to its awkward location.

Transparent highlighter


The transparent highlighter lets you see what you are going to highlight while you are doing it, as only the tip of it has ink. This was mainly planned for meticulous students who want to avoid highlighting a whole sheet of paper.

Chips hook


Have you suffered from the condition of having dusted fingertips because you couldn't reach the bottom of a chip can? Well, if that is the case, this invention has come to your aid, as it lets you raise the chips so you don't have to put your whole hand inside the can.

Light control fitting room


This light control fitting room lets you adjust different light settings, such as office, outdoor or evening, so you can take a look at how the clothing looks on you with different lights.

Windowed fence


Just take an ordinary wooden fence, cut a circular hole at your pet's reach and fix this transparent window to it. Now there are no risks that involve your pet breaking out and at the same time they can still look out the fence!

Informative leashes


These leashes inform other pet owners of your dog behavior, notifying them thinks like if your dog is friendly or not, if it has bad behavior, etc., in order to avoid annoying interactions.

Fruit stickers


These super useful stickers are added to fruits or vegetables on their peel, it often has three different levels, indicated by various colors, to show the ripeness of the vegetable or the fruit in that specific moment.

Parking lights


Though this invention is nowadays being used, it is a perfect example of creativity and effectiveness. These light are placed on top of parking spots –in garages- to indicate if it is empty or not. They will turn green if they are empty, or red if a car is parked there.

Feet mops


Instead of devoting specific time to sweep the floor with a determined cleaning tool, you can just put on these feet mops and do it without even realizing. Only, be careful of not tripping over!

No escape harness


This helpful innovation is for pets only. It is a harness, which you put to your dog or cat, that has a long stick on the back so that if the pet wants to squeeze itself between a fence, this will stop it.

Recycling printing


This original printing system works by reusing a special plastic paper limitless times: it erases what it was printed before, using both the same sheet of paper and the same ink to print new info.

Projected keyboard


The projected keyboard is basically a gadget that once it is synchronized with your computer or tablet, it projects a keyboard on a flat surface and you can interact with this as you do normally with an ordinary keyboard.

Glucose detection lenses


This invention is not only creative but also beneficial for health. If you happen to have diabetes, when you put on these contact lenses, if the glucose levels are uneven it will let the person know by changing the color of the lenses.

Heating mugs


These special mugs' purpose is –evidently- to heat whatever beverage you pour in this mug. In only 37 seconds it becomes hot so that the coffee, tea, or what you are drinking, can get a temperature from 120 degrees to 145 degrees.

Pollution killer air filter


It is known that a lot of air filters trap the pollution in a special filter. Well, the difference with this one is that instead of trapping the pollution, it kills it, as once it enters a Nano filter the polluted particles are destroyed.