Times People Realized Their Grandparents Were Much Cooler Than Them.

Most of us think of our grandparents as people who were born old and have remained the same ever since. But, believe it or not, your parents and granparents were once young and did some of the same tings you do, even though is hard to imagine them. These people came across some vintage photos of their relatives during a time where they were not even a plan, and got a huge surprise: they were not only young, but cool as ice.

Musicians, people with extraordinary stories, people who hanged out with celebrities, anyway: better look at this awesome pictures yourself. Have you ever imagined your grandparents when they were young? Neither did this people and they got a huge surprise



Fit grandpa


Imagine getting this picture of your grandfather at your age looking like an Adonis while you are indulging yourself with a bag of potato chips and a Netflix Marathon: you would feel at least a little guilty.



Imagine getting this photo and realizing that your grandfather not only knew Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein, but was also his violin teacher and gave him lessons for years. Very impressive.



Way before gender discussions were on the table, this was probably was one of the most forward thinking things you could possibly do: this is a couple wearing each other's outfits back in 1943.

Hollywood glamour


Whenever we see 50's pictures of our grandmothers we can't imagine how did they manage to look like a spread on Vogue magazine in each one of them and we are happy taking selfies.



This is amazing: this guy got this pictures of their grandparents. While his grandfather was flying the plane, grandma was doing these extreme things on the wings with no worries.

Tell it like it is, grandma.


We absolutely love the story behind this picture: aparently grandma was a rebel all along and this was the picture her family chose to put next to her coffin, many years later, when she passed on.



Back in the days, women were not allowed to join the Air Force and this was Kidd's case. She didn't let that stop her and taught young men how to fly in the countryside where she lived.

Stylish grandma


Seriously, it is hard to believe that this was just a regular photo taken of somebody's grandmother: from the overall styling, the setting, the attitude and the picture itself it looks out of a fashion magazine.

Handsome grandpa


It must be, at the very least, a little confusing to find out that your grandfather, who you've met old, was indeed a cutie in his young years. He looks like a celebrity, seriously. Go grandpa.



If you saw this historic picture of an army man escaping his plane after getting shot down in war, you wouldn't imagine that he was someone's grandfather. But he was, and he was awesome.

Strong woman


This picture is not only lovely but it's the backstory that makes it outstanding: she raised six kids working seven days a week by herself, after leaving her drunk husband and managed to still smile.

Funny man


This man's grandpa was a photographer for 25 years and as we can see in the picture he had an enormous sense of humor and was always ready to give everyone who was around him a good laugh.



Long before there was Cosplay, Tumblr and Instagram accounts there was this man, nowadays someone's grandfather dressed as a rooster from head to toes showing what being a real hipster is.

Too cool


This may look like an average vintage picture, but let's take a moment to notice all the details it has that make it this cool: the way he holds the fish, the cigarette and the pack on the sleeve.

Smoking grandma


What is so cool about a woman lying on her fam, smoking a cigarette and wearing pants? It wouldn't be anything strange or rebellious if it wasn't for the fact that this picture was taken in 1938.

Nazi fighter


Wait till you hear (or read in this case) this story: the car we are seeing in this picture belonged to the Nazis and this man's grandfather stole it from them. You can't get any cooler than that.

Pin up


Have you ever seen a photoshoot of pin up girls you will notice that these are by far some of the most elegant and sexiest women that have ever walked the Earth and yes, some of them became grandmas.

Fly me to the moon


Imagine the excitement this grandkid must have felt when she discovered that his grandmother was not just hanging out with an astronaut but three: John Glenn, Gus Grissom, and Alan Shepherd.

Wild horses


We have seen the picture of the grandma doing stunts in the air and this is just as impressive: she trained a horse and did amazing stunts with it like this dangerous one we are looking at.

The last Samurai


Grandpa was a samurai and this is by far one of the most beautiful pictures we have seen so far: it sure must be great to have such a portrait at home of your elderlies looking like this.



We are absolutely in love with the picture of this great grandmother doing her job during World war 2, a strange job for a woman those days and done with the most amazing smile.

Time of my life


The man who shared the picture of his grandfather said he wanted him to be reminded by his bald attitude and let's face it, his capability of posing looking that good in a situation like that.

In living color


The couple on this photo is the definition of how being in love looks like and it's something we can all get inspire (and aspire to) by. Either in black and white or in color, is a beautiful thing to see.



Have you ever panicked about seeing a spider in your bathroom in the middle of the night? This woman's grandfather was such a fearless spirit that he didn't sweat over carrying a tiger.



They say that every past time was better and we can't tell for sure, but we can definitely say after seeing this vintage picture that some grandparents sure had a better clothing period that we did.

Air traffic


She may look like a movie star about to break into Hollywood with that defying attitude and perfect style, but she was an air traffic controller back in 1938, looking amazing and posing wonderfully.



Did your grandparents ever warned you about the danger of not taking a sweater with you when you go out? Well, trust them but know they were once young and fearless like this man.

Fantastic Mr. Fox


This man not only had the courage to get near a fox, but also to cure him and hold him for a picture while possing caually like it's not a big deal and enjoying a cigarette. Such a brave man.



The most beautiful thing in this picture is not the styling, the black and white or even the uniform: either you are the grandkid of this woman or not, you can't help it to love her bright smile.



Look at this stunning woman posing in her flight attendant uniform and rocking out those long boots. Yes, it may be just as confusing to know that many years later, she had a family and became nana.

Brand new car


Not only she was driving like a boss, but the story behind this picture is just as amazing: this is the first Indian woman who has ever bought a car in the United States. What an empowering image.



Was everybody so beautiful in the old days or this is just a coincidence? This stunning lady was a navel nurse and this is the picture her family decided to remember her by. Beautiful.

60’s date


This beautiful and stylish couple was enjoying a day back in the sixties without knowing that many years later, his grandkids would have this memory as an example of a fun young love.

Bear with me


He rode a motorcycle, hanged out with bears with no problem and posed next to them without dropping a sweat: do you know anyone who is more of a badass than this man?



Back in 1928 there were many rules for women (even more than now) and driving a Harley may not have been well seen but frown upon by society. Luckily, grandma didn't care at all.



How awesome can it be to have a grandfather not only that belonged to the FBI but had also the coolest job in the world, being a spy recruiter during the Cold War? That's just impressive.



Check out grandma selling that Volvo back in 1967. You are probably now coming to the idea that some of the models you see on billboards nowadays will someday, if they wish, grandmothers.



The final picture on these grandparents found wedding picture is so silly and fun that we can't seem to get enough of them and wish we could have seen the whole album. Sure, it was fun.

I had a dream


What you are looking at is not just a picture of someone's grandpa, but a piece of history: he was defusing a bomb on Doctor Martin Luther King's porch and becoming a hero with a memory that lasted a lifetime.



It must be very emotional to see pictures and memories like these and realizing that even in the toughest of times and the most dangerous situations, these people outlived to become grandparents.



This man's grandfather was not only in Pearl Harbor and in Word War 2, but he also had a fight to support his family and was a barber for forty years of his life. A true hero in every way,



Imagine finding a picture of your grandma when she was young, having a blast with someone in Havana, Cuba and realizing that the man in the picture is Ernest Hemingway. Not too shabby.



Who is this smoking hot couple posing as if they were on a movie poster? Well, this are someone's grandparents sitting on their car in 1942. We hope they have this picture framed.

Game of grandmas


This picture was taken in 1938 and a grandkid decided to share it with the world for one crazy reason: she looks a lot like actress Maisie Williams, who plays the fearless Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.

Ride with me


After spending four years of his life in concentration camps in Poland and Germany, this brave grandpa stole a motorcycle from the Nazis and enjoyed his life and his family for many years.



This lion's name is Sultan and it was this woman's favorite one. The plane you are seeing on the background is a plane she flew during World War 2 and it makes us want to give her a standing ovation.

Beard man


If you thought that long trimmed beards were a hipster thing, meet the original hipster: this man's grandfather posing happily after winning his local town beard contest for his outstanding facial hair.



Some of our grandparents didn't have the same opportunities we had and some of them lost their calling to regular paying jobs. This man's way of honoring her grandma was sharing her true calling.

Badass grandma


Not only men who fought for their countries were heroes in World War 2: in fact, many women had jobs that were necessary for them to perform, like this amazing grandmas here.



One of the most empowering things for young women is seeing pictures of brave, courageous women who stood up for themselves in past times, like this one. Go grandma, no one will mess with you.