Amazing celebrity weightloss transformations



Weight loss is one of the hardest things to achieve. We are surrounded by temptations, very poor nutrition choices and lots of advertising of fast food are everywhere and keeping a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. However, some people who have struggled with overweight their whole lives find a way at some point to revert the damage that obesity can do to their bodies and change their lifestyle completely. With a balanced diet, regular exercising and better eating options these celebrities have succeed in becoming the better version of themselves and can be a real inspiration if you are struggling with this as well. These celebrities lost a ton of weight and it SHOWS

Ruben Studdard


He became a huge sensation in American Idol for his outstanding voice and unforgettable performances, combined with a sweet personality. Ruben made a lifestyle change and he looks so heathy and happy now.

Raven Symone


Disney's That's so Raven! Hit show star Raven Symone has struggled with her weight her whole life and has always been in the public eye for it. She admitted one of the reasons for her weight loss was for people to stop commenting on it.

Angie Stone


She was a music sensation in the 70s and 80s, and has been helping major musicians in their careers ever since. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and took it as signal to change her lifestyle drastically.

Christian Bale


Christian Bale has never dealt with obesity but has gone through some intense body changes for his acting roles, including amazing weight loss and gym activity. Actors make sacrifices, too.

Lauren Alaina


This southern beauty was one of the most beloved American idol contestants and her exposition to media and the public eye had her make some eating changes. With portion control she still manages to keep her sexy figure.

Ronnie Ortiz


If you ever watched The Jersey shore you probably remember Ronnie, the chubby man who wasn't afraid to put up a fight if he had to. Due to kidney stones, he lost weight and then worked out his way into a fit body.

Oprah Winfrey


Her story is always inspiring: coming from a conflicted home and dealing with abuse to becoming the queen of media, Oprah's weight struggles have always been there and no matter how many times she falls off the wagon, she jumps back in.

Tyra Banks


Supermodel, TV Host and America's next top model creator has had her fight with her weight, when some paparazzi pictures of her with a few more pounds hit the stands and she felt bullied. Eventually, the weight went off.

Seth Rogen


Funny man Seth Rogen has been a part of the Judd Apatow favorite club and casted in many hit comedy films. For his leading role in The green hornet, he went on a strict diet and exercise plan and looks at his best.

Shonda Rhimes


Shonda Rhimes is one of the most talented writers in TV and has always managed to keep our emotions flowing with amazing dialogues and unforgettable characters. In the meantime, she was the star of her own amazing body transformation.

Carrie Fisher


The incredible Carrie fisher had many fights to battle on and off screen during her life, and weight was one of them. She was a real fighter and always managed to make a comeback what makes her unforgettable.

Adam Richman


Adam Richman made a name for himself by eating in the show Man vs food and once the show was over had a lot of pounds to kick off and even some more. He looks great and healthier than ever.

50 Cent


50 cent knows how to party like it's his birthday and has surprised us all with an outstanding talent for acting: he is so committed to his craft that he had no problem going through an intense weight loss for a role.

Kevin Liles


The former president of Def Jam has always kept a good career and a bright smile: in the past few years he decided to start eating healthy and it shows: he looks fit and happier than ever. Good for him!

Dr. Dre


Though he was never perceived as a large man, producer Dr. Dre has had quite a body transformation: he seems to have lost a lot of fat and replaced it with muscle. Someone hit the gym and it shows.

Zach Galifianakis


He writes, he acts and he makes us all laugh: he became a star as a chubby funny man but decided to take a turn and surprised us all in 2014 when he made an appearance looking insanely fit.

Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera has been in the public spotlight since she was a child and has many body and style changes ever since. Regardless of her weight she is super talented and beautiful, but seems to have gotten back on the fit track.

Aretha Franklin


Queen of soul Aretha Franklin shows a great deal of respect for herself by taking her health as serious as her incredible music: she found green tea to be an ally and followed a meal plan that changed her life.

John Goodman


He was always known for being a rather large man and admitted to have a very psychological relationship with food by trying to fill in a void: eventually he focused on habits and anxiety and made quite a change.

Jerry Ferrara


This former cast member of the hit TV Show "The King of Queens", Jerry lost a total of 50 pounds and looks like a completely different person, much healthier than before. Hope he keeps it up.

Wendy Williams


Wendy Williams has made a radical lifestyle change and is not afraid to share it with the world: since 2015 she has lost a total of 50 pounds and decided to start her own platform on nutrition and healthy habits.

Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt is so insanely hot you probably didn't remember that he didn't always look like this, but he did have to change his lifestyle habits to be fit and healthy and star in action movies that required a different physique du role.

Perez Hilton


King of gossip Perez Hilton made a full change in his body and lifestyle in 2008 and has decided to share his wisdom and tips with others ever since and help them live a healthier lifestyle like he is.

Tom Arnold


Tom Arnold has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for a very long time and has never been shy about it: neither he was about being addicted to food. We are glad to see him taking control of his life.

Jill Scott


Like many women do, Jill Scott peaked with her weight after giving birth to her first child and decided to set a good example for him by taking good care of herself: her effort shows and she looks amazing.

Ricky Gervais


Funnyman Ricky Gervais had some help during his weight loss journey: he did it with his girlfriend and together exchanged bad eating habits for healthy exercising new ones, like running at night instead of snacking.

Abby Lee Miller


Like a lot of people do, her cause for weight gain was due to stress and her dance moves were not able to keep her healthy. Gladly, she was able to turn this around and looks happy and healthy…and ready to dance!

Chaka Khan


She is every woman and she has looked like different ones too: singer Chaka Khan made a turn in her nutrition habits and started working out regularly to lose an impressive total of 60 pounds.

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian West has struggled with weight too: queen of social media and entrepreneur had a difficult time losing the pregnancy weight but she did and she looks better every day. Contour, queen.

Graham Elliot


It must be extremely hard to be a foodie and work as one without putting on some extra pounds: this is the case of Graham Elliot, who has judged many TV cooking shows but was able to lose the weight after all.

Alec Baldwin


It's not a celebrity list unless we include a Baldwin and here is Alec to prove us right: when he realized his health was in danger and had been diagnosed with pre diabetes, he made a drastic change and looks amazing.

Chaz Bono


Even his huge transformation was his gender reassignment, Chaz has changed his male body as well: he lost almost 90 pounds by adding fruits and vegetables to his diet and losing the fast food choices.

Queen Latifah


She is the Queen and has always been a body positive activist by showing that you can do it all regardless of your size. However, she decided to have a healthier version of herself and looks great.

Rosie O’Donnell


Rosie O'Donnell is not new when it comes to struggles with her weight: ever she started appearing on TV in the 80's she has been known for her ups and downs but seems to have it under control now and we are happy for her.

Paul Wall


The rapper Paul Wall has made quite a change for himself in the past few years and made a full look switch when he went for oversized sportswear to chic suits to show off his new body.

Kirstie Alley


Kristie Alley is another one of the celebrities who has been dealing with weight issues her whole life: she goes up and down many times and seems to really make an effort to keep the extra pounds away.

Randy Jackson


American Idol judge and musician Randy Jackson has made public that a huge part of his weight issues had to do with poor eating habits from being on tour for so long. After a gastric bypass procedure, he managed to stay fit.

Mariah Carey


The definition of diva is Mariah Carey. The pop super star had always been slimmed until she got pregnant and gained 70 pounds. After a few months, she lost the weight with a clean diet and regular excersise.

Jordin Sparks


She is one of the most beloved (and successful) American Idol winners of all times and has conquered the world with her sweet smile and powerful pipes. Jordin has lost around 45 pounds since we first met her and looks gorgeous.

Kelly Osbourne


She became with TV show The Osbornes when she was a teenager and was harshly criticized for her weight. It all changed when she was a contestant on dancing with the stars and took a turn on her lifestyle.

Jennifer Hudson


She may have not made it through the finals of American Idol, but became an Oscar winner anyway: Jennifer Hudson is a true star with a tragic history that has managed to turn the odds to her favor not only in life, but in her body as well.

Star Jones


She is an essential part of The view and we have seen her at her best and worse: Star Jones went on a gastric bypass surgery to lose more than 150 pounds that were risking her health and has maintained fit ever since.

Drew Carey


The Drew Carey Show and Whose line is it anyway? host lost an impressive amount of weight by cutting carbs and hitting the gym six times a week and keeps a healthy lifestyle avoiding junk food.

Al Roker


Al Roker has made public his struggles with weight control for most of his life and decided to have a gastric bypass done when he reached 320 pounds: ever since he has maintained a healthy lifestyle and looks great.

Jonah Hill


Very much like Seth Rogen, he was known to be one of the funniest guys on movies. His weight loss journey began when he started counting calories and working out for a role in 2011 and kept the healthy lifestyle ever since.

Ricki Lake


She got famous for her leading role in Hairspray and has dealt with depression for a big part of her life, which affected her weight, but was able to manage it once she joined the Dancing with the starts contestant crew.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi


Always known for her outrageous behavior on the Jersey Shore, Snooki found her way for weight control after motherhood and keeps slim by counting calories and staying active with cardio routines.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell


He is the funniest one of the Gold and Silver pawn shop and we first knew him being a large guy. After his father died, he made a full change in his lifestyle and became healthier than ever by avoiding processed food and working out.

Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson will always be a pop icon regardless of her dress size, but has had to fight weight as well. After a brief resting period, she lost a ton of weight and looks sexier and more confident than ever.

Mama June


Honey Boo Boo's Mama June always had very bad eating habits but after becoming a celebrity managed to lose almost 100 pounds by avoiding sodas, eating clean and working out. Good for her!