Weird Family Christmas Photos

Holidays sometimes bring the best in people: the spirit of joy and peace, the magical evenings spent with family, friends and loved ones, delicious meals prepared and enjoyed and a sense of gratitude for overcoming obstacles for another year. People are kinder, nicer and even more approachable: silly outfits and cheesy sweaters are now acceptable and celebrated, songs we wouldn't listen to in any other time are repeated in our earphones and an overall sense of happiness is everywhere. How can you spread the joy and share it with the world?

Well, this people had ideas that may be a little out of the box to portrait this enchanted time and the results may not be as joyful as the holiday spirit but they are most certainly hilarious. Ho ho how did this Christmas pictures turned out So bad?



Not cool, Santa


If this girl didn't want to see Santa she should have said so: apparently, we are in the presence of a future anarchist that isn't so impressed with the system.



God bless the irony: parents trying to set their kids in a picture that literally says joy and have them all crying their hearts out. Just genius.

Guns n’ Holidays


Rockers don't take holidays: if this is the lifestyle this teenager chose, he will keep in no matter what time of the year we are on. Good for you, kid.

I’m watching you


Why all holiday pictures must be about fun and joy? Why not choosing a more out of the box angle and have your kids look as if they were haunted?

God no


Well, this is a very unfortunate balloon shaped choice for this setting. And this Santa looks as if he hasn't received his paycheck yet. Not cool.

Trouble Santa


Black eyed Santa just cracks me up: they made the effort to rent or buy a whole costume but were not kind enough to throw some concealer on the poor guy.

In line

In line

Family pictures can be odd but this one is just...weird. Why would you like to send your family and friends a picture of you looking like the human centipede? Why?

Emo Christmas


Who said emo hardcore styled teenagers who are into metal bands, bad attitudes and full black clothing can't believe in Santa? Down with the stereotypes, up with the holiday spirit!

Let us go


Original and non-conventional ideas are always a great way to be reminded and stand out when everybody sends a Holiday card: just make sure people remember it for the right reasons.

Tied up


Who thought that it would be a cute idea to wrap their kid with Christmas lights and made him look as if he was being kidnapped instead of celebrating? Not cool mom and dad.

Sleepy Christmas


This adorable couple of grandparents is probably exhausted from the whole season excitement and decided to take a power knap on the couch. Let senior citizens get some rest, please!

The originals


This group of friends decided to stay true to their styles and send out a very original yet quite disturbing Christmas card: toys, funny faces and a Disney princess onesie with a sexy look did the trick.

Dog friendly


Hey, ever been lonely during the Holiday season for not having a family to do a photoshoot with? Have some imagination like this guy had and set it up with your dog and why not, a plastic baby doll.

Gun control


Nothing says Holiday cheerful spirit like having your underage kids hold dangerous guns with a big smile on their faces. No, there's nothing creepy about that. Nothing at all.

Karate Kid


When you do a themed photoshoot for any special occasion there's only one rule to follow: stay true to who you are and make it work. If you are into martial arts, you can imitate this family. Or better don't.

Ho Ho Ho


Sure, your kids look lovely forming the famous Santa Claus laugh in their pretty red matching sweaters but please, for the love of God don't let them leave the house separately with jus "Ho" written on them.

Cheaper by the dozen


If you have a big family like this one here, it will be at least tricky to get a picture where everybody looks happy and joyful. Let's note even get started on the white bear matching onesies.



We know that this is intended as a cute picture of this girl note telling anyone about seeing Santa but please girl, if you see a strange man in your windows asking you to keep quiet just dial 911.

Christmas lights


What can be more flattering that getting dressed as a set of colored Christmas lights and posing all together awkwardly for a group picture? Well, maybe everything else in the world would be.

Girl, you are a star


And we mean literally. Seriously, we get the intention of making the picture look holiday spirited but it be so much better if the girls were normally dressed instead of acting like a Christmas tree.

Don’t relax that much


This is wrong on so many levels we can't even get started: we sure hop that the dad was wearing shorts and giving the illusion of naked for the picture but why on Earth do you want to seem naked next to your children?

It’s my kid in a box!


Who needs presents when family and friends are the greatest gift we'll ever get in this life? Well, this people might because if these are the actual presents it will be a very disappointing Christmas for them.



We are all about doing a photoshoot with your pet included (they are a huge part of the family after all) but do you need to put a dress to your monkey and hold it like a child? It's weird, sorry.

Keep it clean


Nothing spreads love like a public demonstration of affection but guys, come on: there is a baby in the middle of you too and there's tongue involved in that kiss, keep it clean and friendly please.

Like toy soldiers


This would have been a sweet picture if they were kids involved but nope, there are full grown people looking kind of creepy standing in line dressed up as children's toys.

So cool


Holiday weather is all about snow and cold outside so why not turn up the heat by pretending you are exposed to the sun in July inside your own house? You will look very cool…or not.

Keeping it too clean


They seem like a happy couple just standing there, being happy but if they are happy why does this picture look so awkward and what is exactly drawn in the back wall? Is that supposed to be snow?

What happened to Santa?


We are not even sure if the man in the picture is supposed to be dressed as Santa but if not we need to have a serious talk about his fashion choices. They are, at the very least, controversial. Still Christmas looking, though.

Tell a tale


Storytelling is such an asset in photography that most people are desperate to tell a story in just one image. Unfortunately, it doesn't always tell a story that is fun, interesting, or even cute to look at.

Tree family


If the idea of making a tree with all the family members is not good enough for you, you can always dress individually as Christmas tree and pose in the middle of the forest, you know, to make it look casual.

Candy canes


Red, white and green stripes patterns are very common during this time of the year since they remind us of delicious candy canes. This is just too much and it worries me how do they have so many striped clothes.



Nothing (and we mean nothing) makes sense in this picture: the snow around the edges, the poses family members stroked, the face of the Little girl in the bottom and yes of course, to animals fighting in the middle of it all.

So 80’s it hurts


Are your family members into sports? Then you can go ahead and have everyone pose in sports clothing holding their racquets and standing in the middle of the forest with presents for absolutely no reason.



This reminds me of those TV shows about strange addictions and fetish like acting like children or babies when they are grown up. It's very disturbing and more creepy than charming.

I didn’t want to come here


This kid was probably naughty all year long and has the lowest of expectations in the gifts that Santa will bring, therefore that face. He's not really that excited about the holidays.

Decorate it all


If you are really into Christmas decorating, don't push it too far: a good thing is to decorate your home and a very different one is using the leftovers of the tree decorations to use as necklaces.

Reindeer realness


The worst part of this reindeer inspired picture is that if they lose the costumes, this would actually be an adorable and beautiful family portrait worthy of being sent out as a Christmas card.

No PJ’s, no presents


If you can manage to have four family members in matching PJs, you could have bought one for the dad unless of course this is creepy as hell and he wanted to be naked.


If your holiday spirit can overcome anything, it can do the same with the extreme cold weather. Show of your swim gear with pride and joy and get ready to swim through the ocean of joy.

A dolla makes me holla


If you got it, flawn it: showing how much money you have is always gangster and of course, gangsters can have holiday spirit too. Wonder what the girl will think when she sees this picture as a grown up.

Whatever works


If your kid wants to be a bride or just pose casually with yet again, sunglasses inside of the house go for it: rather have weird kids tan unhappy ones. They may look crazy, but they look happy.

Family tree vol.2


Apparently is very in style to dress as Trees, stars and even presents. Those present kids though, I would feel bad for them but they look so happy with the giant bows on their heads.



Who doesn't love the tradition of leaving cookies and milk for Santa laying on the house? Apparently this woman who ate half of them and threw the rest in a plastic container. She sure does look proud of them.



What do you do when you have only ne reindeer decoration but a lot of bunny ears laying around the house? You work with what you have, and you make it work no matter what.



We highly recommend to any adult involved in this picture (even the one who took it) to please stop thinking about original photoshoots and start considering seein a therapist soon.

Kelly Clarkson’s photo


Why would anyone send a picture that is supposed to spread love and joy when one of the family members looks as if he would rather die than being in the picture?

Dream baby dream


What a great time of the year to believe in magic and how to make your dreams come true: this family took this literally and fell happily asleep during the shoot. Hope their dreams come true.



Who doesn't want their kids to grow to become criminals? Nothing like setting them up for a cheerful mugshot to send to your relatives and let them know that your family lives outside the law…but inside the Holidays.

A real mountain of Dew


Have you ever wondered how a very Red neck Christmas tree would look like? Well, here you have a very creative one. But we stand by them because they recycle and that's the most important thing.