Who Wore It Better. Hilarious Clothing Coincidences

Has it ever happened to you that you come across a very weird situation that seems almost staged by someone else? We are talking about doppelgangers that you run into in the supermarket, someone wearing your exact same clothes, or any specific detail that just throws you off and leaves you with more questions than answers.

Even though we can't (an probably will never be able to) explain why or how this mysterious things happen, we can't get enough of them and this is why we bring you 50 times where coincidences were too much to handle. Are you ready?



Time travel


The best thing about this picture is not only the strange coincidence of having them all dresses in the same color palette, but also the fact that it seems that time hopped from booth to booth.

Double trouble


If the first thing you noticed was the two men wearing light blue shirts next to each other sitting on the subway, get ready to have your mind blown and notice the two guys standing next to them.

Bald day


I know what you are thinking: what is so coincidental about bald guys? Bald guys are everywhere and yes, they are, but have you ever seen three together with the same amount and color of hair?



The funny thing is that these two people in the subway are complete strangers, but they looked as if they had arranged previously what they were going to wear for that ride. Switch hoodies, guys!

Who wore it better?


The long teal skirt (yes, if you didn't know, the actual shade of that blue is called teal and was a huge hit a few years ago) and the navy sweater are a great combination: so good that two women wore it in the same block.



These senior citizens are rocking their grey checkers sweaters, and they are using the exact same shade of denim and grocery bags. Too bad we don't get to see them in the front to see if they look alike.

Shirts on sale


This is a very common pattern for male shirts, but can you imagine going into a restaurant and finding out that some guy decided to wear the same as you? Hope they were no on first dates.

Actor or criminal?


This remind us of that Friends episode where Joey has to model for some STD ad and everybody thinks that he really is sick. Do you think this guy over here has a ton of bad luck and just looks like the model?



This one is simply fantastic: these two couples are having dinner at a restaurant and if you take a good look, they seemed like they could be mixed up so a couple is dressed in pink and the other one in blue.



Not only these two guys on the bus decided to wear that striped hoodie the same day but also they fell asleep at the same time which makes them look like identical twins. What's with the cap underneath the hoodie?



We would love to think that this is an unexplainable event from the great beyond but actually, what these women are wearing is the famous combo of dark denim and leather jackets. Basic.



If you were wondering if these guys noticed that they had someone else dressed up exactly the same next to them in the subway, we think that the answer is yes: notice how they are both laughing.

Two people wore this


We don't want to be mean and yes, everybody should be able to wear whatever they want, but let's admit that this outfit combination was very unique in the first place and we would never expect to see two people wearing it at the same time.



After decades of straight hair ruling every magazine issue, curly hair made a definitive comeback to women everywhere and here is proof of that: all of these women are rocking their curls on the bus.

Animal print


Animal print is probably the most discussed pattern of all times: while some people think that it can bring elegance and style to a regular outfit, others see it as tacky and would never use it. We know where these two stand.



Grandmothers have their own sense of style and that is why sometimes we feel like they get a grandmother uniform once their first grandchild is born. These two are rocking some hot pink tee's.

Have you seen this guy?


Can you imagine something as weird as opening your morning paper and finding out that the guy on the cover not only looks exactly like you but also wears the same exact glasses as you are wearing?



Some styles are pretty basic: jeans, a sweatshirt and some snickers to enjoy a relaxed day outside so it wouldn't be weird that someone else was wearing that too, except that these guys look like twins.

Is this on purpose?


I can't tell for sure, but I'm pretty sure that these women dressed up like this on purpose: each detail that they have in their purple outfits, from their hats to their bags is the same. Do you think they are sisters?

Three’s company


Unless you pay attention, you will find nothing weird about this picture, but when you see it you will be surprised: there are three man sitting with blue shirts and bald heads. No, it's not a mirror, there are three of them.

Real estate


Realtors usually dress the same as a part of a relaxed uniform and to get some type of branding to their agency. We didn't know that for this one moustaches and glasses were mandatory.



Nothing says "Please don't follow winter trends and have some personality of your own, please" like this picture: all women are wearing the exact wool hat with the furry top on them.

She and him


If this was a love story, we would turn it down just for being too damn cheesy: both this man and woman are dressed almost the same (green pants, striped shirt) but only with different gender clothes.

Are those the same person?


There are many things we can see as funny coincidences, but other things, like this one you are seeing on the picture, just freak us out: there is no way that those two men are not the same person. It's crazy.

Too weird


Not only these two women are dressed the same in their pink pants and black sweaters, but they are standing in the same exact position on the same DVD rental place. Neither of them has discovered Netflix, by the way.

Double date


I'm not sure if this is one strange coincidence or if they did this on purpose for God knows what reason, but these two couples are dressed the same. Why would they agree on outfits, though?



Some trends are classic and one of them, that survives winter after winter, is to wear a big warm black coat on top of everything else. These three blondes walking in Central park are proof of that.

Almost the same


Not only these two women dressed and accessorized the same but their partners are wearing the same basic dark grey hoodies. Such bad luck to run into a couple who was wearing the same.

Those guys


There is a type of men that usually dresses alike, for instance, the Ivy league students or business men. The funny thing is that these three not only have the same shirt, but they look very much alike.

Same paper


These two women not only look the same: they also look as if they were related to Bill Gates and apparently they have a lot in common: both of them seem intrigued about the Queen's news on the paper.

Are you for real?


Please tell me that there is a mirror next to the woman in the middle or someone is playing a joke on all of us with Photoshop because those two women look and dress exactly the same. Too much for a coincidence.



Legend says that once you become a husband you receive a uniform of patterned shorts and a basic white t shirt to use on weekends. You can wear them with sandals or tennis, because we want you to keep your uniqueness.

Girl and boy


These guys are great: woman and men sitting in the same restaurant at the same time dressed almost the same and separated just by the glass. They ever wear the same style of glasses, it's hilarious.

Red pants


Though some people might imagine that this is a Martian trying to imitate a human, we only think that this is the result of a Walmart sale in a neighborhood: apparently the whole outfit was on sale.



These guys in Japan just blow my mind: they are dressed exactly the same, with the bags, the yellow t-shirts and the snickers, and they are also staring at the phones in the subway but then again, who isn't?

Pink stripe shirts


If you have never been able to find Waldo in the books, now you get three more shots at succeeding: apparently pink stripe shirts are now a thing and this bus is setting the trend for the rest of us.

Cargo pants


Cargo pants and a plane t-shirt: another basic outfit for the everyday guy. Too bad these two run into each other in the supermarket, although we are not sure they even noticed: they seemed very entertained.



If you ever go to the Opera, I'm sure you are going expecting to be surprised and amazed, but not lie this: to avoid feeling like one more in the crowd, put some thinking into your outfits, guys.



These two could easily be a part of a White snake fan club because otherwise, we are not quite getting the nineties' bandana on their heads. Good for them, they don't stand alone with their fashion choices.



Ever since Uniqlo became a huge sensation, this picture could easily be anyone's block in the winter because everybody owns one of their jackets. We all think they are horrible, but we still buy them.



These girls in the subway are a fantastic coincidence: they are wearing basic grey t-shirts and black leggings, but it is the detail of the hair wrapped in a messy bun what makes them look almost the same.

Different and yet the same


Have you ever seen the pictures of somebody's transformation wearing the same clothes? This could be one of them, and also a great ad for the clothing brand: they both rock these outfits regardless their size.



Let's be honest: hipsters look very much like each other. Wool during the summer, black framed glasses, beards and basic t-shirts, with a facial expression that says they invented something you didn't.

Red bags


If you ever decide to work out with a friend, make sure you give her a call before hitting the gym to avoid both of you wearing the same exact outfit, including that red sports bag that you bought together.



Is this some sort of uniform or just a very weird coincidence? The fun thing is that these two guys in the subway seem to know each other and still, they are wearing the exact same outfits. So weird.



You know how some people dress up their twins the same when they are kids because they think it's a cute little detail? Well, don't do it, or you could end up with grown-ups doing that and there's nothing cute about it.

Senior citizens


Bald heads strike back: apparently leaving just a circle of your hair instead of shaving what is left off, is a thing again. Do you think the one on the back took the chance to think over his decision of not shaving?

Fur coats


Some people just love fur coats, even if they are faux fur. They once were a symbol of elegance, status and style but now they are not so common, which makes this picture very weird.



There is nothing unusual about two employees sharing clothes: some places make their staff dress in uniforms. The weird thing is that these two men almost look as twins except for a few details.



Yes, you were finally able to afford those Timberland boots after months of saving and you are feeling like a million bucks, so original and unique…until you get in the subway and see the guy in front of you wearing the same pair.