The Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Found In Cars.

Dictionaries define the term road rage as a fit of violent anger by the driver of any vehicle in response to another road user, however, pedestrians can have them too, such as when car drivers don't let them cross the road first. In this case, we can say that this road rage experimented by several people turned out to be very funny, so funny that we have made a list about the best windshield notes left for people who have poor driving and parking skills. From angry people leaving briefs and up to the point notes, to others printing different sets of cards ready to be placed on the hoods of bad drivers.



The Parking Pig


Congratulations, you are now considered a Parking Pig! We give you this award for your horrible parking skills and inconsiderate decisions when leaving parking spots for your neighbors. Well done!

Don’t Breed


What would you do if you found this note on your windshield? Laugh? Be angry? To be fair, the passive-aggressiveness of the note is both hilarious AND polite. And they want you to have free sex too!

You Suck At Parking


The best thing about this note is that the person that left it must have a couple of them printed at home ready for when people suck at parking! Talking about dedication…

Don’t Park Like A Tool


Can you picture this person taking their time to write this long note? Besides that, they got them doubting on their grammar –and us too- so is it more mad or madder??

The Potato Clan


This person REALLY CARVED the potatoes! Who takes the time to carve not one but four potatoes as well as writing a note too? We can't say they are not creative…



Another creative person who took the time to have this cards printed for people that suck at parking. This one is not as polite as the previous, but it still is hilarious!

Great Work Partners


Apparently, this is the way these people deal with bad parking at their job. Funny and ingenious as well. But we can't help wondering what are the balloons filled with?

A Bloody Sardine


We don't know what is funnier, the content of the note itself ("I am a bloody sardine") or the polite way they told this driver that they parked their car horribly.

Drawing Included


Kudos to the author of both the drawing and the note! It would definitely be what any of us would think in that moment –minus swearing. The expression is spot on!



The fact that this person parked their car wrong for more than a more talks about consistency. Sherlock Holmes fact: this car has been congratulated before, take a look at that old piece of paper!

Euphemisms At Their Best


Hilarious and a bit insulting, this note is just great. Besides, the person who placed the note there took the time to type and print it, now that is commitment!

Carly Rae Jepsen Would Approve


Who knew "asshat" was an insult? We can't say that this person isn't ingenious, he killed two birds with one stone: insulted the bad driver and was funny all at once!

Simpsons Reference


What could happen if you park in the spot of your neighbor's car? You would definitely get a paddling. The Simpsons' reference will always have a thumbs up. Be careful next time!

Modern Poetry


Roses are red, violets are blue (blue? Really?), this is what you get if your parking is poo. But really, we have a modern version of William Shakespeare in our hands!

Bad Parking Is Coming


In this case, this is a Game Of Thrones reference that involves the Lannisters sending their regards, and as a true GOT fan we know that their regards are never a good thing.

Walt Disney Would Approve


This note is the perfect balance between a well-delivered insult and a good drawing at the same time. The best –or worst- thing is that this note was already printed.



If no one saw anything, it didn't happen, right? Not here. This must be the "I know what you did last summer" parking version, the perfect balance between being a snitch and a Good Samaritan.

Sneaky Squirrels


We don't know if it is better to know that squirrels have been mating on the hood of our car or if we don't. I mean, what could we do with this information besides cleaning the hood?

Spot Is Disappointed


What could be possibly worse than someone letting you know you parked horribly? Disappointed poor Spots, who ironically is the one you have just missed. The author of the note is a pure genius!

Super Annoying


Following the animals theme, in this note, we can find a cute little bunny, except that even its cuteness cannot distract us from the fact that this person sucks at parking.

Grumpy Cat


We all know that Grumpy Cat is always grumpy, but in this case, it has its reasons! And unfortunately, this driver made Grumpy cat even grumpier due to its horrible parking skills.

Interesting Method


The author of this method was creative AND evil at the same time. Behind that funny façade, the bread works great if you want to attract a lot of pigeons. The devil works hard, but this person is working harder!

Honest Warning


Well, at least this person is honest enough to tell them what they're going to do next time, and it involves a monster truck. Don't say the guy didn't warn you!

Kill Them With Kindness


This note is funny, polite and innocent all at the same time. The person behind this took his time to properly explain how to park better next time, we hope it really works!

Thank You, Driver


Hate was a bit strong in this note, wasn't it? On the other hand, the author of this note did kill the driver with kindness and passive-aggressiveness at the same time!

Customized X-Ray


This person took the time to write a lovely "Nice parking, dickbrain!" and if you didn't understand the meaning behind that word, don't worry because the drawing is self-explanatory!

Hey, You Suck At Parking!


"Are you blind or just stupid?" Well, at least this person gave the horrible driver the benefit of the doubt, didn't he? But we all agree that the best part is that "Jesus Tapdancing Christ!" Priceless.



Either this person is a copycat of the previous spot, or he has several cards ready to be placed on badly parked cars. Whatever the answer is, we can't say he isn't creative!

Society Has Spoken


Society has spoken and thinks this driver is very dumb. Or at least that is what the note left by a very angry person –rightfully so- wrote there. Very annoying parking.

Me Hate You


It is safe to assume that this guy has a bit of a problem with his grammar, but we got the message! The funniest thing is that the sentence containing the f-word was well written!

Dodging Responsibilities


Is it wrong if we find this kind of funny? Even though it is a serious matter, the fact that this person spent time writing this note is priceless. But, karma comes for everyone…

From Your Neighbors, With Love


We wonder if the driver doesn't have a nose to smell the gasoline coming from his car. Well, at least the driver of the leaking car cannot say he wasn't warned this time…

Sorry, Dude


What could be worse than finding that someone has hit your car? Finding this anonymous note that at the same time is judging your car. At least the note's author is saying he is sorry!

Optimus Prime Disapproves


You know if Optimus Prime does not agree with your parking skills, you will have to sort it out! Well, at least this person was ingenious and hilarious about it.

Copycat Strikes Again


The author behind this printed warning cards – if I see you do this again, I will key your sh-t- strikes back again at horrible drivers! Only this time he seems to be a little more angry than before.

From Humanity


Judging from the other spots on this list, this is one of the most polite and logical notes out there. Let's just hope this driver doesn't drive as bad as he parks, right?

One More Time


The "You suck at parking" card has become quite well known it seems! This time, it was dedicated to a person who drives –wait for it- a BIKE. You must really suck at parking with a bike if you got this note.

Quite The Work


This is what you get in your car if you suck at parking: a five sheet explanation of why you are considered an a**hole. Guess this person wanted to REALLY let the driver know how he felt.

Who Taught You?


This hilarious note includes both taking a dig at this bad driver and involving legend Stevie Wonder. What would be even funnier is if Stevie had great parking skills, talking about a plot twist!

Movie Star


Have you ever wanted to slide across a car hood like stunt actors do in movies and look super awesome? Well, this person did it and told the car owner all about it!

Santa Is Angry


There are really bad car drives out there as if that wasn't enough they also suck at parking. If you made Santa angry then you must be a mean person!

Guilt Trip


Directly addressed at Mr. Important, this person was so angry he had to choose another parking spot, and then his ice cream melted because of this, that he decided to leave this nice note.

Polite Spiderman


Another one of the most polite notes on this list, the author of this note –apparently Spiderman himself- was kind enough to let the car owner know that his vehicle "may" have found itself parked on the wrong spot.

Real Life Taken Movie


He will not only look for you and find you, but he will also be a nightmare and will even box you in… we can't say this person didn't warn the car owner with a lack of parking skills!

Polite Gets The Job Done


Why be angry and insulting when you can write a brief and up to the point note about another person who sucks at parking? These three words are more than enough.

Asshat Parking League


If you haven't laughed enough yet, here there is another printed card ready for people who couldn't care less about parking right. Besides, it is taking digs at his driving skills too!

Katrina Would Not Approve


In case you have ever wondered if your parking skills are bad, don't worry because someone will let you know and will educate you on hurricanes at the same time.



We can't say the author of this note wasn't polite and educating! Besides complaining about the car owner sucking at parking, he also taught him how to properly park. Priceless!

Congratulations On Being A Douchebag!


What could be possible worse than a person who parks on two spots? A person who parks on FOUR! It's safe to say that this driver just plainly didn't care about what he was doing.

Find Some Help


Not only does the author of the note shows his annoyance due to the badly parked car, but he also advised on getting some help to learn how to park right. Awww!