You Will Not Be Happy Looking At These Photos



Most of the time we turn to the Internet to look up funny, cute pictures that would lighten up our moods (cats and epic fails are fairly popular topics.) But there's a whole other side of the worldwide web people seem to overlook/forget about: uncomfortable photos. Photos so cringy they will make you want to close all tabs, and at the same time you won't be physically able to do so or look away. We know you'll keep on scrolling down, hungry for more.

Here we have 30+ of those pictures. We dare you not to look at them all. Afterwards, you can spread the cringe by sharing with your friends.

The Weirdest Sandwich You Have Ever Seen

We love sandwiches as much as the next person, but was that really necessary? This man better thinks hard and long about his eating habits — they don't look like they're healthy at all.


We are not too big on this hairstyle. In fact, we are not too bit on insects — dead or alive. This wouldn't be the look we'd go for a night out with friends.

Nail Piercing

Ok, we can't believe someone would go as far as getting a nail pierced. But these things do happen. Apparently, this is something people do. We wonder how much that hurt — or if it ever hurt at all.

Worst Thing Ever

If this isn't the worst thing that can happen to you while eating lunch — the moment the spoon ends up completely submerged in a bowl of soup, dinner is cancelled.

What Did They Tried To Do Here?

All right, but seriously, what were they thinking? Who in their right minds considered this would be a good idea to advertise their hot dog place? If anything, this looks right out of a low budget Halloween movie. We think we'll pass.

Cell Phone Fail

If this happened to us, we'd probably take the rest of the week off to simply stare at a wall with tears in our eyes while silently screaming for the rest of time.

Well, This Is Uncomfortable

Interior designers need to really stop and think what they're doing before saying yes to stuff like this. Who is going to want to use this restroom?


This must have taken a lot of time to do! It would be a shame if some evil co-worker decided to mess it all up!


Why ruin two perfectly good things such as cookies and orange juice by mixing them together? Some people's eating habits are weird. But well, to each his or her own.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Imagine paying a fortune for those boots and then finding out they're not even the same length! Someone's going to have to make a trip to the store to ask for a refund!

Ketchup And Bananas

This is simply disgusting. Ketchup and bananas probably are the last two things we would want to see together on a plate. Why do people do these things? Don't they have taste buds?

Printing Problem

We bet every time Mom or Dad ask the kids to set up the table there's a huge fight about which sibling is getting that plate.

Thank You, Next

Peanut butter sandwich? Yes, we're all for it. Ham and cheese sandwich? Count us in. Tomato, lettuce, and bacon? Yes, we'd like that. Now orange slices and barbecue sauce? Thank you, next.

Spot The Difference

It took us some time to notice what was wrong with this picture. The moment we did, we couldn't unsee it. Well, we're only human. People mess up like that sometimes. At least it's not the end of the world.

Interior Design Fail

Here we have another perfectly good example of what an epic interior design fail looks like. Man, we'd hate to live in that house.


We really don't get some people. Why ruin perfectly good food? Do they really enjoy eating this stuff? Are these teenage kids trying to prove something by acting like this? It's disgusting.

Cereal For Breakfast

If this was someone's idea of a joke, they must know that they're not funny. You shouldn't try this at home. Someone could seriously get hurt.

What Is It With Ketchup

Why can't people leave ketchup alone? Ketchup is good if you want to put some on your hot dog. Maybe it tastes great if you're having a cheeseburger, but that's it. Ketchup and popcorn? What were they thinking?

We Don't Want To Know

No, thank you, we'd rather not know who invented those or why they're selling them or what kind of people are buying them and using them. The cringe this picture made us feel will last us a lifetime.


Maybe we are simple-minded, but we just don't get why some people feel the need to do these with food. Tacos are good. Spaghetti is good. But together? We can't see the appeal.

This Is Driving Us Crazy

Have you spotted it? Once you do, you won't be able to see anything else. It'll drive you as crazy as it's driving us.

No, Thank You

If someone offered us this, no matter how hungry we were, we'd made something up about having already eaten at home. And then we would order a cheese pizza the minute we set foot out of that house of horrors.


First off, it's been proven that straws are bad for the environment and that we should stop using them to help reduce humanity's damage on planet Earth. Avoid this happening to you by foregoing straws altogether.


The more we learn about other people's food preferences, the more we wish they never ask us over for dinner at their houses. How can you find something like this tempting?

Worst Nightmare Ever

For us, having our desktop look like that would be the worst thing ever. How can you quickly find the files you need? How can they live like this? We hope none of our coworkers ever plays a prank on us by doing that to our computers.

Another Sandwich From Hell

This is another sandwich right out of the kitchen of horrors. We can't help but wonder what someone like Gordon Ramsay would say if they were offered this for lunch.

Fresh Start

When this happens, it's time for a fresh start: go buy some more toothpaste. Really, that radioactive-looking thing you're holding in your hand belongs in the trash can.

Black Toilet Paper

Why would you have black toilet paper at your house? Why would someone even think of selling black toilet paper? It looks so anti-hygienic.

Just Don't

Please don't try to excuse this. It's the most disgusting thing we have ever seen, and we've seen plenty of the disgusting things people like to do with their food. This is inexcusable.


We hate typos. We hate making them; we hate spotting them. One would think people at the Marriott would be on top of things to prevent such mistakes from happening.

Kepp Me Moist

This kind of thing helps you to easily decide which co-worker you won't be asking to look after your plants next time you take a vacation.

How Did They Do That?

How on Earth did they do that? Are there special nail clippers for this? Why would anyone want their nails looking like this?

Hot Dog

We love hot dogs as much as the next person. We also brush our teeth three times a day. No, we don't think both things should ever mix up.

What Is That?

Ketchup and cookies? Really? And rice? Really? What are people thinking? Why is no one putting a stop to this? We're beyond disgusted.

It Sucks Big Time

We hate when this happens. What are we to do now? Take a scissor or a knife and rip that package open like savages?